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September 10, 2018

Urban Decay ELEMENTS Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

If there was ever a palette that was more "me" it's the new Holiday 2018 Urban Decay Elements Eyeshadow Palette. I am element and zodiac obsessed to a slightly nutty level. I check at least three horoscopes every day and must know what the sun, moon, and tides are doing before I can even live my life. Now that we are winding down on Summer, Holiday Collections are already here! Yes, already! The unbelievably gorgeous Elements Eyeshadow Palette spans space and time with 19 mystical, never-before-seen shades in a celestial, ultra-sleek compact. Lets have a look!

With gilded details and a crystal-like case, this orb-inspired compact is your key to the next dimension. Slip it into your purse or gift it to a fellow mystic…Elements is the perfect palette to summon your inner goddess.

Be warned though, this palette is GINORMOUS. It is like a powder compact on steroids and that makes it a bit difficult to store let alone slip in to your purse! The packaging is mesmerizing though. It's layed out beautifully and the mirror is so huge you could easily use it to do all of your makeup.

Inspired by the elements—Air, Earth, Fire and Water—a constellation of unique colors orbit around Luna, an ultra-iridescent transformer shade. The 19 new multidimensional pigments include bright mattes, holographic shimmers and molten metallic. We predict you’ll love Fortune Teller, a metallic magenta with green 3-D sparkle and shift. Hex Remedy is an iridescent purple that really raises our vibrations.
 (Swatches over NO Base)
Since you deserve serious staying power and shadow that doesn’t flake or fade out on you, every shade in the Elements Eyeshadow Palette is made from our mind-blowing formula that gives each shade its velvety texture, blendability and rich color that lasts. Sometimes Holiday releases can fall short on that beautiful blend and high pigment we expect from UD. Elements hits the mark though, all of the colors applied with ease and full coverage color. My favorites were Electric Air and Silver Burn, they capture my Amethyst birth stone and look sooooo good on green eyes! That matte pink Dream Weaver, WOAH. I will never wear it but it is a shockingly good matte hot pink.

Most unique to this palette is the heart of it. Luna, the center shade that all the eyeshadows orbit around. Luna is an iridescent transformer that transforms any shade in to a real sparkler. I applied Luna over Heavy Water the teal shade and it turned it in to an icier shade of blue. I can see myself reaching for this a lot to tone down too bright shades. How cool is it to be able to transform any eye shadow in to something completely different?

I am loving the Elements palette! The color-palette captured all of the elements while working to make them cohesive and look good together. The pretty pops of shimmering color pair up with shades that easily transition in to Fall and the Holidays. Also, EVERY one of the 19 shades is a new one. It is heavy on the shimmer and light on the matte, but at this point we have matte shades from one of the many other UD palette's that can be paired with it.

I know all the buzz right now is of the soon to come NAKED Cherry Palette, and rightfully so. Doesn't it look amazing? NAKED HONEY and NAKED AF Palette are also supposedly in the works. We won't be crying over the demise of the OG Naked for too long. I really hope they will do coordinating lip colors with both of those! All the Naked stuff aside, don't sleep on Elements! You get a very well-rounded color palette with all new shades that isn't just one color family. There are also some really great kits to come with this Holiday 2018 release that will make perfect gifts. Can you believe we're talking Holiday 2018 Collection before Fall? Oh makeup world you so crazy.

Urban Decay Elements Eyeshadow Palette ($56) is available at and QVC
Other retailers later this month!
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September 08, 2018

BOXYCHARM Wild Flower September Box

I took a break over the Summer after a few dismal BoxyCharm's. As with everything makeup related it is always better in the Fall. This month thebox theme is Wild Flower. If you don't know already BOXYCHARM is $21 mo. and gives you 4-5 full size beauty products worth over $100. Even when I don't love a box there is always something in here that makes it worth the value. Here is what's in store for September!

Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Smokey Eyeshadow Palette ($35)
Made up of 12 highly pigmented shades, the Nightingale palette is sure to help you create your best looks. The matte, shimmer, and satin shades are soft in texture, and luxurious in formula. How cute is this palette? I have been super impressed with all of the Pretty Vulgar products I have tried so far and this one is no exception. I love that this isn't another all warm eyeshadow palette! Finally something cool toned!

Laura Geller Baked Blush n Brighten ($28)
Add a gorgeous, glowy flush to your cheeks with this baked blush. Stunning swirls of liquid pigments are baked in for a smooth, long-wearing formula. Laura Geller's baked blush and highlighters are some of my favorite face products. I already bought this blush myself, but I am not mad to have a second! It is the most gorgeous, face brightening berry pink with a soft luster.

Alamar Cosmetics Ojitos Brush Set ($18)
You can always count on Boxy to give good brushes. These 100% synthetic brushes are great. The flat painter brush is perfect for cream products, while the blender is fluffy and soft and the liner brush effortlessly glides and smudges gel liners. The green handles are cool change up from the usual black and pink.

LORAC Liquid Lipstick ($19)
Although I would have preferred something hydrating and glossy and not another tired matte liquid lipstick. I know they have to get one in there for the 'gram. This one from LORAC I don't hate. It's smooth, covers evenly, and isn't as drying as some others. Will I ever choose to wear a dry matte liquid lip over my Urban Decay VICE lipsticks? Hell no, but the color Deep Burgundy is amazing!

Butter London Stroke of Wow Roll On Liner ($19)
Create precise, ultra-fine winged liner looks with this innovative liquid liner. The ergonomic handle gives you insane control while creating your liner looks. The roll-on applicator does all the work with a smudge-proof black pigment that stays in place. I was worried this was going to be like the fail Roller ball liner like Benefit's, but it is a lot better. The tip has a roller ball that "rolls" across to create your eyeliner. It works fairly well, but I don't understand the novelty of these liners. You barely get to roll the liner before space runs out. I would rather just do it manually.

Finally a box I love! After some real losers this Summer I was about to give up on Boxycharm. Once they switched to letting a group of never heard of "influencers" pick their monthly products the box pretty much tanked. It was all the same old ugly mauve brown matte lip, warm shimmery eye shadows, and highlighter. That only looks good one type of person for one type of look. Where is your diversity Boxcharm? Just no. Regular women who wear makeup in their daily lives out of the house don't want to wear ugly ass edited instagram makeup, we want something fresh and beautiful! End rant :) This box while still having to get in the matte lipstick at least gives us something different. Plus, two well-known brands. I'm back on the Boxycharm wagon!

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August 01, 2018

Urban Decay Naked Petite Vice Lipstick Shades Review & Swatches

The heat is on! Urban Decay VICE Lipstick comes in a massive lineup of 135 addictive shades and six indulgent finishes and now Urban Decay has released new shades inspired by their new wildly popular Naked Heat Petite Palette! I have mentioned it many many times before that VICE Lipstick's are my favorite. I rarely wear anything but VICE on my lips and if I am going to buy a new lipstick it's likely going to be from this line. If you are loving the warm neutrals in your Naked Heat Petite Palette but are still searching for that perfect lip color to pair with it? Look no futher!

VICE shade range has it all: Bold brights. Dark, sexy shades. Super-versatile neutrals. With so much variety it’ll make your head spin, there’s something for everyone—from new shades to cult favorites you thought you’d never see again.

You may notice a few shades you have seen before in here as well along with the brand new stunners. Fuel, Heat, and Scorched were released along with the original Naked HEAT Palette. I love that they brought out a lipstick range to go along with Naked Heat Petite. I have been using the palette a lot lately, but as a cool-toned girl I don't have many warm lipstick's to pair with it. These new shades are so complimentary.

The pigment load in Vice Lipstick is insane! Just one swipe provides an unbelievable laydown of color. And every shade applies smoothly (without dragging or skipping), hugs lips, and feels amazing! Our proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ gives the formula its super-creamy texture, rich payout and superior color dispersion.

This creamy formula is loaded with nourishing ingredients. A yummy butter blend comforts, hydrates and enhances, leaving lips soft and conditioned, never dry. Aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils nourish and soften lips. Illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture. And Vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants.

They've got us covered in finishes. From sheer shimmer, to comfort cream's, and mega matte's. I really enjoy the comfort cream finishes because I like a smooth, emollient finish to my lipstick's. The matte's are not drying and the shimmer's give a lovely non-gritty sparkle. Also, there is no scent or taste to these lipstick's, which gets huge points from me. I am still whining that those gorgeous Hi-Fi Shine Cushion Glosses had to taste like toothpaste.

If there is one must-have from these newly released shades it is Singe. My camera couldn't capture the full glory but it is the most magnificent, mettalic dark sparkling red. For being a mettalic it isn't gritty and doesn't drag when applying.

The comfortably creamy lip color is a gorgeous, intensely mettalic with shimmering red glitter reflects like fine crushed ruby dust. It's hard to capture how glimmering this lip color is because the glitter is so fine, you barely notice it, but once on it all comes together for a stunning mettalic red.

Definitely check out these heated new shades, there are a few in here I can see being staples for every day neutrals or any from the 135 in the line. My top 3 were Singe, Trip, and First Sin. You really can't go wrong when it comes to Urban Decay VICE Lipstick! Best Lipstick EVER.

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July 10, 2018

Urban Decay Born To Run Collection Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Born To Run Collection is your most wanted makeup for wherever life takes you. Whether you're a total road warrior, a weekend escapist or a staycationer—this collection has everything you need when you're Born To Run! I was not expecting any more Summer releases from Urban Decay after Beached so this was an awesome surprise! Born To Run takes us through Summer travel season, around the world, and back home with some Fall makeup vibes. Let's have a look!

First up: the all-in-one Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette ($49) lets you create nude makeup looks, add in pops of color and play with brights, no matter where you're going. With an assortment featuring 21 of-the-moment eyeshadow shades, you've got every possible eye look covered in one sleek makeup kit.

Can we talk about this gorgeous Summer packaging? The photography or UD Employee's trips is such a cool tribute and it's total Vacation worthy. This also isn't a cardboard palette. The palette is a hard plastic that is very sturdy with a spacious mirror. I will say I miss the added eyeshadow brush and eyeliner and I think for a travel palette they should have included it.

When it’s time to grab your carry-on and dash off to the next big adventure, you’ll want to pack light. Enter Born To Run, an all-in-one eyeshadow palette that has everything you need to create neutral looks, add in pops of color and play with brights, no matter where you’re going. With 21 of-the-moment shades—from jewel tones and modern neutrals to more colorful shadows—you’ve got every possible eye look covered in one sleek kit. Made from our mind-blowing formula that gives each shade its velvety texture, rich color and blendability, Born To Run’s Eyeshadow shades hold tightly onto pigment that stays put.

Breakaway (warm ivory shimmer), Stranded (pale rose gold with tonal micro-shimmer), Blaze (light metallic peach with pink shift), Weekender (light neutral beige matte), Still Shot (bright peach), Riff (brown-nude matte with floating micro-sparkle), Good As Gone (deep brown with iridescent micro-shimmer)
 Hell Ride (deep fuchsia matte), Baja (burnt orange matte), Accelerate (reddish copper metallic), Guilt Trip (smoky purple shimmer), Ignite (rose gold metallic), Smog (deep coppery bronze shimmer), Wanderlust (forest green with gold micro-shimmer)
 Wildheart (bright fuchsia), Punk (red-brown matte), Double Life (metallic rust), Jet (black with deep shimmering purple shift), Drift (charcoal satin with tonal micro-sparkle), Radio (deep emerald satin), Big Sky (frosted green shimmer with iridescent micro-sparkle)

When I first saw the promo images for Born To Run I wasn't WOW'd. I am not one for colorful eyeshadow these days and the shades just didn't seem to go together very well. That all changed once I got in to this palette! The quality is exactly what we expect from UD. Rich, bold, pigmented eyeshadows that blend effortlessly. Upon first glance this palette looks warm and colorful, and it is, but the shades are surpisingly wearable and a more sophisticated take on color. It has a late Summer/Early Fall essence about it and many of these shades will take you straight in to Autumn.

My favorites were of course the top 4 peachy neutrals. Followed by the shimmering pairing of six in the bottom right hand corner. Smog is an OG from the Naked days that I couldn't live with out. I really loved Drift, Radio, Wanderlust, and Big Sky. They have a dusky smokiness to them that is beautiful. There are 16 all new shades in here which I appreciate. I did notice quite a few shades resembled the BEACHED Palette. This makes sense as it was also a Summer release. I would spend the few extra dollars for Born to Run for the extra color choices.

The perfect complement to the Born On The Run Eyeshadow Palette, these three brand-new, limited-edition shades of Vice Lipstick pair with anything from neutral to smoky and bright to sultry eye looks. With three new lip colors (a bright rose sparkle, a rich mauve-nude and a dark berry).

Born To Run Vice Lipsticks are designed to complement your everyday (and even the not-so-everyday) looks. Just one swipe provides an unbelievable laydown of color—with soft and supple texture, rich and even coverage, and long-lasting pigment.

These are not your typical Summer shades and I kind of love that. Though, I do wish they would give us coral lovers something too every once and awhile! Ready? was my favorite. The rose with mettalic pink shimmer glitters with out being gritty. I love how this looks under the cushion lipglosses for a super sparkly look! 66, a deep mauve nude and Marfa a rich egglplant berry will be fantastic come Fall.

Keep the adventurous vibes going with fun-loving shades of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. From a reddish-brown and a dark copper to a deep green metallic, these versatile shades will pair perfectly with any bold eye look you can dream up.The best Eye Pencil ever, ever, ever! Never before has a pencil this creamy and brilliant been waterproof, too. Velvety-soft, this never-before-seen formula stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries down to a long-lasting finish that WILL NOT budge.

For pencil liner I buy nothing but the 24/7 Liners. There isn't anything better. The Born To Run Collection features three 24/7 Liners in Doublelife (reddish-brown metallic), Lucky (mettalic burnt orange), and Overdrive (deep green metallic). Both DoubleLife and Lucky are softer alternatives to black liner. They are somehwat similar, with Lucky having more copper undertones. I don't think you need both. OverDrive is the standout. It is the most gorgeous deep forest emerald green.

When it’s time to grab your carry-on and dash off to the next big adventure, be sure to lock in your look using Urban Decay’s Born To Run Travel-Size All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. Wanderlust leaves no time for touch-ups. Your endless adventures may be a blur, but your makeup shouldn’t be. Mist on this weightless spray to give your makeup serious staying power. All Nighter keeps makeup looking just-applied for up to 16 hours without melting, fading or settling into fine lines. This is my favorite makeup setting spray and I love that they made it travel size! Perfect for putting in to your carryon bag.

Born to Run is an awesome collection for wherever life takes you! While I wouldn't call this my all-in-one travel palette it has some beautiful shades to take you through Summer and in to Fall. You will want to RUN and get it!

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July 06, 2018

Get Smooth Skin for Summer with TRIA Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision

Get permanently smooth skin this Summer with the TRIA Hair Removal Laser Precision — a slim and ergonomic wonder device designed to remove unwanted hair from smaller, more sensitive areas like the bikini line, face, and underarms.Who hates having to shave allll the time once Summer rolls around? I know I do! I have used the Tria 4x Laser in the past with great results so I was excited to get started with TRIA's new, slimmed down streamlined version!

At-home hair removal has never been easier. Portable, lightweight and FDA-cleared, the Hair Removal Laser Precision uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists for in-office treatments. This Tria Hair Removal Laser targets and permanently disables the hair follicle to stop hair growth on the face and body for permanent results.

Small, lightweight, and compact, the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is convenient to use both at-home and away, so you never have to miss a treatment. Its contoured design is perfect for small, more sensitive areas like the bikini area, underarm, and face.

Before getting started you will need to activate your device either by phone or online. Most importantly is to read over the guidelines and make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for your skin tone. Laser Precision is safe and effective on skin tones 1-4. Being as I am pretty much the palest skin tone out there, I was good to go. Take extra measure to stay out of the sun and use SPF when treating as it can make your skin more sensitive. Also, refrain from any waxing or tweezing in these areas as the hair root needs to be visible to be destroyed. Shaving is the best way to go during treatments.

Scared that it will hurt? Don't be! There are three levels to choose from low/med/high. I always treated on high and never had any pain. If you do I would recommend the Smooth Start Calming Gel. I used it with the 4x and it comes in handy on areas like the under arms and bikini line that can be a bit more sensitive.

For best results, treat the area once every 2 weeks until desired result has been reached. A good tip to remember is to always charge your TRIA up after you have used it so it will be ready to go for the next time. I designate one day a week to "me time". A day of skin masks/exfoliation, bubble baths etc. While indulging in bad t.v. I do my TRIA treatment. It's super quick, easy, and painless!

Treatment time is quick and easy on small areas like the lip, chin, and bikini line. The Laser Precision perfect for these areas because it's a lot easier to hold than the larger Tria 4x model. The downside is the battery life is a lot less. About 15 minutes. I would use this for treating small areas one at a time and the 4x for more extensive areas like the arms or legs.

I noticed results two weeks after my first treatment. Hair that was more dense was finer, less course, and growing in sparser and at a slower rate. This is similar results to what I saw with the 4x. An initial 20-30% reduction and around 70% over 3 months. It's important to remember hair doesn't just stop growing forever. It grows in cycles, so it does require continued 3 month use for best results. Being able to pop out my Tria for rogue hairs or when I want to shave less is super convenient. Use it on your upper lip or bikini line before vacation means no worries of itchy bumps/ingrown hairs from waxing or shaving. It is awesome just for the effect it has on keeping my sensitive skin from becoming irritated.

Having the power of professional laser hair removal in the palm of my hand. Literally! is fantastic. Laser Precision is easy and painless to use, not to mention it's great for on the go and storing easily on your beauty table. I will be using Tria's Hair Precision over the next few months and updating you with my results!

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