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January 20, 2014

P!nk x Fancy Subscription Box Review

Ever wondered what super talented musician/bad ass P!nk would put in to a monthly subscription box? meeeeee tooo. collabed with P!nk where for $39 a month you get a box of 4-5 personally selected items from fancy by P!nk. There's also a a hand full of other boxes to choose from including the original fancy box, a foodie one, and more celeb's. I was most curious about P!nk's because I knew it would be one of the most unpredictable boxes.
some of what I've been fancy'in

If you're not familiar with fancy it's like the pinterest for shopping, you can discover, collect, and buy some of the coolest and unique items out there. I am ADDICTED to this site & app. It showcases every thing from home, fashion, kitchen gadgets, media, men's, women's, to dream worthy items and you can purchase just about every thing you see right there on the site.

The fancy subscription box was a welcome change up from beauty products, everything was so random!
Keep Reading for what's inside the FANCY x P!nk Subscription Box

The P!nk Fancy Box (c/o) that arrived on my doorstep was a MONSTER. By far the biggest subscription box I've ever received.
The little picture cards detail each item, when turned over there's a note from P!nk on why she chose to put it in the box.
 Inside is 4-5 items hand selected by P!nk, a $80+ value.

Soak and Strain Washing Bowl
Soak and Strain Washing Bowl ($25)
This was my favorite item in the box, I have my own blueberry and raspberry bushes so I tend to have an abundance of berries to freeze. This bowl lets you soak your produce and then strain them all in one step.

Clear POP Phone by Native Union
Clear POP Phone by Native Union ($20)
Loved this geeky retro phone inspired by the 1950's Bakelite phones. It allows you to navigate your device while talking on the phone.

Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter
Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter
These cute as a bunny splitters let you and your friends listen to music with out pissing any one off.

Chevron Hair Tie Set by Twistband

Chevron Hair Tie Set by Twistband ($6)
After trying these twistbands I bought a bunch more colors. These are so much better than your average hair bands. There's no tugging or pulling like typical hair elastics do and they won't leave dents in your hair. Chevron print is so on trend right now and when worn on the wrists they look just like bracelets.

Travel HoodiePillow
Travel Hoodie Pillow
($20) Why I had never seen one of these before I don't know! This hoodie doubles as a neck rest when you inflate it. As someone who flies from Seattle to much warmer climates and back I love the versatility in this. You can use it as a pillow on the plane and then as a hoodie while you're waiting outside in the rain. It's easy to toss in your bag and doesn't take up as much room as a hoodie, plus it's unisex so you can share it with the boy.

Coco Rocha Fancy Box Subscription
Now the bummer, P!nk's box is no longer available! However, you can still purchase the individual items just click on the pictures above to buy. As an alternative I would check out the Coco Rocha Box it looks pretty decent for fashion and beauty related items, I'm thinking of subbing to that one next.

All fancy boxes have free returns, if you're not in to it and you can even exchange for a different one. If you're bored with the millions of makeup boxes out now fancy puts some spice back in to subscription box trend :)

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sample box provided for review consideration