Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Spritz of Summer with Soap & Glory Body Sprays

June 20, 2016

Spritz of Summer with Soap & Glory Body Sprays

Have you ever wanted to smell like your favorite Soap & Glory bath and body products all day long? I know I have! Now you can with three new refreshing, irresistible body sprays in three signature scents - Original Pink, Pink Sugar Crush, and Smoothie Star. With keep-you-cool FRESHBOOST24 technology, the new handbag-handy sprays give you a flash of fabulousness where you are.

I am not a perfume girl, as much as I want to be I have fragrance allergies and that limits me from wearing almost all perfumes. Body Sprays I can tolerate and until S&G I had almost completely wrote them off too. As a huge fan of Soap & Glory bath products I love the scents they use almost as much as the products themselves. I had often wished that the Original Pink Body Righteous Butter scent would stick around longer and now it can. These new Soap & Glory Body Sprays smell fresh, pretty, and invigorating and they're only $6!

Want on-the-go invigoration, girls? Soap & Glory's ORIGINAL PINK Body Spray keeps you feeling refreshed and smelling magnifi-scent. This famous, full-on fabulous, fruity-floral features (truly, madly) deeply iconic notes of ROSE, BERGAMOT, STRAWBERRY, JASMINE and MUGUET. With a gentle drizzle of OZONE nuances, like the fresh scent of summer rain, and a tiny drop of PATCHOULI sexiness.  Of all the scents, Original Pink is the most potent. It feels the most like a perfume and lingers the longest, love it!

SMOOTHIE STAR Body Spray bears soothing warm notes of SWEET ALMOND and RICH VANILLA blended with a comforting creamy base of SANDALWOOD and MUSK. This was my favorite body spray of the bunch! It's subtly sweet with a touch of warmth. I have been wearing this every day. It reminds me a lot of my first perfume ever, Aquolina Pink Sugar.

Soap & Glory's sweet lime and vanilla musk SUGAR CRUSH Body Spray is a heady cocktail of VANILLA MUSK, blended with SWEET LIME, GINGER and SMASHED BROWN SUGAR. This happy-hour-all-day, mouth-wateringly moreish body spray is the closest you can get to a smile in a bottle. I kept thinking this smelled like a cocktail! It has an almost grapefruit scent to me. This one will be going in my bag for the beach, it is as refreshing as a late day mojito or two!

Soap & Glory Body Sprays are the perfect light scents to spritz on for Summer. Available at Ulta Stores an online at and Target NOW! #MistMeUp

*sample provided for review consideration