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October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! (what no looks?) some words.

Happy Halloween! May your painted faces have a haunting night! And for those of you affected by Sandy right now my heart goes out to you, please be safe. I had planned to post a new video & blogs of my costume looks over the last few days, but as let down as I am by this I will not be sharing any. You can read why after the cut if you so wish (it's rather long & opinionated) :) In short, I refuse to have my creations swagger jacked and capitalized off of by the ugly trolls of videoland. If you don't feed them they won't survive. But! If you're looking for some last minute costume ideas here's my Halloween Makeup Looks Video from last year with photo's in my SFX Halloween Looks Archive. I hope you'll do some crazy makeup tonight and have a Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2012

Style: Spooky Jewelry for Halloween (or everyday)

Just my luck I've come down with the flu before Halloween, the price you pay being nose to nose doing makeup for witches and ghouls. Looking like death already I won't need any makeup, so I pulled out a few of my favorite "spooky" accessories and jewelry to wear. Dressing up in Costume isn't always an option as an Adult, but putting on a scary accessory allows you to still get in to the Halloween spirit. Ideas ahead :)

Skeleton Hand Ring Bracelet. This is my absolute favorite accessory I have right now. A silver metal skeleton hand that attaches like rings to your top fingers, it's adjustable and elastic to fit most hand sizes. From Hot Topic or Delfina Delettrez, she has sooo many stunning pieces.
Spike Through Finger Ring I get asked about this tons. I bought mine locally, but you can get it at NASTY GAL when it's in stock or HERE. Added some blood to fit the occasion, I promise it doesn't hurt :)

Fingertip Claw rings Big & Small. Had these bad boys on in my BLIND MAG Makeup Tutorial.

She Devil HellBomb Necklace
This was made with love by Emily of FASTER THAN YOU. She makes the most beautiful hand drawn and painted tattoo influenced jewelry. I've even had people do a double take and ask if it was a real tattoo, they're that realistic. I love that everything she makes is special and basically one of a kind, you won't see it on every other mall girl. Her pin up and sugar skull designs are my favorite!
Halloween Makeup with out hours spent on Makeup
In his laboratory VonErickson creates chokers, bracelets, and rings in gruesome and gory designs of dripping blood, stitches, and gashes that you can wear all year round. If you're squeamish, there's also horror related cameo's and rings too. How utterly disgusting yet completely awesome is the maggot necklace?

October 25, 2012

Halloween Makeup Youtube Tutorial : Blind Mag REPO The Genetic Opera

After years of being asked to do Halloween Tutorials I'm pleased to say I've finally completed one. My Blind Mag Makeup Look that I wore for Halloween past. This one has drawn a good amount of traffic and emails my way so I hope it satisfies the request :) Click to Watch! and check out the movie sometime, it's pretty badass!
Instead of creating a bunch of new looks this year I decided to put forth my free time to work on a tutorial. It was supposed to be tutorialS, but I didn't get my other two (chucky doll & clockwork) done in time. Unlike most where doing youtube videos is a job or hobby, it's neither of mine, I have zero desire to be a personality on a website i'm much too private, and making videos isn't something I'm good at. So I hope you'll forgive my prolonged absences :) This took me forever to edit and it's still not how I wanted...frustrating I tell ya! I'd rather do makeup & blog :) But I'm so grateful for my subscribers and those who like my little to the point tutorials that I want to give something back there when I can. I do hope this dark ugly disturbing tutorial finds you well and that it may act as a guide if you choose to be the haunting songstress as your own costume this year :)
 Background on the Look:  Blind Mag is a Character in Repo! The Genetic Opera. Mag begins her final song for the Genetic Opera as she is lowered onto the stage from above. The song, sung in Italian, describes a bird of death that flies to remove an arrow that is attached to its wing. At the end of the song, as she is lifted back into the air, Mag asks that the bird come take her eyes and uses the large talons on her two fingers to rip them out herself. I took inspiration from her final scene for this makeup.
 The product's are essentially the same as the first with the exception of using a few different shadow's. I also changed it up this time by adding some blood to the eyes with Graftobian Blood Gel

Product Listing & Lashes How To after the cut, Keep Reading!

October 18, 2012

Review + Look: Classified Cosmetics Spirit Spray Face & Body Makeup

With Halloween on the horizon, Classified Cosmetics have released Spirit Spray Face & Body Makeup. An oil-free, hypo-allergenic, aresoal spray on color available in five brilliant shades of black, white, red, blue, and green that is easily removed with oil-based cleanser. Halloween makeup can be a daunting time consuming process, especially when you have to paint the body. Spirit Spray aims to take out the time and guess work with its quick and easy spray can method. To apply you spritz an even mist over the area you want to cover or apply with a makeup sponge or brush for precision detail.
I was looking forward to testing out the white as it tends to be the most useful shade. When applied lightly it gives a subtle skin lightening effect, while a heavier application provides a full on white out like in the Sugar Skull promo ad.
Classified are the folks behind Aero Minerale Shimmering Mist, the product worn in Twilight Breaking Dawn, so I chose a simple vampire as my "product test look". I did this makeup using just my fingers and a q-tip. Starting with a sheer mist of white on to the face, the black to contour & around the eyes, and red dabbed on the lips. If you only have 5 minutes to do makeup on halloween this couldn't get any easier :) you don't even need brushes!
What I liked best about the spray's is how light they are on the skin, you don't feel like you're wearing heavy theater makeup. The versatility in application is also a plus. When sprayed on directly you get concentrated full coverage, but they can also be sheered out or layered with a brush/sponge or fingers. There were no major smudges or cracks peeking through which can often happen with cream based products and it's easy to blend unlike airbrush makeup. The makeup dries to a semi-matte finish, and is resistant to water and wear allowing you to avoid the halloween party makeup meltdown. The only weaknesses I found were that the nozzle tends to splatter too much product at times and the red left a slight stain after removed, as red's usually do, and I wish it came in more colors!

Spirit Spray would be perfect for creating my D*face Decayed Grafitti Skull Costume look or Monroe Misfit Monster as well as for skulls, vampires, ghosts, frankenstein, corpse bride, devils, etc. and for body work. These will be a staple in my sfx kit this year and I hope it will be beneficial in your Halloween looks too! If the creepy and crazy's not your thing, I think they'd be awesome for school spirit day's or football season too.

Spirit Spray Face & Body Makeup ($9.99) is available at and also check them out on facebook.

*sample provided for review consideration

October 06, 2012

Revlon Expression Experiment: Challenge Yourself. Express Yourself.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.
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I was recently invited to take part in the Revlon Expression Experiment, a groundbreaking idea for women everywhere to step out of their comfort zones and try something new with their makeup routines. With out experimentation I would have never taught myself makeup or taken any risks with it so I just love this idea of focusing less on what a product is and more on what you can do with it.

The new Facebook App offers monthly challenges that include a colorful eye for August, a daring nail for September, vintage glamour for October, a foundation-matching challenge for November and a holiday-appropriate sparkle-and-shimmer task for December.
red lipstick is one if not THE most empowering makeup looks a woman can wear. It's more of a feeling than a color. This isn't really a challenge for me as I wear red all the time. I took the challenge to inspire others to try it too. I see far too many safely applied pinky nude lips on the streets. It's not so scary I promise! With 3 different product's ranging in levels of intensity and finishes to choose from Revlon has a red for everyone.

Cherry Tart Lip Butter has a light glossy red finish making it the perfect introduction to a brightly colored lip. Certainly Red lipstick is a classic universal red, literally it's been around since 1951. This has been one of my favorite red lipstick's for many years now, in fact it was my very first red lipstick so it holds a special place in my makeup heart. Superlustrous lipgloss in Fire Red was a new product to me, and wow is it smokin hot! The finish is a vivid lacquered red that oozes va va voom.

The real challenge was to try something new and short of applying red lipstick as eye shadow (well, i'm not admitting to it!) I've pretty much done everything in the book once. There isn't much that scares me about makeup. Except for...indigo blue nails.

I'm a red, pink, or black polish kind of girl and not blessed with long pretty nails. After wearing this creamy cobalt shade all week I got used to it and even quite liked it! The polishes went on smoothly and lasted for a full week. This was my first time trying Revlon nail polish and I'm highly impressed. I plan on continuing to use both the base and top coats with my other polishes.

It may feel uncomfortable to step outside of the box at first but once you get used to seeing the newly expressive you you may even discover you like it. Forget beige and go bold with red lips or aquamarine eyes. Rather than cover up or camouflage, bring out your best features in different ways on different days and remember it's just makeup! It washes off :)

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You can join the Revlon Expression Experiment for yourself via their facebook application and check out more great products at

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October 05, 2012

FOTD: MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Deeply Adored Lipstick

Playing with some of my MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection stuff today. The eyeshadow's are disappointing..seriously disappointing skip them. The lipstick's are lovely and not too similar to the hundred of red's I already own, but I confess I just wanted them for the packaging. Wearing: Deeply Adored ewith Beet Lip Liner. The color is a richer crimson in person, my camera washes things out when it's going dead, but if you can find it..get's one of those flattering on everyone shades. Hopefully you were able to get your hands on some of this elusive collection too :)
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