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April 05, 2013

Rock Your Hair by Michael O'Rourke Hair Styling Line Review

Rock Your Hair by Michael O'Rourke (LA Celebrity Stylist and founder of Big Sexy Hair) is a fierce and fun styling line aimed at bringing back BIG, BOLD HAIR! The neon pink packaging bedazzled with a crystal heart evokes a girly and over the top 80's vibe. With the promises of all the added oomph I couldn't wait to get started trying this line. I have long hair but not "big" hair. My hair is baby fine, chemically-processed, and in much need of a trim and some new layers put through. I also have an obsession with clean hair so I shampoo and heat style nearly every day. Sooo bad I know! All of my "hair dont's" mean getting any volume that doesn't immediately fall flat proves difficult.
You'll probably catch your boyfriend doing a double take at these products in your bathroom. Size Matters and Spray It Hard..if only they read some of the names on our makeup...these are tame!
Did Rock Your Hair Rock my Hair?  
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Big Hair Rocks Shampoo & Big Hair Rocks Conditioner ($17-$20)
I've been getting in to the sulfate free shampoo craze lately, and this one is both sulfate and paraben free. A colour-safe formula that adds life to limp hair with out drying it out. For a sulfate free shampoo this lathered up really well. It has a light grapefruit sent and left my hair feeling clean and moisturized not stripped.

The conditioner has the same citrusy scent as the shampoo and is also sulfate & paraben free. This was my favorite! I have a hard time finding a conditioner that hydrates my dry ends but doesn't weigh down my fine hair. Fresh out of the shower my hair was soft, silky, and with out any heavy coated feeling. I'll be purchasing the larger size.
Miracle Leave-In Detangling Spray
Miracle Leave-In Detangling Spray ($20)
Miracle Leave In Detangling Spray that replenishes moisture and shine to dry, brittle and chemically dependent hair. Weightless Tangle Tamer, a detangling spray that restores moisture and softness to your hair. Soy, wheat and oat proteins penetrate into the cuticle to reinforce hair from the shaft to create flexibility and stop brittleness. Heat styled hair will particularly benefit from this amazing formula.

Previously I had been using Miracle 7 detangler, but I didn't see it doing much. I spray this just through the ends and it gets rid of any tangles. It doesn't have any heavy product feel to it, but more of a light watery mist that aids in keeping things light and bouncey. My hair was easy to comb through and feels soft and less frizzy after blowdrying.
Size Matters Big Volume Root Pump
Size Matters Big Volume Root Pump ($20)
Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift is aerosol spray mousse that creates big volume hair from the root up. Use directly on roots prior to blow drying damp hair for voluptuous volume! Humidity resistant.

Other root lifters I've tried have left my roots stiff or sticky, this one gave a nice lift without any look or feel of product at the roots. There wasn't an extreme lift, but I could tell the difference in that it made my hair appear fuller and it also kept my roots from getting as oily the next day. There's an interesting scent to it, almost like fresh cut grass. It dissipates, but it's something to note. By the packaging you might expect a cloying cotton candy like scent, but all of the products are very light and fresh.
Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray

Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray ($22)
Spray it Hard Big Volume Hairspray fun rocking everyday spray. Firm, flexible hold. Instant shine. Long lasting memory.

Hairspray is not my friend. I'm very sensitive to the chemicals in it and I don't like a strong scent lingering in my hair. Upon first spray I noticed very little offensive hairspray odor so right away I was digging this. Then there was no crunchy or stiff feeling..liked it even more...8 hours hair was still in place, yep this rocks pretty hardcore. Spray it Hard imparts a flexible hold that keeps styles in place and tames those flyaways. This is a lovely everyday hairspray for setting your hairstyle. It keeps my bangs out of my face and my curls from falling with out that unmovable feel. It gets the job done in the way a hairspray should, and I rarely praise ANY hairspray.
Bombshell Big Hair Powder
Bombshell Big Hair Powder ($17)
For those who require instant lift and volume. Explode lifeless locks into big, bold hair. Bring out your inner bombshell. Rock it Out Fragrance.

This is the Rockstar of the line. Bombshell Big Hair Powder is what I wanted all those dry shampoo's to be, but it's not a dry shampoo. It works in a crazy way. You sprinkle it lightly over your hair, then when you run your fingers through it almost feels "wet" as if it liquify's. That must be where the magic happens because your hair becomes va-va-voom in an instant, very unusual! Bombshell gives a nice lift to the crown and gets rid of that limp hair. I saw more of a fullness increase with this over the Root Lift, just be careful not to use too much or it feels pretty gnarly. A little goes a long way. If you have short hair and want added texture, or if you like to do teased/backcombed styles or pompadour's this is a must have. I really loved this!
Rock Your Hair will make you the envy of every 80's hair band and Toddler with a Tiara. I enjoyed all of these product's and it's definitely worth checking out if you have fine hair. The only extra's I would add is a heat protectant and shine serum. My hair looked slightly dulled from all the plumping power, but other than that I'll be keeping quite a few of them in my everyday styling routine. If there's one must have to put in your hair product aresenal it's the Bombshell Big Hair Powder. There's nothing out there quite like it! The hairspray is also pretty rockin.

Rock Your Hair is available at ,ULTA, Urban Outfitters, and select salons.

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