Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Style: Spooky Jewelry for Halloween (or everyday)

October 29, 2012

Style: Spooky Jewelry for Halloween (or everyday)

Just my luck I've come down with the flu before Halloween, the price you pay being nose to nose doing makeup for witches and ghouls. Looking like death already I won't need any makeup, so I pulled out a few of my favorite "spooky" accessories and jewelry to wear. Dressing up in Costume isn't always an option as an Adult, but putting on a scary accessory allows you to still get in to the Halloween spirit. Ideas ahead :)

Skeleton Hand Ring Bracelet. This is my absolute favorite accessory I have right now. A silver metal skeleton hand that attaches like rings to your top fingers, it's adjustable and elastic to fit most hand sizes. From Hot Topic or Delfina Delettrez, she has sooo many stunning pieces.
Spike Through Finger Ring I get asked about this tons. I bought mine locally, but you can get it at NASTY GAL when it's in stock or HERE. Added some blood to fit the occasion, I promise it doesn't hurt :)

Fingertip Claw rings Big & Small. Had these bad boys on in my BLIND MAG Makeup Tutorial.

She Devil HellBomb Necklace
This was made with love by Emily of FASTER THAN YOU. She makes the most beautiful hand drawn and painted tattoo influenced jewelry. I've even had people do a double take and ask if it was a real tattoo, they're that realistic. I love that everything she makes is special and basically one of a kind, you won't see it on every other mall girl. Her pin up and sugar skull designs are my favorite!
Halloween Makeup with out hours spent on Makeup
In his laboratory VonErickson creates chokers, bracelets, and rings in gruesome and gory designs of dripping blood, stitches, and gashes that you can wear all year round. If you're squeamish, there's also horror related cameo's and rings too. How utterly disgusting yet completely awesome is the maggot necklace?