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December 18, 2014

FANCY some unique gifts? Check out the sale NOW

I had wanted to do a Gift Guide but there was so much awesome on there I couldn't even begin to decide! I have nearly 400 items just on my own fancied list. What I reallly wanted to share though is the amazing sale they've got going on there right now, a ton of items are  $40%-70% off. I did so much of my gift shopping for my friends and family on there this year. It might be cutting it too close for gifts now, but you can still get something for I did :)

To sweeten the deal even more...If you Sign Up HERE (its free!) you get a $10 Credit to use on your next purchase!

If you're not familiar with FANCY it's a place to discover and buy amazing things curated by the global community. There's subscription boxes too (reviewed here) and (here), from Celeb curated to mystery boxes that are filled with items featured on

Everything you can imagine can be found on there. From home decor, fashion, clothes, beauty, oddball gifts, art, kitchen gadgets, things you really don't need, things you really do need, things you can't afford, and things you can. Here's what I picked up for myself during the sale...

My Lipstick is Redder Than Your Lipstick Cosmetic Bag
I had been eying this cosmetic bag for so long it's just fitting for any "lip girl". If you filled it will all red lip stuff and gave it to your girls? Yeah. I'd want THAT as a gift! With the sale it's reduced to way less than I paid for it, only $4.80!

Ice Cream is Cheaper Than Therapy T-Shirt by Pyknic
Ice Cream is Cheaper than Therapy
Word. I'm a believer that Ice Cream should be its own food group. Love this tee for lounging around in and you can't see it but the part in the back where the tag would be is a nutrition label. PYKNIK has the raddest food themed tee's, totally need this: better latte than never.
A "Pug Mug" ..because..PUGS! This Topsy Turvy Mug is adorable. On the bottom is a pug and flip it upside down and it's a regular mug. Very durable and high quality too.
Red Heel Door Stopper
This had to be more effective and fashionable than trying to use my own shoes as a door stop?

Cupcake scoop - (not pictured) During the holidays I bake batch after batch of cupcakes, it's my go-to to take to parties. I had been using an ice cream scoop but this is so much better. Perfectly filled cupcakes without the mess.

You can buy everything I bought right through this post if you'd like by clicking the little green buy with Fancy button :)
Heels Door HolderMy Lipstick is Redder Makeup Pouch

Worth noting is while your order is placed through fancy it's still filled by merchants. The shipping time can be a little slow, at least in today's world (2 weeks), and shipping costs are added for each item. This wouldn't deter me from ordering again though, the amount of offbeat and innovative stuff you can find and buy on there is worth the wait. FANCY has become one of my favorite stores to shop from and apps to waste time on, I hope you'll enjoy it too : )
Fancy some cool stuff at
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Products fancied and purchased by me.