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Makeup Looks I

Thanks for viewing my makeup looks from 2007! This is when I first started doing makeup. The first FOTD I ever posted on the internet was the Barbie Loves MAC Look. This set includes many makeup "mistakes" (hello shimmer!), but with every mistake I learned something new. This was also the first time I ever ventured in to bold color and lashes. The beginning of a new found passion you could say :) Thank you to all of you who have and continue to inspire me!

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Inspired by the Dior Fashion runway's and Makeup Artist Pat McGrath.

Lean Like a Chola -

Fall Foliage: Smokin Greens in the Emerald City


Inspired by the movie..glitter whores...and my love of a fantastic shoe...


Bleed Black...

~*Starry Nights*~

SUZY fucking Homemaker says... EAT YOUR MAKEUP KIDS!

Even if a Snake is not Venomous. It should always Pretend to be POISONOUS.

"My Weakness is wearing too much Leopard Print" - Jackie Collins

"I was never the Girl Next Door" - Bettie PageInspired by the Notorious...

Float like a Butterfly. Sting like a Bee -Monarch Butterfly Inspired">

Lashes: Ardell. Feather Lashes made by me.
JROCK Lolita/ visual kei inspired by Mana

4am: I look like hell, but my fuschia is still rockin. Thanks UDPP.

HxC ZEBRA stripes

Yellow. Pink. Black.

93 cent RED Lips sink Ships

is making me FREEZE

Hollywood Living Dead



Gun Metal - Shooting Diamonds

Amanda Lepore inspired Dragalicious

Color Pops

Candy Cane Holiday


Couture Fashion Runway 2007


Twiggy 1960's MOD

C-shock Collection

Turning Leopardeeeeeze



Channeling Christina Aguilera "Dirrty"

Neon Green


Smoke Signals

Red & Black

Moulin Rouge

Catty Eyes

Purrrrple SHOCK

BARBIE LOVES MAC.My First "Makeup Look". What Started the Madness :)