Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: July 2010

July 28, 2010

Review: Temtpu AIRbrush Makeup System

I've been testing out my TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System for a couple months now. This is a nice system if you just want to airbrush your foundation, blush, and highlighter on and not get all crazy and paint yourself green or something like that! Basically, it's easy at home beauty makeup, which I think is exactly what most men/women are looking for when it comes to airbrushing.

The leader in professional AIRbrushing, TEMPTU is the brains (and beauty!) behind most of the A-list work you see—the picture-perfect faces on the silver screen, the immaculate high-fashion shots. Now the brand is revolutionizing everyday makeup with its TEMPTU® AIRbrush Makeup System, a personal AIRbrushing tool designed to deliver impeccable coverage on demand. The sleek system’s handheld applicator sprays with TEMPTU’s natural-finish foundation, blush, and highlighter, leaving skin looking untouched—never retouched. It’s easy and unparalleled perfection—right at your pretty little fingertips.

Full TEMPTU Aibrush AIRPOD Review behind the cut!

July 24, 2010

EOTD - Black on Black

Base - MAC Black Track Fluidline
Eyeshadow - MAC Black Black Pigment (pro)
Glitter - MAC Black Glitter

My 10 Extreme Black Smokey Eyes Tips:
1. Apply a Dark Base like MAC Blacktrack Fluidline or Make Up Forever Aqua Cream Shadow in Black, this will get rid of any skintone coming through.
2. Bring back the LIGHT! Apply a white/cream color highlight (MAC Gesso) to the brow bone/inner corner after you've finished to further pop the darkness.
3. Blend a slightly lighter than skintone concealer (TEMPTU Pro wheel Light) under the eyes and diffiuse it in to the shadow w/ MAC 224 Brush. Also, clean up the outter edge with a concealer/foundation brush.
5. Apply a brightening powder under the eyes like Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.
6. Blend in to the highlight with a CLEAN blending brush. This will prevent any excess shadow muddying the highlight.
7. Run a q-tip under the bottom liner/shadow to diffuse it.
8. Apply glitter with MAC Fix + to your brush and on the eyes in layers, it won't take away the sparkle like glue/adhesives will.
9. Do your Foundation AFTER, you will have to wipe away shadow/glitter fall out.
10. Listen to The Cure while doing this. & don't worry if it's not perfect, it's rock n roll :)

July 19, 2010

FOTD - pp pp ppa Poker Face of the night

One of my Dj friends was in town tonight so we're hitting the dancefloor. I was pre-funking to my Gaga mix while getting ready so the pokerface silver eyes became my inspiration for the night. It's a shame glitter photographs so badly! MAC 3d silver glitter looks ridiculous in person. Everywhere you look you see sparkles!

Glitter Tip: If you get glitter all over your face (as it naturally wants to go everywhere but where you put it!) just take a piece of scotch tape unstick it a bit and stipple it over the glitter bits. It'll remove the glitter without effecting the rest of your makeup.

July 10, 2010

FOTD - Lilac Lips (are not for me)

Photobucket Photobucket
I'd been wanting to do a lilacy lavender lip, but none of the lipstick's I own were quite right, always too pink or purple. I was doing my makeup tonight and came across a lavender corrector concealer and thought that's it! I used the lilac concealer on my lips and cheeks. It's already sounding bad I know! Unfortunately lilac lips just make me look like a corpse, but at least I got it out of my system! 

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July 06, 2010

EOTD - Chanel Fall/Winter 2010-11 RTW

I loved the make up look that Peter Phillips created for Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 RTW. His focus was to recreate the paint/print texture that was seen on Karl Lagerfield's handbags and shoes. Not a wearable look by any means, but it could be a fun way to make something out of those smudgy mascara mishaps!


How to Create The Paint/Texture/Print:
I used a small spoolie from CROWN Brush (mascara wand would work too), dipped in to MAC Blacktrack Fluidline. Starting from the outter edge where the print is heaviest and worked my way back and forth around the lid shadow to the inner corner.