Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: December 2011

December 28, 2011

FOTD: 80's Makeup Inspiration

 I randomly came across the photoshopped image of 80's makeup above while working on my 80's music playlist and fell in love with the sharp lines and oddball color placement of it. I was stuck at home on a Friday night battling an awful cold, so I gave it a try using REAL makeup. What better to do than play with makeup & listen to Journey right? I'm pleased I was able to keep my lines relatively clean, which isn't always the easiest thing to do :)



December 23, 2011

Style Review: Go Jane Spiky Stud Peep Toe Heels

One thing I love more than makeup? SHOES. Even more than that? Anything with Spikes on them. Go Jane is an online retailer of young women's apparel that offers trendy items at affordable prices. I love shopping their site for the awesome shoe & boot selection, so when asked to choose an item from their store to review it was an incredibly easy decision...

The spiky stud peeptoe pump's by Qupid Luxe ($58.90) are made of a texturized leatherette with a spiky stud rhinestone detail.
Quality wise they're very sturdy and well made with a leatherette exterior that's structured not flimsy. The spikes and rhinestones are attached securely so you don't have to worry about them falling off. Another gorgeous detail to these shoes is the sole's which have a silver mettalic black lace print. Black, lace, and spikes go with everything right? :) They also carry a similar style here in Glittery Black, Gold, & Silver. I just bought the gold for NYE, so sparkly!

Now with a staggering 5 in. heel they're not the most comfortable things in the world to wear, but really what 5 in. heels are? Nothing a foot petal or two can't fix. I absolutely adore Sam Edelman Lorissa Pump's but at $200 bucks a pop, I can't have them in every color. These are a great affordable alternative to them and just as fierce.

A few of my other shoe pick's from Go Jane (that I purchased myself)

December 20, 2011

FOTD: Holiday Tammy Faye Lashes/ Gucci Fall 2011

 Heavily mascara'd lashes were seen at the Fall Lanvin, Chloe, & Gucci show's. I love doing "bad" makeup. Clumpy lashes are completely unacceptable in makeup 101...send me to detention because I think it makes for a chic Holiday look.

Inspo: Gucci Fall 2011 Runway
(photo credit: style)
 Keep the rest of the face/eyes quite bare and eliminate eyeliner to further emphasize the lashes. To clump your lashes apply at least a few coats of a thickening mascara then bind sections together using tweezers.
To achieve a quick multi-tonal red lip like at Gucci...


Tammy would approve :)

December 16, 2011

Review: Violent Lips Lip Tattoo's

Getting creative with the lips is something I've been a fan of ever since I came up with the leopard print lips and red glitter lips look's 3 years ago(so long!). Violent Lips is a company that sells temporary lip tattoo's in designs like leopard, fishnet, polka dot, checker, glitter etc. (we love it already right?) There was a lot of interest in the designs in my latest videos, and I was pulling out the "Roses" for the Guns N' Roses show tonight, so I thought I'd share my experience with them.

The Patterned Lip Tattoos From Violent Lips come in individual packs of 3 for $15 in a range of colors & designs.They last from 4-8 hours, are FDA approved, and tested on supermodels NOT animals. I chose the "Rose Roses","Pink Polka", and "Red Zebra" designs, read the instruction card, trimmed to fit, went ahhhh, applied by dabbing with water and voila!


It actually turned out quite cool yeah? I say that with surprise because I've never had  much success with novelty beauty product's (those press on eye shadow things anyone?). Violent Lips are easy to apply by simply trimming to fit your lip shape and dab with water like you would a temporary tattoo. It almost feels like makeup cheating! I wore them for a good 4 hours and the appliqu├ęs stayed perfectly in tact even through drinking. There was a tiny bit of fraying around the edges by the end of the night, and if you trim them wrong they can look a bit janky, but minus a few flaws they're a lot of fun. You will need to remove them with mineral or baby oil, because they absolutely will not come off with just water. They feel slightly dry on the lips, but not uncomfortably so. My tip is to top them with a bit of clear gloss. I think it takes away that 'dry' look that they can have.

 Now where would you wear these? I think they'd be great for clubs, festivals, photo shoots, halloween, holiday parties, and especially for the non-makeup artist or impatient. I love doing lip art manually, but cream & airbrush products can be difficult to keep on for a period of time with out messing up. These are ideal for settings where you want a long lasting look. I can't wait to see what designs they come up with next...I already have ideas brewing in my head of corsets, metallics, gradients, lace print.. if they could make a pvc finish for the lips I would sell them my soul!
Violent Lips are available to purchase here

*sample provided for review consideration

December 09, 2011

Where to Shop: Giving props to Girl Props

For those that wanted to know where to get my Mother F*Cker Necklace that I wore in the post below... It's from, an online store that stocks an array of edgy, expressive, trend-setting jewelry and accessories. A ton of my accessories come from here. Reason being? It's so inexpensive! I don't like to spend a lot of money on "trendy" items and this place is stocked with everything kitchy, crazy, pretty, sleazy, blinged out, sexy, and rock n roll. Every thing I've purchased from them, while being technically "cheap", is of good quality. Some of them I've even worn for years! Love this quirky little store :)

Some of my GP collection favorites... 

Lipstick Pendant In Red With Gold Finish Handcuffs With Swarovski Stones Bracelet In Silver Channeling Chanel - Sunglasses With Half Tint Lenses! In Black

Visit for edgy, expressive, trend-setting accessories, hot sunglasses, and an array of jewelry
 Click! to Shop

December 08, 2011

FOTD: Debbie Harry colour chart


Deb's warhol shoot became my colour chart for this hot tomato red lip that I wore to 80's night. Against the starkness of the matte blanc combined with brown liner this becomes a subtle way to wear colorful eyeshadow. It could even pass as a day look..well with a little less blush..and a little less maybe only in 1985 :)