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March 06, 2019

Mirai Clinical CBD Bath Bombs with Cannabidiol Oil are THE BEST Bath Bombs Ever

First up on GREEN MONTH here on my blog, I have possibly the best treat you can give to your body. No longer will you want to stop in to a LUSH store ever again after trying out these Cannibidiol Oil infused Bath Bombs from Mirai Clinical. As far as bubble baths are concerned, I consider myself somwhat of an expert. These bath bombs are the BEST I have EVER tried.

Mirai Clinical CBD Bath Bomb with Cannabidiol Oil
Refinery 29 describes these bath bombs from Mirai Clinical as "This weed bath bomb is the next best thing to an orgasm!" With 35mg of CBD you might agree. CBD soothes sore muscles for a super relaxed feeling.

Mirai's bath bombs are available in 3 scents: Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. They are free of sulfates, artificial coloring, and of course are cruelty free.

I loved the Lemongrass bath bomb. It fizzed away to the most beautiful, alluring scent of bursting fresh lemons. The herbal-floral scent of Lavender will calm and take your stresses away.

Battling a cold this Winter? Pop in the Eucalyptus. The invigorating scent will clear your sinuses and free you from any body aches.

Longest bath ever. I soaked in the water until it ran cold it smelled so delightful and felt like Epsom salts on steroids. If you are battling cramps or any aches or pains give it a try. The relaxation you feel with these is like a total body high or bliss of a really relaxing massage. It is as if your body turns to complete jelly. Seriously, it is the most incredible feeling! The complete anecdote to a bad day turned the best ever.

A lot of CBD bath bombs will run you twice this price, at only 9 bucks and huge in size these are a steal. LUSH bath bombs will run you about the same price, and they don't even get your body high!

Give Mirai Clinical skincare a whirl while you're there too, the Japanese skincare brand is amazing. I love their Purifying & Hydrating Face Wash and want to pick up the CBD Oil balm next time.

Have you tried any CBD bath products? Let me know!

 CBD Bath Bombs ($9) at Mirai Clinical 
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February 27, 2019

Urban Decay Naked RELOADED Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

When Urban Decay announced the demise of the original NAKED palette I bought three backups. I don't know if I ever even hit pan on the first one I owned but the nostalgia of that palette is undeniably strong. Years later I still reach for that palette like makeup comfort food. You just know it will serve you up a tried and true look. A lot of people were hoping RELOADED to be an exact replica of the original Naked, but I was not. I already had 4 palette's at this point so I didn't need another. Naked RELOADED feels very 2019. Not a reformulated NAKED, but a current nod to the original! Lets take a look!

Reinvent. Redefine. Rethink neutral. Meet the Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette, with 12 all-new, universally flattering shades designed for everyone—any age, gender, and skin tone. The essential Naked palette, featuring 12 all-new eyeshadow shades that redefine neutral with Urban Decay’s signature formula.

The new neutrals are here, and they’re anything but ordinary. Naked Reloaded is the essential palette with the nudes you’ll always need, all in one place. Bonus: We made the four outer pans in the palette bigger for the shades you’ll use the most. From silky mattes and metallic to iridescent micro-shimmers, these 12 versatile shadows contain our mind-blowing formula, with its velvety texture, rich color, and extreme blendability.

Right when I opened up Reloaded I was all about the color scheme. It wasn't so orange! The balance of warmth was just right that even us cool-toned ladies could wear it. That's exactly how I felt about the original Naked palette.

There is no denying this palette will get a comparison to the Anastasia Sultry. The colors are very similar, right down to that pop of matte coral in Retro. In defense, hot coral IS the color of the year. The scheme as a whole is very similar. Fine by me, Sultry is one of my most loved palette's so by the looks of it Reloaded will be too. Are they different enough to own both? Yes. Anastasia's is a little heavy on the metallic shimmer where UD's is more of  a day time wearable sparkler.

Comparing Reloaded side by side to the original NAKED Palette besides a few updates it really doesn't look anything alike. NAKED has a significant warm/cool balanced while Reloaded ups the sparkle and introduces us to a few more coral and warm bronze shades.

Bribe (warm ivory matte)Eye shadows in Barely Baked (soft gold metallic), Retro (bright peach matte) Angel Fire (pale rose-gold with iridescent micro-shimmer), Reputation (deep rose-gold with iridescent micro-shimmer), Burn (copper-burgundy metallic)

End Game (chocolate brown matte), Dreamweaver (cool brown with iridescent 3D sparkle), Distilled (bronze metallic), Bucked (warm brown matte), Boundaries (warm terracotta matte) Eyeshadows in Blur (light nude matte)

The quality is exactly what you expect of all Urban Decay's Naked Palettes. Exceptionally pigmented, easy to blend, beautiful formulas and finishes. I did have to work a bit with Angel Fire and DreamWeaver which were a little chunky in texture and didn't apply as smooth. I loved Burn and Distilled for their smooth metallic glides. Bucked, Boundaries, and Bribe will get a ton of use for everyday neutral looks. Surprisingly I loved Retro! The eye-color brightening coral that has just the right balance of peach.

The packaging will feel different to you too. Gone are the recent hard tin shells replaced with a soft, felt puff texture exterior. This makes the palette feel less bulky, but may also be harder to keep clean. Another genius idea they had is to make the most used shades larger. How great is that! Highlight, transition, and crease shades are always the most dipped in to so giving us more of the daily grinders is awesome! Some might miss the addition of an eyeshadow brush or eyeliner, but I know this is how they are keeping the cost down a little.

Urban Decay Naked RELOADED gets the re-make approval from me. If you don't compare it to the original and just look at it as a new, fresh faced NAKED you'll love it. With HEAT and CHERRY I felt they were catering too much to the facetuned instagram makeup crowd. Reloaded has a refined elegance to it that any woman of any age would want to wear, not just on the Internet but in daily life too. Naked Reloaded is a mishmash of previous palette's with a dose of what's now.

For fun! Throwback to 2013 Original OG Urban Decay NAKED Eyeshadow Palette look!
Or take it further back to 2011 with these Evening Eyes. Oh the good ol days of being younger, blonder, and makeup bold! Now it's all retinol and sweatpants. Urban Decay kills it with the test of time though, I would still wear those looks today :) I have been a UD fan since the beginning and my love is still going strong. Pick up Reloaded and you might be using it 10 years from now! Well, I mean I don't know how sanitary that would be but it's sure to be another classic in your collection!

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February 19, 2019

BOXYCHARM AfterGlow February Subscription Box

Change has come my friends, BOXYCHARM is doing it right again. January wasn't just a fluke! Dare I say February's box is even better? Lets have a look! BOXYCHARM is a monthly beauty subscription box that features 4-5 full size beauty products (over a $100 value) for only $21 a month.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($24)
Indulge in a mascara that actually lives up its name. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara separates, coats and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection. I was elated to receive this mascara in my box because mine was on its last leg. Better Than Sex has been my favorite mascara since it was released and still is. Giving you full, inky black, voluminous lashes. Too Faced knew it when they named it it was going to be good.

Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter ($32)
Allow your skin to capture the light of any room you walk into with this unique, velvety smooth highlighter infused with glow-loving light reflecting pearlescent pigments. This highlighter will give your skin the perfect amount of brightness. Pretty Vulgar is a brand I am continuously impressed with and happy to see in my BOXYCHARM. They are on the pricier side so I'm not so keen to pick them up at SEPHORA often, I think just because it's still a relatively new brand to me and I tend to stick my my tried and trues. This highlighter is amazing though! It looked like a soft gold at first impression, but goes on with a lovely pink iridescence.

Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer ($18)
Create a seamless canvass for your foundation. The light, silky texture blurs pores and wrinkles giving your skin a soft velvet feel. Green tea and collagen act as adhesives, holding on tight to your makeup for many hours of flawlessness. I am not a primer girl, but how cute is the name? I also appreciate the good for the skin natural ingredients that this primer boasts and look forward to testing it out.

Farmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gently Facial Cleanser ($22)
Soothe and hydrate your skin while lifting dirt, excess oil, impurities, grime, and makeup. Made for daily use and sensitive skin in mind. It is formulated with naturally derived ingredients like coconut, sugar, amino acids, and a powerful botanical blend of turmeric, chamomile, caledula, aloe, and licorice root. I was most excited to see this in the box! Lately my cleansers have been leaving my dry skin lackluster. Clean Bee makes my skin feel clean, but also leaves it with a much needed glow. It feels luxurious, smells like honey, and I love the natural ingredients. I have been using this every day since I got my box and I'm really enjoying it. Farmacy is top notch skincare all around.

Trestique Prime + Glaze Lip Crayon ($25)
This two-in-one lip duo features a luxurious lip smoothing primer on one side and a shiny color glaze on the other. The priming side smoothes lips and glides on like a balm, creating a super smooth canvas. The color glaze effortlessly glides onto the lips leaving behind a pop of soft shiny color.

When I opened up my box I thought they had sent me a lip pencil without the cap! It is a crazy design! You pop each end off to reveal primer on one and color on the other. The English Rose lip color is the absolute PERFECT dusty rose and gives the most naturally beautiful looking lip color. I can see these Lip Crayons becoming some of my favorite lip products easily. Natural looking, hydrating, and beautiful colors.

I have nothing but good things to say about February's Boxycharm! Every product was fantastic! We' are getting new brands to try with oldies but goodie cult favorites. Each product was curated so fantastic for the season and giving us hints of a much needed After Glow. Sign up right now and you can still get this awesome box for yourself this month!

BOXYCHARM ($21) is available at BOXYCHARM.COM

January 24, 2019

BOXYCHARM January Subscription Box

I am excited to bring you BOXYCHARM for the month of January - solely for the fact that it doesn't suck again! Crossing my fingers this is a sign of what's to come. They appear to have ditched the useless "Influencers" choices of ugly brown matte lipstick every month for high quality brands and some variety again. I am on board!

BOXYCHARM gives you 4-5 full full size Beauty Samples worth over $100 for $21/mo

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Repairative Leave in Conditioning Spray ($12)
Effectively restore you hair's softness, manageability, moisture and shine with this leave in conditioning spray. I have become a big fan of Briogeo's line of haircare. I actually got to try it out in the initial stages before it launced and am so pleased with how successful it has become! I use the Repair Mask, blow-dry lotion, and need to repurchase the shampoo because it's great for my fine hair. This conditioning milk is lightweight, doesn't weigh down my hair and made me ends feel softer. I forgot to photograph this because it's already in my haircare lineup in my bathroom!

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick ($20)
This matte liwuid lipstick delivers long-lasting color that perfectly outlines and fills in the lips. The stunning pigments stay put with minimal transder. OFRA is just about the only liquid matte lipstick I can get down with. It doesn't leave your lips feeling dry no does it dry down totally like a traditional liquid lipstick. The rich burgundy color of Havana Nights is beautiful. I kind of hate their new packaging though? Definitely downgrade, looks so cheap.

Tarte Limited Edition Rainforest of the Sea Highlighting Eyeshadow Palette Volume III ($36)
Dive into this vegan, crease-free eyeshadow palette that features seven highly reflective plush microshimmers, and one matte nude that serves as the perfect transition shade. The Rainforest of the Sea palettes are just lovely and III is no exception. The shimmers are soft and super wearable. My only complain is all of the shades kind of look the same on the eyes. Still, I have been reaching for this all week. It perks up the eyes just enough with out being over the top on the shimmer.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Face Mask 2 Pack ($24)
Nourish skin from within using the lightweight blend of rice germ oil, vitamin E, essential fatty acides, and highly concentrated botanical oils and extracts.Tatcha skincare is amazing, I love so many of their products. I had never tried the skin masks just because the price seemed a little high. These are the answer to my dull af complexion right now. Hydrating, glowy, moisturizing, all the things my skin has not been feeling lately injected right in with this mask. The party isn't over after that because they give you a second one. I used this last night and it left my dry skin, glowy and hydrated. Would I pay $12 a mask? Nope, but for a little indulgence these are lovely.

Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil ($18)
Specially and carefullly formulated to work perfectly with most skin tones and brow colors. I am a huge fan of bDb brow products overall. I use their micro pencil daily. This one is just as great, a tiny bit thicker and reminds me of the IT Cosmetics Universal Pencil.

BOXY and CHILL knocked it out of the park this month! I hope this is just the start of what we will be seeing from them in 2019 and not just a fluke. I think they finally started to listen to their base. We are not 12 year olds, I don't care what some face-tuned instagrammer is pushing. Give me REAL Beauty again that I can wear in REAL life. Every single product in the box was fantastic and exceeded the value. Remember if you sign up this month you will receive this same box too!

BOXYCHARM  ($21/mo) at

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January 15, 2019

Get the Brows you want with Urban Decay Street Style Brow

Starting off the new year with a fresh new brow release from Urban Decay! Isn't it crazy that we haven't seen full on brows from Urban Decay until now? With the whole awful Instagram Eyebrow trend of years past I would have expected it earlier. Knowing UD they don't put out something until they have it nailed. Urban Decay is giving us Street Style Brow Collection, all of the tools to achieve your ideal eyebrows (not anyone else’s).

The lineup starts off with Brow Beater, a foolproof eyebrow pencil, and the new Brow Blade, which has an ink stain eyebrow pen at one end and a waterproof eyebrow pencil at the other. A double-ended ink stain and waterproof pencil that gives you microblade definition and precision without the commitment.

Brow Blade ($26) gives you defined, flawless arches that are the definition of brow goals. This double-ended tool is revolutionary: The ink stain formula’s brush tip creates incredibly precise, hair-like strokes, while the creamy, waterproof pencil fills in sparse areas. It’s the ultimate temporary solution for pro-level faux brows.

Brow Beater was my favorite product from the line just because this is how I like to apply my brows. I have long been devoted to my Anastasia and BdB brow pencils and this one is right up there. The retractable liner is thin, creamy but still waxy enough for an all day hold with a precision application. The lighter you apply pressure the more "hairlike" and soft the brows look. Firmer pressure gave me a beautiful arch and filled in my lacking brow ends. My color match was Taupe Trap, a cool toned taupe. There are 7 shades in the lineup total, warm and cool, including Gingersnap for redheads! I just loved how my brows looked using this pencil! I caught myself actually admiring the look of them in the mirror, which never happens! :)

The ink stain was also top notch. I have never had my brows microbladed but loved how put together my brows looked even after I had removed my makeup. The product seemed to last for a good 24 hours even with makeup removal. The ink stain would be a great tool for those who have light or very thin brows and want to keep them up at home. I did miss having a spoolie on my brow pencil just a teensy tiny bit, but having both an ink stain and eyebrow pencil in one is wonderful and a really fantastic value.

Add volume and color with Brow Endowed—one side fluffs and volumizes, and the other tints with color for more definition. It’s easy to add depth and dimension to your new brows with Double Down Brow, our buildable, smudge-proof brow putty. A double-ended tool that volumizes and sets brows in two easy steps: A primer fluffs and holds, while a tinted cream fills and shapes. Size matters—give your arches a hit of high volume with Brow Endowed. Our long-lasting formula resists sweat and smudging for up to 24 hours, so you can get from the conference call to last call without worries.

Brow Endowed ($28) is full of brow potential. I don't think I have ever primed my brows, ya'll getting serious! Both ends have a soft, easy to apply gel-cream texture. I am not sure I will use the primer all that much just because I don't need my brows to last days on end. However, the tinted cream is lovely. It lightly tints and gives your brows definition and hold. No crunchy, hard, unnatural brows.

Both brushes are so super tiny with micro bristles. Painting on even the thinnest of brows with out making a mess is easy peasy. Most brow tints use a clunky mascara size brush but Brow Endowed is super thin. Brow Endowed is also available in 7 shades that coordinate with Brow Blade. Once again Taupe Trap was my match, slightly lighter than the brow pencil it gave my one shade darker brows highlights and a fuller appearance overall. For me, I use this as a brow gel/set and it works perfect.

Double Down Brow ($29) is a buildable, waterproof putty duo for multi-dimensional brows that won’t budge.The high-tech putty-to-powder formula, for smudge-proof brows that last up to 16 hours (even through your gym sesh!). Add depth and dimension to your arches—the intensity level is up to you. Shape brows with the putty, then seal in long-lasting, customized color with the powder. The mini double-ended brush is your new BFF–an angled brush on one end and a mini spoolie for blending on the other.

Double Down Brow has a soft powder texture that sets to a fine powdery finish. The little angle brush spoolie is so cute! Not the easiest to apply with though. I think I would have preferred something a little longer to hold. It did come in handy for Brow Blade because a spoolie isn't included with that one and for travel. I am a little too impatient to apply my brows manually now, but like that they covered all the bases. The texture is described as putty, but to me this is just a regular brow powder. Double Down Brow would be best for people who already have full, defined brows and are just looking to tame and enhance them. I did notice while swatching I had some powder fall out, so watch for that.

I have swatched the Taupe Trap shade of Street Style as it is the most universally flattering. I plan to do a giveaway soon with the rest of the shades so they will not go to waste! Look out for that!

Brow Finish ($21) is our holy grail eyebrow gel—swipe it on to set your look and lock those hairs in place. It’s like All Nighter Setting Spray for your brows, and it lasts up to 16 hours. A lightweight, waterproof brow gel that holds your look in place. It’s like brow magic—set it and forget it. Think of it as All Nighter Setting Spray for your arches. Choose from two shades: Ozone goes on clear for everyday brows, while Midnight Cowboy adds shimmer for more drama. Another great brow gel option for those who want to keep unruly brows at bay and set for the day. Also, Midnight Cowboy for the brows? Natural rose-goldy glitter brows? Heck yes! I love that they included this fun little addition in to a brow gel. The effect is subtle but oh so pretty when it catches the light. The fluffy little brush also deserves some love because it gives total application control.

Street Style Brow is as sharp as the arches it gives you. There is a brow product, tool, application, and color in here for every one's brows. Nobody has been left out here and each of the products rival or are better than the well-known for eyebrow's brands. It doesn't cater just to people who know how to do brows, it makes beautiful brows easy and accessible for the majority. There is also a set of stencils available to guide you along to perfect brows too. Another bonus is that most of these products are 2-in-1 giving you a ton of bang for your buck. My favorites - Brow Blade and Brow Endowed. Those two alone (or rather 4) will be the end of your brow woes.

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