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July 28, 2010

Review: Temtpu AIRbrush Makeup System

I've been testing out my TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System for a couple months now. This is a nice system if you just want to airbrush your foundation, blush, and highlighter on and not get all crazy and paint yourself green or something like that! Basically, it's easy at home beauty makeup, which I think is exactly what most men/women are looking for when it comes to airbrushing.

The leader in professional AIRbrushing, TEMPTU is the brains (and beauty!) behind most of the A-list work you see—the picture-perfect faces on the silver screen, the immaculate high-fashion shots. Now the brand is revolutionizing everyday makeup with its TEMPTU® AIRbrush Makeup System, a personal AIRbrushing tool designed to deliver impeccable coverage on demand. The sleek system’s handheld applicator sprays with TEMPTU’s natural-finish foundation, blush, and highlighter, leaving skin looking untouched—never retouched. It’s easy and unparalleled perfection—right at your pretty little fingertips.

Full TEMPTU Aibrush AIRPOD Review behind the cut!

The system kit comes with a dvd & booklet that tells you exactly how to get started. You just atttach the hose to the airbush, plug in the power cord, remove the airpod cap, poke the airbrush hole & snap the airpod on to the gun to assemble. Adjust the dial to your preferred setting, less or more, turn it on and you're ready to go!

 Hold the gun 4-6 inches from the  face, lightly press back the lever, and apply in circular motions. Going in closer on areas you want more coverage, and farther away for lighter application . Unlike traditional airbrushes, the pods just pop on and off, so you don't have to bother with clean up of an airbrush gun.  It has a sleek black design (although picks up fingerprints), and isn't any more noisy than the PRO versions. It's a little more bulky to hold than a normal airbrush gun, but comfortable once you get a feel for it.

AIRPOD's in Porcelain (Foundation), Pale Pink (Blush), Champagne (Highlight)

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TEMPTU Air Pod foundation 001 ($55 for a 2-3 months supply) in the lightest shade Porcelain was a perfect match for my pale cool toned skin (MAC Nw15). The texture is light and satiny, and gives a healthy glowing finish to the skin. The foundation is much more like your regular liquid (I'd compare it to Make Up Forever HD) than a traditional airbrush foundation. It provides light/med coverage but can be built up to full by adjusting the dial position to less or more when applying it. The smoothing & moisturizing properties also help diminish the appearance of lines making this a great option for aging & dry skin. What I enjoy most about this foundation is that if there are any "hot spots" you can easily blend them out, a difficult task to do with traditional airbrush foundations. It only takes about 30 seconds to a minute to do a full face of foundation, which is about the same or less as manually applying. The only flaw I found in this foundation is that it takes a while to set and remains wet and "tacky" for a minute or two. It can look a little "heavy" if over done, but then again any foundation can. Setting this foundation with powder is recommended as it is a silicone-water base, and a little dewy on it's own. I didn't try their Re-touch powder, but I used my Laura Mercier Translucent to set it and it looked perfect for a good 8 hours or more.
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Airpod blush in the shade 401 Pale Pink ($30) is described as a neutral pale pink shade, but I found it to be more of a warm peachy nude unlike the name suggests. I'll pick up the Sheer Berry shade next time in Sephora. I was a little hesitant about applying blush with this thinking I'd go overboard with it, but the formula is so sheer that you can't really over do it. I don't think I'll be using this for my blush too often just because the colors are so limited, but if you find a shade that works for you it's very natural & pretty on.
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The highlighter in 301 Champagne ($35) gives that perfect sought after luminous glow. I love the pearly champagne pink color of this. It's shimmery with out being overly glittery, and gives you that lit from within glow. The airbrush allows you to apply it precisely where you want it to, no more glitter bombs all over your face just perfectly highlighted cheekbones. This seriously puts all my other highlighters to shame! I use it almost daily, even when I don't use the foundation.

  • Easy to assemble & use
  • 12 foundation shade options
  • Foundation is light & natural looking on
  • Dial is adjustable to less or more coverage
  • Easily to blend out or fix any mistakes after application
  • Great for aging skin & doesn't emphasize lines
  • Takes 30 seconds to a minute to do a full face
  • Professional Results achieved at home
  • No clean up necessary
  • Expensive. While traditional airbrush systems run from $200-$1,000+, a bottle of liquid foundation averages around $20.
  • Colors can NOT be mixed
  • System is only compatible with TEMPTU Airpods
  • It's a little on the noisy side, so if you do your makeup while others are sleeping they will not be happy.
  • Too limited for Professional Use

I'd recommend stopping in to your local SEPHORA and having a demo done to see if it's right for you before purchasing. While airbrushing is great, the most important part is making sure the products used with it are going to work for you. Overall, I'm very pleased with this system it's easy to use and the results are a beautiful flawless finish.

Purchase the TEMPTU AIRPOD System at SEPHORA  

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