Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Happy Halloween! (what no looks?) some words.

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! (what no looks?) some words.

Happy Halloween! May your painted faces have a haunting night! And for those of you affected by Sandy right now my heart goes out to you, please be safe. I had planned to post a new video & blogs of my costume looks over the last few days, but as let down as I am by this I will not be sharing any. You can read why after the cut if you so wish (it's rather long & opinionated) :) In short, I refuse to have my creations swagger jacked and capitalized off of by the ugly trolls of videoland. If you don't feed them they won't survive. But! If you're looking for some last minute costume ideas here's my Halloween Makeup Looks Video from last year with photo's in my SFX Halloween Looks Archive. I hope you'll do some crazy makeup tonight and have a Happy Halloween!

The video which included MY Chucky Doll and A Clockwork Orange makeup that I created LAST YEAR, they were some of my favorite's to come up with. Having long been a fan of the film and books, I sat down and sketched my ideas out then brought them to life through makeup. To me that made it mine. It delights me to no end when you send me one of my looks that you wore out for Halloween, so it really sucks that people have to ruin it! So I'll just say this...
Steal from an Artist and you better know it won't go unnoticed or unsaid. I guess that's because it's more than steps in a process or profit to us, it's deeper and more personal and that's where the passion comes from. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. There's always going to be those out there incapable of doing something of their own. Original, inspired,'s all debatable. But...

I'll take the title Makeup Artist over video prostitute selling sloppy seconds any day. Living and breathing creativity and art is so much more rewarding and fulfilling than a paycheck from gewgle could EVER be. I've been inspired by many artists, people, things, in what I do and never do I forget that or forget to make it known. If I came out with a Pat McGrath look calling it my own, you guys would have my head on a platter..and you should. I've recreated looks and encourage others to do so with mine, it's a valuable learning tool and a very genuine display of respect in most cases. Where the line is drawn is when people take credit for something that isn't theirs and make money off of it. That's desperate and just makes you look like a fool. I have more respect for other Artist's and the craft :) A creative mind and having honesty, integrity, and some class will take you much further. This is why some of us are only at the beginning of long bright careers, and others...well good luck with that lasting!

The MISFIT isn't for nothin ;)  Let the popular mediocrity be slaves to corporate ads, Be better than that, Be a REAL Artist. I'll never completely stop sharing what I do, I love being a part of a creative community and I don't have to be paid to do it. Though I think I'll keep the work I feel is closest to me and a part of my skillset less visible in the future. Now that that's been said! We can move on! Please do some insaaaaaane makeup and costumes tonight! and send me them! I may not be sharing this year but I love to see the makeup that you guys, the TRUE creators, do! Now I'm going to go get my Halloween party on, and I think this heavy post could use some cuteness yeah?!
   Happy Halloween from my little fairy pug princess, much cuter than more of my face anyways  :)