Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: January 2014

January 20, 2014

P!nk x Fancy Subscription Box Review

Ever wondered what super talented musician/bad ass P!nk would put in to a monthly subscription box? meeeeee tooo. collabed with P!nk where for $39 a month you get a box of 4-5 personally selected items from fancy by P!nk. There's also a a hand full of other boxes to choose from including the original fancy box, a foodie one, and more celeb's. I was most curious about P!nk's because I knew it would be one of the most unpredictable boxes.
some of what I've been fancy'in

If you're not familiar with fancy it's like the pinterest for shopping, you can discover, collect, and buy some of the coolest and unique items out there. I am ADDICTED to this site & app. It showcases every thing from home, fashion, kitchen gadgets, media, men's, women's, to dream worthy items and you can purchase just about every thing you see right there on the site.

The fancy subscription box was a welcome change up from beauty products, everything was so random!
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