Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Urban Decay Naked RELOADED Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

February 27, 2019

Urban Decay Naked RELOADED Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

When Urban Decay announced the demise of the original NAKED palette I bought three backups. I don't know if I ever even hit pan on the first one I owned but the nostalgia of that palette is undeniably strong. Years later I still reach for that palette like makeup comfort food. You just know it will serve you up a tried and true look. A lot of people were hoping RELOADED to be an exact replica of the original Naked, but I was not. I already had 4 palette's at this point so I didn't need another. Naked RELOADED feels very 2019. Not a reformulated NAKED, but a current nod to the original! Lets take a look!

Reinvent. Redefine. Rethink neutral. Meet the Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette, with 12 all-new, universally flattering shades designed for everyone—any age, gender, and skin tone. The essential Naked palette, featuring 12 all-new eyeshadow shades that redefine neutral with Urban Decay’s signature formula.

The new neutrals are here, and they’re anything but ordinary. Naked Reloaded is the essential palette with the nudes you’ll always need, all in one place. Bonus: We made the four outer pans in the palette bigger for the shades you’ll use the most. From silky mattes and metallic to iridescent micro-shimmers, these 12 versatile shadows contain our mind-blowing formula, with its velvety texture, rich color, and extreme blendability.

Right when I opened up Reloaded I was all about the color scheme. It wasn't so orange! The balance of warmth was just right that even us cool-toned ladies could wear it. That's exactly how I felt about the original Naked palette.

There is no denying this palette will get a comparison to the Anastasia Sultry. The colors are very similar, right down to that pop of matte coral in Retro. In defense, hot coral IS the color of the year. The scheme as a whole is very similar. Fine by me, Sultry is one of my most loved palette's so by the looks of it Reloaded will be too. Are they different enough to own both? Yes. Anastasia's is a little heavy on the metallic shimmer where UD's is more of  a day time wearable sparkler.

Comparing Reloaded side by side to the original NAKED Palette besides a few updates it really doesn't look anything alike. NAKED has a significant warm/cool balanced while Reloaded ups the sparkle and introduces us to a few more coral and warm bronze shades.

Bribe (warm ivory matte)Eye shadows in Barely Baked (soft gold metallic), Retro (bright peach matte) Angel Fire (pale rose-gold with iridescent micro-shimmer), Reputation (deep rose-gold with iridescent micro-shimmer), Burn (copper-burgundy metallic)

End Game (chocolate brown matte), Dreamweaver (cool brown with iridescent 3D sparkle), Distilled (bronze metallic), Bucked (warm brown matte), Boundaries (warm terracotta matte) Eyeshadows in Blur (light nude matte)

The quality is exactly what you expect of all Urban Decay's Naked Palettes. Exceptionally pigmented, easy to blend, beautiful formulas and finishes. I did have to work a bit with Angel Fire and DreamWeaver which were a little chunky in texture and didn't apply as smooth. I loved Burn and Distilled for their smooth metallic glides. Bucked, Boundaries, and Bribe will get a ton of use for everyday neutral looks. Surprisingly I loved Retro! The eye-color brightening coral that has just the right balance of peach.

The packaging will feel different to you too. Gone are the recent hard tin shells replaced with a soft, felt puff texture exterior. This makes the palette feel less bulky, but may also be harder to keep clean. Another genius idea they had is to make the most used shades larger. How great is that! Highlight, transition, and crease shades are always the most dipped in to so giving us more of the daily grinders is awesome! Some might miss the addition of an eyeshadow brush or eyeliner, but I know this is how they are keeping the cost down a little.

Urban Decay Naked RELOADED gets the re-make approval from me. If you don't compare it to the original and just look at it as a new, fresh faced NAKED you'll love it. With HEAT and CHERRY I felt they were catering too much to the facetuned instagram makeup crowd. Reloaded has a refined elegance to it that any woman of any age would want to wear, not just on the Internet but in daily life too. Naked Reloaded is a mishmash of previous palette's with a dose of what's now.

For fun! Throwback to 2013 Original OG Urban Decay NAKED Eyeshadow Palette look!
Or take it further back to 2011 with these Evening Eyes. Oh the good ol days of being younger, blonder, and makeup bold! Now it's all retinol and sweatpants. Urban Decay kills it with the test of time though, I would still wear those looks today :) I have been a UD fan since the beginning and my love is still going strong. Pick up Reloaded and you might be using it 10 years from now! Well, I mean I don't know how sanitary that would be but it's sure to be another classic in your collection!

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