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March 16, 2018

Urban Decay BackTalk Palette Review & Swatches

When the Urban Decay BackTalk Palette hit SEPHORA last week I ran (okay, more like I immediately clicked the buy button) to grab it up. Backtalk is one of my absolute favorite Vice lipstick shades. The creamy mauve pink is flattering on everyone, it's no wonder this is the No. 1 selling, cult-favorite Vice Lipstick shade! Having a palette created around your favorite pink lip color? DREAMS. As excited as I was for this palette, and still am, it turned out to be quite surprising!

Like two palettes in one, this travel-ready case holds eight nude-mauve, soft berry and muted rose Eyeshadow shades on one side and four coordinating shades of blush and highlighter on the other. The casing is cardboard and flip turn style with a removable magnetic mirror dividing the two. I appreciate the sleek, somewhat non-bulky design but the mirror has a tendency to fall out and the palette does not stay closed with out it inside. It's not the most practical design but it is something I haven't seen done before.

Many, myself included, thought this palette was going to be Urban Decay's answer to a NAKED 3 Basics Palette. It is not at all, but that is not a bad thing! Despite appearing a pink toned berries palette oddly enough it is on the warm side.

The eyeshadow's swatch and wear with much more orange/red based warmth for being inspired by a cool-toned mauve lipstick. The rosy berries have a Fall/Winter feel to them while the soft peachy pink's nod to Spring. I think the color range in this palette is going to please both cool-toned and warm-toned eyeshadow fans alike because there is something in here for both.

Every shade features proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ for velvety pigments that blend easily, stay rich and last for hours. While these shades all swatched pigmented they had a drier feeling to them than what I'm used to from Urban Decay palettes. I had to go over them with my brush multiple times to build color on my eyes. Normally with UD eyeshadow's one or two passes gives me even, pigmented color. It seems the quality has been knocked down a notch from the NAKED Palette's, more to a Too Faced level. I always feel palette's suffer a little when more bang for your buck is packed in to them. These are very hard pressed so they will require a bit more work to build color.

The first four shades are more of what I was expecting from this palette. 3 Sheets is a soft matte light pink highlight shade. Bare and Curve are very similar to each other being shimmering champagnes. A little too similar but I love these type of shades on the lid so I don't mind. Backtalk is just what I was picturing for the eyeshadow shade match to the VICE Lipstick in the pan. It applies more of a warm dusty rose than a cool mauve though.

Here is where the shades in Backtalk really start to warm up. Attitude, WTF, and 180 all have underlying reddish orange tones. I could easily see these in the NAKED Heat Palette. Pretty colors, just not the expected cool-berries.

 (swatched over no primer)
3 SHEETS (pale pink-nude matte) BARE (light pinky-peach satin)CURVE (metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter) BACKTALK (soft rosy mauve matte) SHADE (deep fuchsia satin) ATTITUDE (metallic red-copper) WTF (reddish brown matte) 180 (metallic brown-red)

Not a part of Backtalk, but I wanted to share some 24/7 Liners that I thought would pair well with  looks created with this palette. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are the best pencil liners ever. Gliding on smooth, pigmented, to set and stay in place for hours. Distortion is a shade I have been wearing a lot lately. The smoky brown is a softer alternative to Black. If you want a serious, true sooty black though Zero is your girl.

It's hard to believe but I have never tried Urban Decay Blushes before. That is half of the reason I was so keen on Backtalk. I wish these were more cool-toned blushes, but I need to get over it! This isn't a cool-toned palette. If they had just called this a Spring palette I probably wouldn't be pouting over it right now, but my heart was set on completely cool-toned palette because we never get any.

The softer shades Low Key and Party Rock are more like highlighters than blushes and don't have a lot of pigment, just shimmer. I think they should have noted that this is a blush AND highlight palette. I don't care for Cheap Shot and Double Take on my very cool-toned skin. They have too much "rudiness" to them. I do like how Low Key and Party Foul look as highlighters, they have a soft gorgeous glow. Each blush allow you to create pretty monochromatic looks when paired with the eyeshadows. Just be prepared for more of a sheer wash of color than a highly pigmented blush.

CHEAP SHOT (medium pink-nude)DOUBLE TAKE (rich mauve with slight shimmer) LOW KEY (pink-peach) PARTY FOUL (light pink-nude shimmer).

When the Backtalk palette was decidedly warmer I was slightly disappointed. I really wanted to see a completely cool-toned palette in the slew of warm ones out these days. Except, I really like the colors! They are flattering to my green eyes and I love the all-in-one palette concept of coordinating eye and cheek colors. It wasn't the palette I was expecting, but one I unexpectedly still liked. I do hope Urban Decay gives us cool-toned eyeshadow fans something really to talk about (like a truly cool mauvey taupey berry Naked 3 Basics!).

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March 13, 2018

BOXYCHARM Baecation MARCH Subscription Box

BOXYCHARM is giving us all the Spring vibes in the Baecation themed box this month! For 21/mo Boxycharm gives you 4-5 Full Size Beauty products each month and Free Shipping. It is the only beauty box still work subscribing to in 2018 and the value is always incredible. So lets take a look at what we will be packing with us for Spring Break!

PUR The Eyeshadow Palette ($36)
This transitional palette can be used now, or later, to bring vibrancy back in to your look. Pur's signature silky smooth ultra-mattes are paired with pretty pins and vibrant blue to lighten the mood. I love a good BoxyCharm palette. I reach for them all the time. PUR is one of my fav brands, but I have never tried their eye shadow's.

These are nice! Pretty decently pigmented, not chalky, and opening this palette was like bringing life back to the eyes. I have been all about neutrals these days, but I'm thinking about experimenting with some color again. This eyeshadow palette looks to be the way to do it. Plus those peachy colors up top? So Spring! I am happy they went with something more vibrant for their palette this time around. I love a neutral palette, but they were starting to become repetitive.

Butter London Oh My, How high! Lengthening Mascara ($20)
Lengthen and curl! This curved nylon brush evenly coats every lash for panoramic length. I'm a volumizing mascara kind of girl but will be layering this on top for length. I only think of Butter London for nails so I will be curious to try this out! The brush has a cool curvature tip that looks promising.

South Mane Beauty Under Eye Gels ($10)
These under eye gels are great for an easy mask without the clean up. They soften and moisturize to ensure that you look rested and refreshed. Who doesn't need an eye mask? My dark circles and fine lines from this Winter weather and dry indoor air sure do. I'm looking forward to trying these, if I could find something less expensive to rotate with my Patchology ones that would be awesome.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set ($23.15)
This brush trio set will enable you to create a stunning smokey eye. Really though, these are just basic eye brushes but I always appreciate getting these in my BoxyCharm. Easy to travel with and no worry about losing my good brushes. How cute are the little sayings on the brushes?

Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush ($26)
Make Them Blush powder blush awakens your complexion and provides natural, glowy flush to your cheeks. Can we just talk about this color? HOLY WOW. Prim Vixen is the most bright, vivid, cool-toned matte pink. This blush is super pigmented. It's like Hi NARS. BYE Nars. This blush is poppin, I can not wait to wear this! I really need to look more in to Pretty Vulgar. I have loved everything I have gotten from this line and the packaging is so retro glam.

Thank you BoxyCharm for injecting a dose of color back in to my dull Winter makeup routine. Remember, if you order the box in the same calender month you can still get this same box. Once again this  box was full of awesome!#BoxyCharm

BoxyCharm Subscription Box ($21 mo) is available at

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March 06, 2018

Urban Decay Disco Queen Collection Highlight Review & Swatches

Leave it to Urban Decay to up the anty on the highlighter game this Spring with anything but your average highlight. Taking it up a notch with the Disco Queen Collection's Holographic Disco Stick & Holographic Highlight Powder. Both Holographic highlighters create an iridescent, multidimensional sheen that looks amazing on any skin tone. With Holographic Disco Stick & Powder, shimmer goes straight-up psychedelic.

We laced this holographic highlighter with traveling pigments that seem to change color before your eyes. Create a hyper-dimensional glow—for a luminous effect that’s almost otherworldly. Our silky, lightweight formula glides on, flashes down and has an airy finish (so it won’t interfere with your complexion makeup).  Use a little for a subtly ethereal shimmer, or keep layering for an intensely holographic highlight.

Holographic Disco Stick ($26) is perfect for when you want just a hit of holographic highlight. Because the base is sheer, this formula creates a translucent sparkle that still allows your skin to show through. If you’re looking for a more intense effect, pair Holographic Disco Stick with Disco Queen Holographic Highlight Powder (sold separately); use the stick first, then layer the powder on top.

This highlight stick is very different from any stick highlight I have seen before. It has a lavender-grey base that has you thinking what in the heck is this going to look like. The base is sheer so you don't get any color once applied. Instead it applies a smattering of iridescent blue and pink micro-glitter. This isn't glowy, but more of a noticeably glittery finish with reflects of lavender pink. It does take a few passes to get the sparkle built up evenly. Having a bit of tacky finish Disco Stick works as a perfect base for powder highlighters.

Holographic Disco Stick is a cool alternative to your typical shades of pearl, gold, and champagne. It is more of a fine shimmer/glitter than a highlight. For me, it was just okay on its own but really shined with the hologprahic powder on top. Try it on the eyes! So pretty! The glitter refelcts reminded me of my favorite Manic Panic holographic loose micro-glitter that I wore everyday when I was 16. Plus, who isn't a fan of micro-glitter with out the mess?

Holographic Highlight Powder ($29)
Take your glow into the next dimension with Disco Queen Holographic Highlight Powder. This lightweight, insanely pretty powder comes in a translucent, iridescent lavender shade that creates a luminous, holographic sheen. Tip: Use a little for a more subtle glow, or build and layer to achieve a high-watt highlight. We infused this velvety formula with lustrous pearl pigments. There’s never any white cast—just a really pretty, luminous glow. And because this formula isn’t pressed, the feel is ultra lightweight.

Holographic everything is big for Spring and with purple being the color of the year this highlight is right on trend. Purple can start to resemble a bruise if not careful, but this is a very faintly pigmented powder that deposits just a touch of color. The powder is sheer with a soft, iridescent violet glow and flashes of holographic blue sparkle. The formula is somewhat dry with not a lot of pigment being picked up with a brush. It is definitely more of a trendy shade that hops on that whole Unicorn highlight/instagram bandwagon. I am so glad they didn't call this the Unicorn Collection.

The highlight is actually quite wearable. One layer gives a subtle violet sheen with unexpected flashes of duo chrome sparkle. Even on my pale skin this looked pretty, but it would look even more amazing on darker complexions. I would pair the Holographic Highlight Powder with purple shades Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in AC/DC and Asphyxia VICE Lipstick.

If you want a more intense effect, layer Disco Queen Holographic Highlight Powder with Holographic Disco Stick. Use the stick first, then layer the powder on top. I loved how these highlights worked together and would recommend buying both if you want to live your best Disco Queen life. They really come together for a beautiful violet-blue-pink high shine finish. The highlight becomes more intense than what you will get from each of them alone. I am banking this will double as a gorgeous duo-chrome eyeshadow too. Between the two, get the Powder over the stick. Tip: Apply the powder with your fingers or a mini beauty blender, a brush doesn't pick up the full color and duo-chrome shine as well.

Disco Queen highlighters are not going to be every ones taste but they are fun! Like Disco! I prefer more classic makeup these days over following trends, but I think this is a fresh interesting way of wearing color other than on the eyes and lips. The results look oddly enough quite natural -for a lavender sparkly blue duo chrome unnatural highlight!  It has a futuristic modern feel. I am still longing for the day where we all wear sy-fy minimalist makeup on the daily and these hint at that.

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March 02, 2018

BECCA Ultimate Perfection Complexion 5 pc Kit Review

After discovering and loving Kristofer Buckle Cosmetics I was curious about what else QVC offered in beauty. Fast forward to getting sucked in to Friday Night Beauty one night and this BECCA Ultimate Perfection Complexion Kit landed on my doorstep a week later (super fast shipping!). This kit includes everything you need to achieve the iconic BECCA glow from start to finish. You can customize your kit by choosing your shade of Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme and its corresponding Champagne Cocktail Lip gloss.

First Light Priming Filter is a wake-up call for the complexion that helps brighten the skin. The lightweight face primer creates a healthy-looking, glowing canvas for long-lasting makeup wear. This primer is so cool it comes out a holographic lavender shade!

I am not one to wear face primers on a regular basis. I never like how heavy they feel or pore clogging they can be. First Light is different, it is weightless and disappears in to the skin. My skin felt soft and smooth with it on, and really it felt like wearing nothing. That purple tint diminishes once applied but gives the skin a brighter, illuminated look. I actually felt I looked more pale! Not in a negative way, just that my skin was more balanced in tone. Because of the reflecting pigments this might be better for dry over oily skin. Having combination skin I thought as it wore through the day, but as I got oily in the t-zone it looked a little too "glowy". My foundation applied nicely over it and lasted longer through the day. I will be getting the full size of this for sure. It's a Winter complexion pick me up.

Under Eye Brightening Corrector is a full-coverage creme that color-corrects the appearance of under-eye darkness. Infused with ultra-fine, light-reflecting illuminators, it won't settle into fine lines or wrinkles. This is the product I was most excited to try and what drew me in to buying the set. Sadly, it was the most disappointing!

This concealer is sticky, sheeny, and doesn't provide much coverage. All it really did for my under eye circles was make them look magnified by imparting shimmer to them. For a color corrector this fails completely. It is too sheer to make any noticeable difference on dark circles. If you want to use this as a subtle cream highlight over other correctors and concealers it would suffice. Who wants to put 5 products under their eyes though? No thanks.

After the corrector fail, I was hoping the coveted highlight would live up to the hype and it did. The iconic Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in the best-selling Opal shade. The creamy, luminizing powder veils skin in a soft glow to amplify natural-looking radiance. I love the BECCA cream highlight in Opal and this one is just as beautiful. The powder highlight is more intense with a gilded beige color to it. It's not glittery, just the most beautiful candlelit gold glow. They hype is real. I can't believe it took me this long to try it! I have Moonstone in my cart to purchase next.

A full-coverage yet breathable liquid foundation with 24-hour, water-resistant wear, Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme is formulated with a balance of pigments for full coverage and water for a natural-looking finish to give you coverage without the cake! Full Coverage foundations are not something I usually like but the reviews were mostly positive.

I chose the lightest shade Shell, and while it was a light enough match for my pale skin it was too yellow toned. The foundation was excellent though. It looked very natural for a full coverage formula and wore beautifully for hours. Had I been able to get a good color match I would have really enjoyed this for full coverage looks.

Champagne Cocktail Lipgloss is a luxurious lip gloss that gives the perfect kiss of light and shine to your lips. Each set comes with the coordinating lip color so yours might be a different shade. This lipgloss is wonderfully shiny and feels moisturizing on. The only problem I had was my doe foot applicator was broken! The formula is a touch sticky and not as shimmering as it looked on the TV presentation but I still really liked it. Overall, this kit was an incredible value! Even though a couple products didn't work out for me I can pass them along to my friends, keep the ones I liked, and still come out with a deal. I hope we see more kits like this on QVC!

Becca Ultimate Perfection Complexion Kit is available exclusively at QVC and

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February 15, 2018

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette Review & Swatches

If you were fired up over NAKED HEAT get ready for Petite Heat , the mini version Urban Decay is giving us for Spring. This is one hot little palette. Naked Petite Heat is a compact eyeshadow palette featuring six all-new scorched neutrals inspired by our own Naked Heat. With five matte shades for lid, crease and liner, plus one demi-matte highlighting shade, it has everything you need to create looks that range from soft and sultry to flat-out fire.

The ultra-compact packaging was made for travel and fits in your smallest purse. But don’t let its petite exterior fool you—it contains full-size pans of our legendary Eyeshadow and a mirror. Emblazoned with burning roses, this hot commodity will be your go-to palette. Use each shade alone or pair them up with your favorite shadows to create endless sizzling eye looks.

Some of our new favorites are Hot Spell, our latest terra-cotta obsession, and Strike, a rich reddish brown. Feel like totally going up in flames? Try Wild Thing, a burnt orange shade, or Heist, a rich cayenne, for extra spice. Better yet, you can use these matte shades as a base to pair with your 12-shade Naked Heat palette.

I am a big fan of the smaller "basics" sized palettes. They are perfect for travel and you can easily pop them in to your purse and they don't take up so much space in a alreadt crowded makeup storage. The fiery roses design on the palette is beautiful and so fitting for a Spring release.

I was a fan of the Naked Heat Palette because I don't have a lot of warm toned eyeshadows. It covered all the bases I was missing in my collection in one palette. For me, warm neutrals don't suit me well being cool-toned and pale, but I still love adding some warmth in to my looks. For those who might have thought Naked Heat was going to go mostly unused, I think the Petite version will appeal to you much more. It's slightly more subdued and wearable than the shimmery shades of burnished red, while still giving you some lively shades for warming up a look along with everyday basics.

Naked Heat Petite is a solid set of warm neutrals. The six shades have an even balance of light, medium, and dark shades letting you go from warmed up soft neutral looks to smokey brown. The matte's are fantastically pigmented, velvety, and blend out beautifully. Inhale is the only non-matte shade, it has a subtle sheen and soft peach undertone under the cream base that really brightens up the eyes. Vibrate and Hot Spell are essential crease transition colors. Wild Thing takes the bold color spot of the palette. Heist and Strike are deep but not stark. They add depth and intensity, that reddish tone in Strike wow it brings out blue and green in eyes amazingly.

(swatched over no primer)
INHALE (cream demi-matte)
VIBRATE (soft nude matte)
HOT SPELL (terra-cotta matte)
WILD THING (scorched-orange matte)
HEIST (rich cayenne matte)
STRIKE (rich reddish-brown matte)

If you already own NAKED Heat do you need Petite? My answer is Yes. It's the perfect companion to the original and will be a workhouse in your collection just like the rest of the Naked's. Petite has all new shades and the $29 price tag is more affordable. Quite a few of the shadows in Naked Heat were similar to each other. Petite pairs it down while working alongside Heat like an extended version of the original and it can stand alone as a cohesive set of warm basics.

Cool-toned fans don't fret because also coming for Spring from Urban Decay is BackTalk. A coordinating palette of muted-rose and soft berry eye shadows and blush. I was thinking about how I wished UD would have made a basics version for NAKED 3 and BACKTALK answers that and then some! I am so excited for that and the HI-FI shine Ultra Cushion Lipglosses to launch! They look incredible! Spring from Urban Decay is HERE. #UrbanDecay #UrbanDecayNakedHeat

Urban Decay NAKED Heat Petite ($29) is available at, SEPHORA, and Ulta

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