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July 07, 2015

ScentBird July Perfume of the Month COACH Poppy

 Scentbird is a monthly perfume subscription service where for $14.95 you will receive an 8ml purse spray filled with the perfume of your choice. They feature over 350 Designer Scents with new fragrances being added all the time. Subscription boxes have sort of fell to the way side for me but not this one because it is a way to try a new scent of your choosing each month and not just a random shot in the dark subscription.
How does Scentbird work?
You will get an email with your unique gift link. Go to our site to get started:
  • TAKE OUR QUIZ- we will create a personalized recommendation of Designer scents based on your scent profile
  • PICK A PERFUME from our assortment of 350+ Designer scents. Create a queue of perfumes to try, you get to choose what you want each month
  • ENJOY Receive a luxe perfume case with the first order. Just drop in the Scentbird purse spray, twist, and you’re good to go

The perfume is about the size of a rollerball, this is enough perfume to apply twice daily for 30 days. On the first month, you will get a sleek perfume case and each month after just the perfume to put inside of it. I keep mine in my purse and from my review 6 months a go I still have some left!

As someone with allergies Scentbird has been wonderful. Having to stay far away from perfume counters I can still get new perfumes with out all that sensory overload. Having spent only $14.95 instead of nearing $100 is a lot easier to accept especially when many go unused. Who really uses up a whole bottle of perfume before moving on to the next? Not me. In my first Scentbird review I chose Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb which has become my daily scent.

New to Scentbird is this limited edition pretty pink atomizer for new subscribers. The black version is still my favorite but having the pink lets you distinguish between scents if you have more than one. Extra Cases cost $12.95.

Scentbird allows you to que your perfumes for each month but if you opt not to make a selection the perfume of the month will be selected for you. For July it is Coach Poppy.

COACH Poppy is a youthful and spirited fragrance, the initial spray of this fruity-floral scent delights with bright cucumber flower petals, juicy mandarin, and the sparkling freshness of bright baby freesia buds. In the heart notes, a lush bouquet comes forward, including petally jasmine, pink water lily, Southern gardenia, and the petals of red candied rose.

Poppy is a bright, fun, Summery scent that I know I will be 'popping' on all Summer long. Scentbird gives you enough to see how the scent wears for a full month making it easy to decide if the fragrance is one you would want to purchase a full bottle of. If the scent is a NO it's easy to toss or gift them away and refill with next months choice. I love being able to try scents this way! It is an affordable way to switch scents by mood or season and avoid the perfume graveyard!

Check out and get 25% off your subscription through my link HERE.

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TRIA Laser 4x Update & Reader Promo Code

The awesome people over at TRIA beauty are giving my readers a special discount on the Tria Laser 4x! You will get 10% off your purchase of the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X + complimentary beach bag + complimentary Tria sunscreen + $25 Tria Gift Card for your next purchase. An added value of $160! It will only be valid from July 1st - July 14th.


You can read my initial review of the Tria Laser 4x HERE. I am about 2 months in now and am very pleased with the results so far. Every area that I have treated is either lessening or has slowed in growth (treating on level 4-5 weekly) I will be updating with my final results at the 3 month mark. So far the Tria 4x has proven to be one great little beauty gadget!

Go to through this link to use this special reader promo code

June 22, 2015

T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing Curling Iron Review & Giveaway

T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing 1 1/25 Curling Iron is a groundbreaking curling iron that senses the movement of your hand and rotates in the desired direction for uniform, shiny, long-lasting curls and waves.  For something that uses gyroscopic digital technology used in aviation, space exploration, and other hi-tech applications you might think this is one complicated curling iron! It is actually one of the simplest and easy to use hair tools I have tried. Most importantly though it makes for a good hair day full of naturally beautiful curls.

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June 17, 2015

Saving for Summer with Walmart Family Mobile

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With all of the unusually warm weather we have been having here I am in full on Summer mode. With beach vacations, road trips, and lots of concerts on the agenda over the next few months saving money is going to be a necessity. The lowest price unlimited plans with Walmart Family Mobile are a great way to start!

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June 06, 2015

SOAP & GLORY Bath and Body Review

If you haven't heard SOAP & GLORY is moving! They now can be found at dermstore,, and Along with the move comes new lower prices but the same great products. I've been a Soap & Glory fan for some time now. The packaging is the cutest and I love their "sexy mother pucker" line. S&G kindly sent me a sampling of their bath and body products to review including the infamous The Righteous Butter. Customized with my name on the label! They are just ON with the details :) All three of these products will get your skin in tip top shape for Summer!

The Righeous Butter ($15)
Award winning body butter with softening shea butter and aloe vera. Smooth on a handful after your shower and you might swear you're wearing velvet. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance. This body moisturizer is luxuriously thick and leaves your skin super silky and moisturized. The scent is prominent, but it smells of roses which I love. There is no wonder why a jar of this is sold every 20 seconds in the UK, just a lovely lovely body butter that leaves your skin feeling and smelling gorgeous. Something about this pink packaging and floral scent that reminds me of something my Grandma would of had on her vanity in the 50's, it has such a classy vintage appeal.

Flake Away Body Polish ($15)
A superhero strength skin smoothing body polish with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance.

Flake Away really is the super hero of body scrubs. It roughs away dead skin AND moisturizes all in one. This also has that glorious fresh floral rose scent that S&G is known for, your bathroom will smell amazing after a shower! Flake away completely tackles any rough patches with the salt and sugar scrub mix. After I use this there really is no need for moisturizer at all, the skin is sooo soft and silky feeling. Excellent to use before applying fake tan too.

Sit Tight Super Intense 4-D ($24.99)
SIT TIGHT™ SUPER-INTENSE 4-D is a lower body firming and smoothing serum that helps fight those areas we love to hate! With a unique ingredient mix, including new PINKPEPPERSLIM-LIPO-FB™, PRESSOCAPSULAR™ FIRM-PLUS, D.TOXYBOOST™, PUFFDRAIN™ 82 and FIRMIGEN™ CAFFEINE COMPLEX. Also features our CIRCU-360™ triball massage applicator which massages skin around the thighs, hips and bottom and promotes body smoothing and conditioning. Skin feels firmer in 14 days (results of independent user trial on 54 people).

I've become obsessed with firming/stretch mark/cellulite creams lately. The firming effect they have on the skin overall makes them a lot more beneficial than just a regular moisturizer. Sit Tight is a gel serum that goes on cool and light while drying quickly with out any sticky residue. As the serum works its magic skin is noticeably firmer with diminished cellulite, everything just looks more smoothed out. Unique to this cream is that the caffeine spheres are released when you sit on them. The warming sensation is certainly noticeable when you do, kind of like an icy hot feel. Will this get rid of cellulite? Doubt it, but it does visibly smooth and firm the skin when in use. Sit Tight is something I would use before a beach vacation or short shorts weather. At 86 Degrees today I think I'll be Sitting Tight :)

Check out more from SOAP&GLORY at dermstore, and as of May!

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June 02, 2015

Beach Waves with John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Collection

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 #MyBeachBlonde #CollectiveBias
Effortlessly undone and carefree beachy waves have become the quintessential Summer hair style. I am so on board with this trend because it is not meant to look perfect and perfect hair is something I can never achieve. Having baby fine textured hair most of the styles I try fall out or frizz away. That was until I learned the importance of using the right products for the style you want to create. John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Collection products allow you to achieve piecey perfection, windblown waves, and tousled texture, even if you have fussy hair like I do!

Because land dwelling Pisces Fish want Beachy Waves too.

Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray and John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Collection Beach Blonde™ Cool Dip™ Shampoo & Beach Blonde™ Smooth Seas™ Conditioner

Having been a long time user of the John Frieda® Sheer Blonde line I was really looking forward to trying the Beach Blonde™ Collection. They just know how to do products for blondes. Not a blonde? No problem! Women of all hair colors can use these products. It's perfect for both blondes and brunettes.
The scent of the Beach Blonde™ Collection Cool Dip™ Shampoo & Smooth Seas™ Conditioner is a gorgeous one. Both have an invigorating fresh mint scent that enlivens the senses like a beach breeze. Cool Dip™ Shampoo detoxifies and removes impurities leaving hair feeling clean with a weightless volume. Smooth Seas™ Conditioner nourishes and moisturizes your ends while keeping them tangle free and ready to style. Having fine hair I love that these products don't weigh my hair down or load them up with product.

I am so happy that they brought back the John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray! It was one of my favorite styling products years ago. The spray is infused with natural sea salt that texturizes for perfectly undone tousled styles. It really helps to set your waves and add a piecey definition to the hair. It also has the most captivating coconut scent! You'll feel like you are on a Caribbean vacation every time you use it.

To create a beachy waves hair style I begin by washing my hair with the Beach Blonde™ Cool Dip™ Shampoo & Beach Blonde™ Smooth Seas™ Conditioner. Drying to almost all the way dry and then adding in some 20 inch length hair extension. Some times you've got to cheat to get Mermaid hair!
Adding a light spritz of the Sea Salt Spray on to dry hair beforehand will help to hold your curls. Taking 1-2 inch pieces with a 1.25” Curling Iron
I worked my way around my hair in sections curling away from the face leaving the ends out. This is just to add some body to the hair. Let hair cool 5 minutes before tousling if your hair doesn't hold curl well like mine.
Using a 1 inch curling wand wrap random pieces alternating towards and away from the face. Really there is no one way of doing these kind of waves just as long as it looks lived in and not too done.
To set these effortless waves I finished up with six or so sprays more of John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray concentrating it through the ends. I love that this spray has a matte finish. It doesn't look or feel greasy on the hair and that tropical scent is island life.
Give it a good scrunch and tousle through with your fingers...or with the heat protective glove ;)  
Waves look courtesy of a day spent at the Beach styled by Salt & Sea even if it really was only 15 minutes spent curling our hair in the bathroom listening to Florence & The Machine "How Big How Blue How Beautiful". Ah wishful thinking!
Hours later and waves were still going strong. Having hair that falls flat in what seems like seconds (Even though I have naturally curly hair, what is up with that?) Having a style hold up for more than 20 minutes is a real accomplishment! John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray you are some kind of miracle potion.

I picked up my John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray and John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Shampoo and Conditioner at my local Walmart in the Hair Care aisle. You may also find it on a special end cap.

John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ products will absolutely be coming along with me to beach vacations and to festivals this Summer. With the right products and techniques even us hair challenged can achieve those sought after Summer hair styles.

Be sure to check out John Frieda® on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more hair tips and tutorials. Have you tried the John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Collection? I'd love to hear your favorite!

May 29, 2015

Next Level Foundation Application - CAILYN O! WOW Brush

I have to wonder if Cailyn Cosmetics named this the O! WOW Brush because it's the reaction you get every time you use it on someone. It ceratinly is the most unique looking makeup brush in my collection. The O! Wow Makeup Brush ($29) takes foundation application to the next level helping you to achieve an airbrush finish.

Through its velvet-like bristles and densely packed ultra fine fibers, this amazing brush is made to ensure an airbrushed effect, with an immaculate streak-free touch. This brush features a dome, angular shaped surface that is beautifully crafted to blend foundation, powder, cream, moisturizer and primers seamlessly into your skin. The pointed tip is designed to fit perfectly underneath the hollows of the eye, and helps contour your facial features. The sturdy, self-standing handle with a slip off cap prevents bristles from germs, dirt and dusts, making this makeup tool the ultimate travel companion.

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