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March 12, 2013

Milani Liquid Eye Liner's Review + Tri-Liner Look

Along with the Color Statement Lipstick's new for Spring from Milani comes some prettyness for the eyes. Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liners, 5 shades of sparkling intense liquid color. Eye Tech Bold, a felt tip liner for creating dramatic sharp looks, and Liquid Eye liquid-like eyeliner pencils that make eyeliner easy. when is eyeliner easy...but having a stellar batch of products definitely helps!
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Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner's
Black Vinyl, Black Gems, Emerald Glisten,Sparkling Turquoise, Prismatic Purple
Aren't the colors gorgeous? All of the shades except Black Vinyl have a sparkling finish.
 Now you get to see how I test review products. On the naked eye..and who knows what they'll turn in to :)

I didn't want to make these look better than they were, that kind of defeats the purpose of a review, so I applied this set in one coat. You can see how shiny the finish is once dried, but also the difference in pigmentation between shades. Both Black Gem and Prismatic Purple go on quite streaky and watery. Not that that kills them as good liners, they'll just need a couple strokes to get the desired coverage. Sparkling Turquoise was the best performer of the set. Except it stained my skin, I literally had to wash this one off 3 times before it didn't look like I had markered my eyes. Talk about waterproof :) I did notice they "flake" when removed so you might be cautious of that if you have issues with eyeliner flaking on you.

I was most intrigued by Black Vinyl. I've been longing for a release of an eyeliner that looks like PVC. Slick, glossy, dripping like liquid latex. Probably only a dream! Black Vinyl dries to a "plastic" finish, but it took me 3-4 coats to achieve this completely blacked out line. On the second photo I added Black Gem on top for dimension.

To put these to work in an actual look I came up with the idea of "Tri-Liner"...using all of the colors in a triple line effect but keeping it a classic winged shape. Prismatic Purple looks awesome over the black doesn't it? It's completely dry too. If you want this color to really stand out layer it over Black. Overall, these are pretty good! They take some building up, but the high shine finish and sparkling colors make them unique, give them a try!
Eye Tech Bold is a felt tip style pen eyeliner. It goes on a soft black and has a stiff pointed felt tip applicator for creating sharp dramatic eyeliner looks. Unlike the ultrafine's this one has a matte finish.
The pointed tip design gives such precise sharpness and it wears all day with out smudging or fading, but I just wish it was more pigmented and inky black. You have to press down or double up on coats to get a nice opaque coverage. The pen is also pretty bulky to hold. It's not bad, but not the best felt tip liner I've used. I tested it out by creating both thick and thin lines in this feathery eyeliner shape. This is one of those eyeliner's you can start out with a cute flick and a minute later end up Amy Winehouse.
 NEW SHADES: Brown, Black, Graphite, Perfect Purple
The Liquid Eye liquid-like pencils are like a liquid with out being a liquid, they glide on effortlessly much like a gel eyeliner. Available in two styles, retractable or sharpenable. These are often referred to as drugstore dupes of Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner's, but except for the color similarities I don't think they're alike at all. Liquid Eye's are much creamier and glide on like Stila Kajal's. One of my favorite ways to do quick eyeliner is to take a pencil like this, dab it at the lashes, then use an angled brush to smooth out the line and flick it out. You're almost always guaranteed foolproof eyeliner this way. These pencil's are perfect for soft and smoked out smudgey looks. The black and brown are nice every day liner colors, and the graphite and perfect purple are gorgeous galactic shimmery mettalics.

Milani's Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner's ($7.49) and Eye Tech Bold ($7.49) Liquid Eye liquid-like Pencils ($6.99) are available at, Walgreens, CVS, Kmart, and Target

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