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October 06, 2012

Revlon Expression Experiment: Challenge Yourself. Express Yourself.

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I was recently invited to take part in the Revlon Expression Experiment, a groundbreaking idea for women everywhere to step out of their comfort zones and try something new with their makeup routines. With out experimentation I would have never taught myself makeup or taken any risks with it so I just love this idea of focusing less on what a product is and more on what you can do with it.

The new Facebook App offers monthly challenges that include a colorful eye for August, a daring nail for September, vintage glamour for October, a foundation-matching challenge for November and a holiday-appropriate sparkle-and-shimmer task for December.
red lipstick is one if not THE most empowering makeup looks a woman can wear. It's more of a feeling than a color. This isn't really a challenge for me as I wear red all the time. I took the challenge to inspire others to try it too. I see far too many safely applied pinky nude lips on the streets. It's not so scary I promise! With 3 different product's ranging in levels of intensity and finishes to choose from Revlon has a red for everyone.

Cherry Tart Lip Butter has a light glossy red finish making it the perfect introduction to a brightly colored lip. Certainly Red lipstick is a classic universal red, literally it's been around since 1951. This has been one of my favorite red lipstick's for many years now, in fact it was my very first red lipstick so it holds a special place in my makeup heart. Superlustrous lipgloss in Fire Red was a new product to me, and wow is it smokin hot! The finish is a vivid lacquered red that oozes va va voom.

The real challenge was to try something new and short of applying red lipstick as eye shadow (well, i'm not admitting to it!) I've pretty much done everything in the book once. There isn't much that scares me about makeup. Except for...indigo blue nails.

I'm a red, pink, or black polish kind of girl and not blessed with long pretty nails. After wearing this creamy cobalt shade all week I got used to it and even quite liked it! The polishes went on smoothly and lasted for a full week. This was my first time trying Revlon nail polish and I'm highly impressed. I plan on continuing to use both the base and top coats with my other polishes.

It may feel uncomfortable to step outside of the box at first but once you get used to seeing the newly expressive you you may even discover you like it. Forget beige and go bold with red lips or aquamarine eyes. Rather than cover up or camouflage, bring out your best features in different ways on different days and remember it's just makeup! It washes off :)

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You can join the Revlon Expression Experiment for yourself via their facebook application and check out more great products at

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