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December 09, 2011

Where to Shop: Giving props to Girl Props

For those that wanted to know where to get my Mother F*Cker Necklace that I wore in the post below... It's from, an online store that stocks an array of edgy, expressive, trend-setting jewelry and accessories. A ton of my accessories come from here. Reason being? It's so inexpensive! I don't like to spend a lot of money on "trendy" items and this place is stocked with everything kitchy, crazy, pretty, sleazy, blinged out, sexy, and rock n roll. Every thing I've purchased from them, while being technically "cheap", is of good quality. Some of them I've even worn for years! Love this quirky little store :)

Some of my GP collection favorites... 

Lipstick Pendant In Red With Gold Finish Handcuffs With Swarovski Stones Bracelet In Silver Channeling Chanel - Sunglasses With Half Tint Lenses! In Black

Visit for edgy, expressive, trend-setting accessories, hot sunglasses, and an array of jewelry
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