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April 02, 2012

Faux + Dev Studded Lashes Review & In the Dark Makeup Look

These are superstar lashes, literally. Created and designed for pop singer Dev, these have “double platinum” written all over them! This lash uses a blend of black and brown strands that replicate plush mink. Faux then added a layer of mirrored gunmetal studded hardware to the lash line. Guaranteed to make you make feel fly, like a G6

I've been a fan of the amazingly beautiful and talented DEV since I discovered her music back in the myspace days. By now you're clearly aware of my obsession with studs and spikes, so the moment I saw her rocking these pyramid studded lashes created by luxury lash brand FAUX lash I had to have them on my eyes. Faux features 5 lavish collections from au naturalle to runway, with lashes that are meticulously hand crafted and designed to flatter every eye shape. I love how lavish the lashes from Faux look and feel. From the sleek packaging design to the minimal selection, they have a real specialness about them.
 The studs are what drew me in to these, but the plush faux-mink quality of the lashes is just as dev-ine. What I love most about these lashes is how unassuming they look with your eyes open. Close them and it's rock n roll. They don't feel heavy on, just like you're wearing a double lash.
The first time I wore these with my every day makeup...
Wanting to bring them out again I thought well... these were made for why not do a Dev look!
The In the Dark Music Video served as my inspiration. I took my version a little more in to the future with platinum silver to mimic the glints of metal. I'm also wearing silver mirrored lenses from Eyesbright. How fun are they!
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The Faux + Dev ($24) and all of the other beautiful lashes from FAUX are available here!
sample provided for review consideration
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