Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: My At-Home Spa Night Pampering Routine with Caress® Daily Silk™

September 23, 2015

My At-Home Spa Night Pampering Routine with Caress® Daily Silk™

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One indulgence I make time for each week is an at-home spa night. A couple evening hours of pampering that will make you feel unapologetically feminine. Life stresses, hectic schedules, and gloomy skylines all but slip away when you offer yourself up the luxury of relaxation. While the products I use change by need the routine usually does not. Here is how I like to have a weekly pampering night that will leave you feeling fabulous and renewed by the end of it.

A proper spa atmosphere is not complete with out a scented candle. Everything is more satisfying in candlelight. I light up a comforting warm sweet vanilla scent.

Add one part favorite drink to the mix. Go healthy with a green smoothie, wind down with some white wine, or relax with a cup of detoxifying tea - whatever beverage suits your mood. I enjoy making my own refreshing spa water by combining ice-cold purified water infused with slices of cucumber. After finishing the hydrating drink save the cucumbers for a rejuvenating eye mask.
Mani/Pedi time. Rarely do I visit the salon any more to get a pedicure when it is so simple and cost effective to do your own. I am not exactly sure what it is about painting your nails but the process is a sure way to feel extra glamorous. No fuss barely-there pinks and dusky mauve shades are how I like to wear my nail colors on a low-key night in.

A long hot bath or shower is the heart of any pamper routine. Toss in a fizzy bath bomb, it is like champagne for your bath water.
Caress® Daily Silk™ beauty bar is excellent for shaving. The moisturizing bar soap does a wonderful job of lathering up and gives a super smooth shave. The white peach & silky orange blossom fragrance is so alluring and lingers ever so sweetly on your skin afterwards.

Exfoliating comes next. A sea salt or sugar scrub will remove any dead skin and prep your body for moisturizing agents. It is super easy to make your own straight from the kitchen too. Combine sea salt with coconut oil and a drop of essential oil and voila! Instant body scrub.

The 20-30 minutes soaking away is the perfect amount of time for doing a skin mask and deep conditioning hair treatment. I make my choice depending on what kind of TLC my skin and hair are in need of. Nothing outdoes the classic crazy green mud mask though!

No matter what I mix and match for a spa night I always end my routine with Caress® Daily Silk™. The lavishly indulgent body wash blends rich lather and sophisticated fragrances all in one for beautiful and silky smooth skin. They transform your shower routine into an everyday treat.

The fragrance cues of white peach and orange blossom are divine. I absolutely love how silky soft the Caress® Daily Silk™ body wash leaves my skin. There is no need to even reach for an after-shower body moisturizer with this body wash, it is that good!

To complete a lovely spa night I cuddle up in a fluffy robe with a good book. I add the tranquil scent of lavender in my aromatherapy diffuser to create a calm soothing environment before bedtime.
Having a pamper routine helps you to unwind, feel wonderful, and prepare for the days ahead. Plus who doesn't like to slip in to a hot bath and treat yourself to some really nice products? All of us deserve some 'me time' to relax and renew.

Treat yourself to the alluring fine fragrance of Caress® Daily Silk™ every day and feel truly irresistible. Refer to