Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: The Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette Review & What to get at the 50% off Sale

March 29, 2013

The Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette Review & What to get at the 50% off Sale

The name of this palette and the shadow's had my little rock & roll heart in it's hands before I even opened it. The balm gets me every time with their cheeky names and thoughtful art work. What's awesome for us is that the makeup is right on par with the presentation. The Balm Jovi Face Palette is your backstage pass to looking like a Rockstar. It contains 12 eyeshadow's, a highlighter, matte peach blush, and two multi-purpose lip and cheek colors.
Before I even get to the review I have to mention that in celebration of the new website launch is having a CRAZY 50% off site wide sale on April 1st. for 24 hours. No joke! UPDATE: Just announced on their facebook The Sale is On! April 8th 10am April 8th- 10am April 9th (PST).

If you're looking for some product reccomendations from the line I picked out my favorite's...ALL or any of the blushes they are amazing, Mary-Lou Manizer, Prom Queen Staniac, Nude palette's, Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer, and Sexy Mama Translucent Powder. Not Pictured: Bahama Mama Bronzer. A bronzer that actually isn't orange! On my shopping list are a couple of the new blushes being released and the balm girl's lipstick's. 
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Heavy Metal, Classical, and Alternative Rock make up this eclectic mix of eyeshadow's. Most unexpected about this palette is that it's so wearable. If you're hoping for colors that will rock your face off you might be disappointed, even the dark tones look very soft on the eyes. It has a nice mix of textures in frost's, shimmer, and matte's that apply and blend beautifully. All of the color's pair well together letting you create simplistic natural looks or go for something smoldering and rockstar-esque. I can really see this palette getting some good use in the Fall.
Normally in face palette's the blush and lip product's are underwhelming and I never use them. Not the case here. Disco Disco Solid Gold is a stunning luminizer with a pearly gold sheen, it is SUPER pigmented. Pop Pop! Dont You Want Me Blush is a matte salmon shade with a good color payoff. I'm pretty certain this is actually Frat Boy Blush renamed for the palette.
A nice touch functionality wise is that the lip and eye sections are seperated by a fold over magnetic cover. There's no shadow's falling in to your lip products. Milli and Vanilli (haha!) are two multi-purpose cheek and lip colors. Milli is a nude pink with grey undertone and Vanilli a bright true red with blue undertones, I wasn't expecting these to be so nice! Both have the look and feel of a lipstick with an opaque balmy finish.
At the bottom of the palette is a little TOP 4 Look Guide. I did Look #1 using Alice Copper. I once saw the real Alice Cooper and had insane front row access to his show. He brought out that gigantic banana python. Front row..3ft away..8ft snake..yeah needless to say we left mid-first song...I guess I'm not that punk rock!
I rimmed the eyes with Alice Copper, placed Third Eye Blinded on the inner 1/3rd of the lid, Allegro in the crease, and Adiago to blend it out. Don't you want me blush on the cheeks with Milly dabbed on the lips. I'll share how I did the mascara in an upcoming fotd post.
Look #4 using Metal-Ica on the lid fading out to Moderator. I love how subtle and "soft rock" these shades are. They're pigmented yet have a lightness about them. It makes wearing an edgier cat-eye style a lot less scary. Alice Cooper? Still scary.
The Balm Jovi is one to put on your makeup playlist. It's travel friendly and one of those rare face palette's where you can actually use everything in it. Plus it's just Rock & Roll!

sample provided for review consideration