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September 28, 2015

Colourpop Ultra-Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

I missed out on the debut of the Colourpop Ultra-Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick the first time around and it was a long and painful wait! I purchased 6 shades to try when they re-stocked and they are exactly what they say, An Ultra-Matte liquid lipstick. I have had nothing but raves over Colourpop but my thoughts were mixed on these. Some I loved, some I liked, and some were a definite No. It really comes down to finding suitable colors and if you actually like a flat out matte lip.

Colourpop Ultra-Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick ($6)
This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips smoothly and leaves SUPER intense pigment-rich colour with a bold, ultra matte look. It’s very long wearing and completely kiss proof!

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Creeper, Bumble, 1st Base, Solow, Donut, Trap

Ultra-Matte lip applies just like every other liquid matte, very thin and liquidy drying down to a budge-proof matte finish. They do settle in to lip lines which the heavily photoshopped "makeup" of instagram does not show. It is more evident in super up close un-edited lip shots like I have here but in real life lip lines are basically unnoticeable. The texture, color, and pigmentation on all of these are top notch.

Trap - We’re like “hey what’s up hello” in this dusty greyed out beige (“greige”). I don't know what it is about grey lips but I want them. Well that failed because instead of high fashion this just gives me total dead girls lips. Perfect for a Zombie look! I was hoping Trap would have a little more mauve to it. If you are cool toned beware but warmer skin tones can probably pull this off. The texture was great on this unlike some of the other lighter shades I chose. The color just wasn't a good match for me.

Donut - Donut let b*tches kill your vibe while wearing this bright peach. Summer coral like no otha! This shade is a vibrant true coral. Definitely my favorite color of the pink/corals.

Solow - Put a little YOLO in your solow in this neutral nude pink. Great neutral nude pink and the slight darkness makes it a better choice than 1st Base if trying to decide between the two. I was on the fence with this one at first but I think it has the right balance to make it pretty neutral.

1st Base - You’re on your way to a home run in this mid- tone true pink. 1st base was my 1st choice but I ended up not feelin it. The color was ho hum and looked and felt like I had applied bubblegum pink chalk to my lips. The product applied patchy and stickier than Donut or Solow.

Bumble - Dusty warm Terracotta. I picked this brick red shade up as a Fall transition color. What was I thinking? Terrafreakincotta? I can't wear Terracotta. Bumble would be an excellent choice for those wanting a reddish orange shade but not something as intense as Creeper.

Creeper  - Keep it real in this true classic blue red. Creeper made my whole Colourpop order worth it. Super beautiful bright matte red. The finish is soft and pillowy and extremely long lasting. This is a date night shade for sure. Such a hot power red and completely kiss proof.

Ultra-Matte Liquid Lipstick is super long lasting and the colors are amazingly strong. The formula is excellent for a matte liquid lipstick in that it doesn't become tacky or patchy. It applies evenly and dries fast. I had a hard time removing them with my makeup remover. They also are extremely matte, not semi, not sort of, SERIOUSLY matte.

Now goodness these feel super dry on the lips. Like Mojave. I know mattes are drying but come on now! There has gotta be something to they could throw in there to make them feel a little less like dirt. If you prefer a creamy lip product or glosses the feel will take some getting used to. I really hope they release a creamy form of this liquid lipstick. I don't feel like the flat matte look really does anything special for the lips, it is an acquired look.

Of the colours I bought Solow, Donut, and Creeper were the standouts.. The lighter shades can look chalky and flat. The darker and brighter ones are a whole lot prettier on. Right after I hit confirm on my order they came out with all those awesome crazy shades! Might have to get the dark blue. NEED the dark blue. Going back to get the dark blue. Bought the dark blue and green. Will review those in October.

While some of the shades were hit and miss for me overall the price can't be beat for the phenomenal quality and magnificent shade range. For a bold downright matte lip these are the answer.

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