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June 23, 2016

Osmosis Cosmetics Matte Collection Eyeshadow & Lipstick Review

Osmosis is a line you might have discovered in your local Med Spa as they are better known for skincare. They have a small makeup collection that is very much worth giving a look though. I bought one of the long lasting lipstick's last year after seeing another blogger review it. The shade Passion was a beyond amazing magenta. I was so impressed with that one lipstick I knew I would have to own more shades. Now I have two more shades of those lipstick's and their Matte Collection Eyeshadow Palette to share.
Osmosis Long Lasting Lipstick Skinny Dip, Passion, Vintage ($25)
With an irresistible creamy texture, these long-lasting lipsticks will provide your lips with a wash of color that stays all day long. The beautiful sleek tube will fit easily into any purse or pocket, try out all 8 incredible shades.

These lipsticks are so luxurious, from the gorgeous packaging to the colors to the formula. The texture is so light on the lips with a creamy intensely pigmented soft-matte finish. There is no scent or smell and they last hours upon hours.

Skinny Dip a peachy nude, Passion is a vivid deep raspberry magenta, and Vintage a beautiful 90's-esque Terracotta. Osmosis long-lasting lipstick ranks high in my top lipsticks I own, and I own a lot! They are just the perfect formula all around and the colors are so true and rich. I absolutely need all 8 shades, or at least the Sassy red. Being matte they do fall in to lip lines, but lip lines aren't all that visible in real life so it's not a big deal.

Osmosis Matte Collection Eyeshadow Palette ($53)
The Matte Collection with six gorgeous neutrals allows you to customize your natural look. Wear alone or together. Perfect for every day wear!

Colors include: Smoky Plum, Sienna, Truffle, Pink Parfait, Toasted Peach and Butter Creme

This palette is an excellent neutrals palette to add to your neutral palette collection.Which I'm sure we all have a collection of by now! The palette is sturdy but small and compact. The eye shadow's however are anything but small. The pans are huge! It is also a completely matte eyeshadow palette.

I loved this matte palette so much! The eye shadow's are nicely pigmented and go on velvety smooth with out any excess powder or fallout. Blending these shadows was seamless, they are like silk. This palette looked very warm from the stock photo, but I was pleasant surprised that they air on the neutral side of warm and even someone very cool toned like myself can wear them.

Truffle looked like an ordinary brown but on the eyes it is amazing. I couldn't stop looking at my eyes with this color placed in the crease. It just  morphs your eyes in to this sexy sultry look with out going smokey. I have been wearing it as my crease color nearly every day. Each shade pairs well together and it also contains those every important cream/vanilla highlight shades to make it a truly complete palette. This palette has been my go-to for well over a month now. The price is on the higher side for only 6 pans, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. This is the only eyeshadow palette Osmosis offers, so I do hope they consider making more because they are on to something here.

Just by this small sampling I am so impressed by the cosmetics selection from Osmosis. The liquid foundation, contour duo, Blush, and CC cream look promising and are on my list to try next. I will also be sharing a few of my favorite's from their skincare line coming up too, it is equally as awesome!

Find Osmosis Cosmetics at , dermstore, or find a retail location near you.

*sample provided for review consideration & purchased myself
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by Jill Manoff at Mode

June 20, 2016

Spritz of Summer with Soap & Glory Body Sprays

Have you ever wanted to smell like your favorite Soap & Glory bath and body products all day long? I know I have! Now you can with three new refreshing, irresistible body sprays in three signature scents - Original Pink, Pink Sugar Crush, and Smoothie Star. With keep-you-cool FRESHBOOST24 technology, the new handbag-handy sprays give you a flash of fabulousness where you are.

I am not a perfume girl, as much as I want to be I have fragrance allergies and that limits me from wearing almost all perfumes. Body Sprays I can tolerate and until S&G I had almost completely wrote them off too. As a huge fan of Soap & Glory bath products I love the scents they use almost as much as the products themselves. I had often wished that the Original Pink Body Righteous Butter scent would stick around longer and now it can. These new Soap & Glory Body Sprays smell fresh, pretty, and invigorating and they're only $6!

Want on-the-go invigoration, girls? Soap & Glory's ORIGINAL PINK Body Spray keeps you feeling refreshed and smelling magnifi-scent. This famous, full-on fabulous, fruity-floral features (truly, madly) deeply iconic notes of ROSE, BERGAMOT, STRAWBERRY, JASMINE and MUGUET. With a gentle drizzle of OZONE nuances, like the fresh scent of summer rain, and a tiny drop of PATCHOULI sexiness.  Of all the scents, Original Pink is the most potent. It feels the most like a perfume and lingers the longest, love it!

SMOOTHIE STAR Body Spray bears soothing warm notes of SWEET ALMOND and RICH VANILLA blended with a comforting creamy base of SANDALWOOD and MUSK. This was my favorite body spray of the bunch! It's subtly sweet with a touch of warmth. I have been wearing this every day. It reminds me a lot of my first perfume ever, Aquolina Pink Sugar.

Soap & Glory's sweet lime and vanilla musk SUGAR CRUSH Body Spray is a heady cocktail of VANILLA MUSK, blended with SWEET LIME, GINGER and SMASHED BROWN SUGAR. This happy-hour-all-day, mouth-wateringly moreish body spray is the closest you can get to a smile in a bottle. I kept thinking this smelled like a cocktail! It has an almost grapefruit scent to me. This one will be going in my bag for the beach, it is as refreshing as a late day mojito or two!

Soap & Glory Body Sprays are the perfect light scents to spritz on for Summer. Available at Ulta Stores an online at and Target NOW! #MistMeUp

*sample provided for review consideration

June 16, 2016

Rocksbox Revamped! June Jewelry + Get Your First Month FREE

If you received a Rocksbox in late May you may have noticed they underwent a makeover! With a new logo and a revamped box done up in an elegant navy blush theme, the new look matches up with the beautiful jewelry ever so nicely. The website also has a fresh new feel that is easy to navigate. If you are not familiar with Rocksbox, for $19 mo. you "rent" to own three unique pieces of gorgeous designer jewelry from the likes of Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, and Gorjana. See one of my previous posts for all of the details. Here is what my early June Rocksbox looked like!

My readers will get their first month free! SIGN UP HERE or use code JODYBFF6 at checkout. That isn't just for one box, you get unlimited swaps a month for new jewelry as much as you want! I have received three boxes in one month because their service and shipping is lightening fast! This is my last box for the Summer. That's what is great about this service you can put your membership on hold or cancel when you'll be busy and start back up any time you want.

In this Rocksbox I had two pieces from my favorite jewelry line Kendra Scott, and both were Abalone! The Annika Necklace in Abalone ($75/$60 insider price) was so stunning that when I opened it up I didn't even get through my whole box before taking a break to go on to and buy it! Every month you get a free $10 in credit to put towards jewelry purchases which are always 20% off retail prices. That put this necklace at only $50 which is a total steal.

I HAD to have this stunning necklace in my Kendra collection. The sea blue colors against the 14 k gold plated chain with a subtle sparkle is stunning. The coveted Blue Kyocera Cami was the next Kendra piece on my list to buy, but the look of the abalone is so close to it that I don't think I will even need that one now. I can not wait to wear this all Summer! This tiny treasure from the sea is going to be a staple piece in this Mermaid's Ocean travels for sure.

Equally as stunning was the Kendra Scott Lawson Cuff in Crushed Abalone ($120/ $96 insider price).  This bracelet is one of the new pieces from the Summer Collection, Rocksbox is on the ball when it comes to getting new collections right away.

The crushed abalone shell makes this bracelet so unique. The design is gorgeous, it is such a versatile statement piece. You can wear it barefoot on the beach or for an elegant evening on the town. The 24 k gold plated exterior with jewel tones pair especially well with turquoises and blues. It's also adjustable to fit all wrists. This bracelet is such a multi-faceted head turner!

My stylist Jenn chose the Margaret Elizabeth Mini Studs in Turquoise ($55/$44 insider price) for me and they were a great choice. I love wearing natural stones and have a turquoise necklace these go amazing with. The studs are a great small but still noticeable size and the smidgen of color to makes a statement without having to wear a huge pair of earrings. The turquoise stone coordinated beautifully with both of the abalone pieces too.

Make sure to keep your wish list up to date with at least 15 pieces. After you receive your box or before you send it back, leave feedback for your stylist. I have always received at least one piece that I requested. They read your feedback and do their best to get you what you want and what you'll love

Remember to SIGN UP with JODYBFF6 for your first month boxes FREE! There's no obligation to join and you can cancel any time. I guarantee you this will be the one subscription you will love every month!

Join for FREE HERE with code JODYBFF6

June 06, 2016

Urban Decay VICE Lipstick Collection Review & Lip Swatches

Urban Decay's new lineup of a staggering 100 VICE Lipsticks launches today! They will make you want to go in to debt..and debt never looked so beautiful! When I heard UD was reformulating and dropping all of their lipsticks I was not a happy camper. I LOVE the Revolution Lipstick's. I wear them almost every single day. What would I do without my beloved F-Bomb, Anarchy, Turn On, and Streak? Oh just buy multiple backups for $11. I jumped the gun because after testing 10 from VICE I can now say there was no need to worry! There is also no need to look for another lipstick ever again in your life, VICE has it all.

I was very surprised to have this PR box show up at my door. I buy my Urban Decay makeup at full price like everyone else because that sh*t is amazing. I will be buying 10 more of these lipsticks and that's probably being conservative. Making it easier on the wallet the price has dropped, which is almost unheard of these days. The bullets will run you a cool $17 each. The product amount has also increased from 0.9 to 0.11.

Our shade range has it all: Bold brights. Dark, sexy shades. Super-versatile neutrals. With so much variety it’ll make your head spin, there’s something for everyone—from new shades to cult favorites you thought you’d never see again. Several shades were inspired by other UD lip products (and even our Eyeshadows and Eye Pencils!). Each of our retailers will carry 100 SHADES of Vice Lipstick—making this our biggest lineup yet. 74 of which are brand new shades. There will also be another 20 shades exclusive to SEPHORA, so that makes it a total of 120 lipstick's to choose from.

The pigment load is insane! Just one swipe provides an unbelievable laydown of color. Every shade applies smoothly (without dragging or skipping), hugs lips, and feels amazing! Our proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ gives the formula its super-creamy texture, rich payout and superior color dispersion. Yummy butter blend comforts, hydrates and enhances, leaving lips soft and conditioned, never dry. Aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and abassu oils nourish and soften lips. Illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture. Vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants.

The new packaging is a modernized luxed-up version of their OG throwback shotgun bullet packaging. The faceted gunmetal case has a gold base and debossed lettering that gives it a very updated and classy feel. The bottom stickers are color coded to the lip color which is so helpful.

The tubes are so lightweight! I picked them up like is there anything in here!? Yes, yes there is... gorgeous gorgoues lipsticks. Now you can pack a good 10 shades or more in your purse...or is that too excessive?
Trying to decide on which lipstick shades to buy with 120 choices is pretty agonizing. To make your life a little easier UD founder Wende Zomnir has given us her 10 must-haves to get started with. We all know it will not end there, but a starting point helps. I can't imagine having to swatch 100 lipsticks, that is some dedication!

 Wende's 10 Top Picks: Pandemonium (MM), Rock Steady (C), 714 (MM), Big Bang (M), Fire bird (C), Menace (CM), Naked (C), Backtalk (CM), Conspiracy (M), Disturbed (CM)

They are not kidding with VICE. Every shade and formula is pure creamy bad ass luxury. Pigmented, comfortable to wear, with an incredibly long wear time. I think I may actually like them better than the Revolutions. Formula wise I liked the cream formula best because it was a lot like what I'm used to with the orginal Revolution line. Emollient and moisturizing on the lips. The comfort mattes are also right up there offering a smooth huggable matte finish. The mega matte's are on the drier side but super-intense and a proper alternative to those uber drying matte liquid lipsticks. The Sheers are a lot like the Sheer Revolution line which I was happy with and quite a few of the original shades make an appearance in there too. Most surprising were the Sheer Shimmer and Metallized, with high levels of pearl they are so sparkling and beautiful. I have never been a shimmery lipstick fan, but these are just so stunning!

The only shades I had some issues with were Pandemonium and Disturbed. They took some building up to not look patchy. Placing the coordinating lip pencil down first easily solves any issues though. No matter what formula you prefer with this much variety there is a lip color in the VICE collection for everybody. Go and download the UD Vice App available in the app store now, it lets you try on all of the shades. Which could be dangerous!

My Top Picks are Naked, Backtalk, 714, Big Bang, Menace, and Rock Steady.

714 is the quintessential can't live without bright matte red. I swear this red will look amazing on everyone, it is the one to pick up for sure. Naked is a creamy pink nude lip that even a hater of nude lips (me) would love. Backtalk a gorgeous cool mauve. Big Bang makes the list because it is such an 80's dance party lip color. Some shimmer lipsticks can be gritty, but not these the glitter feels like its not even there and they shine line a million bucks. Menace is an intense medium fuchsia that goes on impeccably smooth and is a touch warmer than Anarchy. Rock Steady is your no doubt of a deep jelly red that lets you play on the dark side but not too far.

There are also 50 re-designed shades of lip liners to choose from. Line and prime with the perfect match. It’s the ultimate pair for ultra long wear.

The lip pencils are spectacular, they glide on with ease and set your lipstick in place all day. I love wearing these alone by filling in the whole lip, they look just as beautiful as the lipsticks.
UD Lip Pencils: Naked, Rush, Anarchy, Jilted, Pandemonium, 714, Gash, Hex, Conspiracy

It was awesome to see some of the lip colors I thought would only be limited edition like the Gwen Stefani Collection releases and Mrs. Mia Wallace in here. My favorite Summer shade Streak makes an appearance so I can stop crying now. The VICE Collection is freaking mind-blowing amazing if you are a lipstick lover. They are some of the best lipstick formulations I have ever put on my lips and the color selection is out of bounds. My only complaint? I can't buy all 120 of my new vices! #lipstickismyvice

*sample provided for review consideration

June 03, 2016

Refresh Your Look for Spring with Mirabella's Lighten Up Collection

New for Spring from Mirabella is Lighten Up, a collection of modern formulas designed to keep skin looking youthful and radiant. This dreamy Spring collection is full of flattering warmth and glowing skin, colors that enhance your features and make them a topic of conversation.

When I first saw the promo images from this colleciton I knew I had to own the Visionary Eyeshadow's. They were visions of beauty and looked so perfect for Spring looks.

Visionary Long-Wearing Eyeshadow ($29)
The eyeshadow you've been dreaming of is finally a reality. Long-lasting, creamy texture transforms into a powder finish that will not crease. Moisturizing and oil absorbing color perfection that lasts all day. Talc-free, Paraben-free, Gluten-free, FD&C/D&C Dye-free.

Visionary Long-Wearing Eyeshadow's are available in three new brightening shades designed to make your eye color pop. Visionary's creamy, silky texture sets to a satin matte powder finish for easy application and rich, buildable color.

Imagine (beige shimmer), Charmed (dusty pink), Vivid (coral)

These have a cushiony silky whipped mousse texture that glides over the eye lids with ease. The colors are full coverage with no need for a primer. I found it easiest to apply them with my fingers. The shadow stays in place flawlessly with out any creasing or fading. I actually had trouble removing them with just a makeup wipe they were so long wearing. Shimmer shades can be hard to wear sometimes, especially as we age, but these have high elastomeric powders that help mask wrinkles with an optical blurring effect. 

Use Vivid to enhance blue eyes and Charmed for green eyes. If pinks on the eyes aren't your thing, these pretty multiuse shades can also be used on your cheeks! Imagine is a shade everybody should own, the warm sparkling taupe has your eyes beaming bright with just one swipe. I know I will be w wearing this one all Summer long!
Brilliant Glowing Coral ($40)
Mineral-based highlighter with prismatech shimmer. Brand new illuminator revitalizes skin with subtle sheen. Beautifully blended color combinations provide a soft; incredibly flattering glow. Prismatech is a color and texture revolution and combines all the best features of baked; fluid and cream products. Creates the truest color imaginable with a highly polished finish.

How stunning does this highlighter look? That gorgeous wave gradient makes it almost too pretty to use! This mineral swirled highlighter blurs imperfections and perfects the look of your skin. Brilliant lends skin a natural radiance that helps to add dimension. It combines the best features of baked, powder, and cream products for true color and a smooth finish.

Glowing Coral intertwines light coral with icy champagne giving you that sought after radiant glow. The lightweight texture blends in to the skin beautfilly. I would compare these to the likes of MAC and Hourglass highlighters. It is a finely milled highlighter that is glowy not glittery. You can place them on to the highlights of the face or dust all over for an all-over flattering sheen. I personally love how this looks over a peach blush, it imparts a pretty warm gilded glow.

Balmy Nectar Colour Vinyl Lipstick ($25)
Everything you want in a lipstick. Comfortable full-coverage color with the shine of a gloss and 10 hour wear. Features Berry Flux Vita, a raspberry extract, for intense moisturization. Argan Oil helps formula glide on lips while antioxidant Litchi Chinensis Fruit Extract rejuvenates lips. Paraben-free, Gluten-free.
Mirabella Color Vinyl lipstick's are some of my favorite formulas, especially if you have dry lips. These are so light-weight and moisturizing on the lips. They truly feel like you're only wearing a lip balm. Balmy Nectar is the absolute perfect pink. It is a true Summer bridal pink. A sweet warmed up medium pink that refreshes a whole look. The finish is a glossy vinyl shine letting you forgo lipgloss. I really enjoy how much natural ingredients these lipsticks contain, not only are the beautiful on but they're also working to keep your lips healthy and soft. This collection of warm, perky shades is made for Spring and will take you right in to the glowy makeup of Summer!

sample provided for review consideration