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July 27, 2014

Subscription Box Reviews: Lip Factory, MeMe Box #2, & Petit Vour

With Summer vacationing in full swing I skipped over most of my subscriptions this month. Only three boxes made it to my doorstep for June/July...but they were three good ones for beauty! Lip Factory , another MeMe, the Hair & Body Box #2, and the creme de la cruelty-free Petit Vour.

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Lip Factory ($22) *
By the name I thought Lip Factory was a box full of lip products, but it's actually a full makeup service with just a focus on the lips. Each month, you will receive your Lip Factory Beauty Kit containing 5 to 7 of your favorite makeup brands. Although your kit may include a full face of makeup products focus is on your lips. Your kit may include lip products such as lip glosses, lip sticks, lip liners and lip therapy products. 
Spring Has Spring Box
Teez Trendy Cosmetics Golden Glow Lipgloss ($18)
Total Value: $68.25 

NCLA nails is so hot right now, they have some of the most unique nail wraps around. These were  better than most wraps I've tried, very easy to apply and the design is so 80's, crazy bright!
Medusa's makeup is a brand I remember buying at Hot Topic back in the day, this pressed mineral eyeshadow in Midnight Oil is a gorgeous deep sparkly blue.

MeMEMe boxed blush is packaged so cute! It reminds me of the Benefit boxed blushes. This one is a can't go wrong shade of warm pink with subtle shimmer. 
Pari Beauty is a brand I'm unfamiliar with but by this lipstick I will be looking in to them more. This lipstick is moisturizing with great color payoff. Current Events is a brick red with shimmer. I didn't care for this color. Whenever I say I like dark lipsticks I always get this same shimmery brown red shade in beauty boxes. Can we get something a little more vampy? hell I'd even like black. With over 45 shades of lipstick to choose from in the Pari line though I'm sure I'll find a shade to like.
Teeez Trendy Cosmetics Golden Glow Lipgloss. I don't know what I love more the gloss or the packaging? The artwork is awesome! When you open the box it says "Her diamond Necklace is reflecting the Moonlight" and the gloss is described at Hell Yeah Hydrating, Precious Pearl Particles, and Seriously Non Sticky. Cute right? Desert Fire is a sheer red. Nice gloss, not sticky, very precise applicator, pretty on the inside, pretty on the outside. I guess this is a Netherlands brand, no wonder it's awesome, they've got the best style in everything.

Lip Factory is a winner of a beauty box. Almost all of the brands featured were new to me and the one's that weren't were some of my favorites. Of all the beauty boxes I subscribe to this one felt the most my style. Cool brands, an eclectic mix of makeup colors, with a special love for the lips. I think it would be a nice one for tweens/teens too as it has a younger vibe to it than some other beauty boxes. Definitely one to check out!

MeMe Box Hair & Body Box #2 ($23)
Memebox is not a subscription box, but instead a Special Edition box created for special occasions, or specific themes. It is packed with 4 - 8 full sized products and deluxe samples, carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products. Boxes in each Memebox series always contain the same products, and contents vary from hair and body products, to skin care and cosmetics.

The Hair & Body Box #2 smelled of something amazing when I opened it up. Just like the MeMe Box I reviewed last month this is full of korean products that will likely all be completely new discoveries. The Hair & Body box has a focus on hair & body products.

Inside MeMe Hair & Body Box #2
KocoStar Foot Therapy Mask ($9)
Label Young Shocking Holjjuki ($21)
Hello Everybody Spa Vita Berry Shampoo & Treatment Deluxe Samples
Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Argan Oil Essence ($31)
Vidanail L.Vida Lavender Oil ($10)
Evas Cosmetics Body Net 7 Days Project - Rainbow Shower ($6)
Total Value ($80+)
I loved this box even more than the last! All because of these super rad socks. Kocostar Foot Therapy are a pair of translucent "socks", like a sheet mask for your feet. The AHA exfoliant wraps contain botanical extracts to exfoliate and moisturize feet. You wear them for 1.5 hours, it feels like squishy plastic bags with a jelly fluid inside...weird..but oddly fun at the same time.

In 3-4 days your feet will start to shed the dead skin for up to 7 days. It sounds gross right, but your feet end up unbelievably soft, just makes sure you have a week you won't be wearing sandals, skin peeling off your feet is not very cute! I didn't experience the extreme peel like they show, but it did exfoliate wonderfully. Definitely will be purchasing these if I can find them. They are must for Summer shoe season.

The Spa Vita Berry hair products were what smelled so yummy upon opening, it contains 10 kinds of berry extracts. I haven't tried these yet, but am looking forward to it just by the scent. Happy to see an Argan treatment that's white and not a tinted oil which can dull blonde hair.
This appeared to be nail polish at first but it's actually a lavender oil. The bottle looks just darling with the infused lavender flowers inside. This is supposed to be a cuticle oil but I couldn't quite figure it out from the wording on the contents card included in the box. It says to apply to damaged nails so I'm assuming that's what it's for. This smells so beautiful and calming, I've been using it as a perfume oil I love the scent of it so much.
Shocking Holjjuki is some sort of thermal lotion meant to tighten and slim the body. Working by removing any unnecessary residues piled up deep within your skin...I'm guessing that means water weight or cellulite? It contains green tea and algae extracts. If this works, does it come in gallon size? :) Whether it works or not, it sinks right in and makes your skin silky to the touch with a slight warming sensation.
These body bath gel's come in a different detox scent for every day of the week from grapefruit to deep sea water.  My box had Saturday's which is Rainbow. Nothing spectacular, just your regular soapy berry body wash. I would've liked to have gotten the Rose or Honey which sound better. Not sure I get the idea of one for every day, who wants 7 bottles of body wash in their shower?

Another fantastic MeMe box! These are definitely one of my favorite boxes to get each month, the themes are unique and each month is a surprise of new and interesting high quality Korean products. This Box is sold out, they go so fast! but they have Hair & Body #3 available now. Also worth noting is that these ship out quick for being international, I get mine within 5 days or less which is faster than most of my U.S. subscriptions.

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(Valid date : July 1st ~ end of July)

Petit Vour ($15 for U.S.) *
Catering to beauty devotees interested in living a more compassionate lifestyle, Petit Vour delivers fresh beauty miniatures - culled from beauty’s finest - right to your doorstep each month.
Inside your box, you’ll find a range of chic vegan beauty & grooming product. The samples are generously sized (& sometimes full-sized!) It's a great way to check out vegan and natural beauty products.
June Away We Go: The Travel Collection
So stoked to find a ncLA nail polish in my box this month, I've only tried their nail wraps so looking forward to painting this Summery shade of mint on. The Evolvh shampoo & conditioner is a very light formula that has the amount of hydration for my fine hair. I would buy this just for the scent, it smells like warm vanilla custard. This sample size is perfect for traveling. Tay Cleanser has possibly the cutest packaging of any skincare, it's the neatest little bamboo jar. I haven't tried this cleanser yet, but Sea Buckthorn & Rosehip are two very popular skincare ingredients right now. Never can get enough beauty oils can we? MUN no. 1 aknari oil contains prickly pear which is something I have yet to use in my skincare routine. I tested it out last night and woke up with seriously soft skin and less dark under eye circles. This seems VERY promising. I really like Petit Vour for being able try out high end natural skincare products, this oil retails for $95 full size!

July Summer Loves
Pelle Beauty Face Oil (full size $29-$68)
LNX nail polish in Lolli s a soft pink cream, I don't wear light colors very often but this looks so sweet and I was happy it was a pink not beige. While I'm not a fan of loose eyeshadow's, Modern Minerals Cherish is a very pretty sparkly champagne, the can't go wrong shimmery lid color for Summer. Schmidt's natural deodorant has a clean, herbaceous fragrance of Lavender + Sage that's tranquil and soothing. It does feel a bit odd applying it with your fingers and is hard to get out, wish they would've included the spatula. Pelle Beauty Face Oil is an extremely concentrated face oil made up of all natural ingredients with omega 3's and vitamin E. It smells delightfully of jasmine, like aromatherapy with your skincare.

Petit Vour is a wonderful way to check out natural beauty lines, the value comes to over $40 which is awesome for the subscription price! They also have the option to shop the box so if you want full size of a product it's right there to buy. The whole box is curated beautifully from the theme to the brands they choose. Even those not strictly vegan/natural beauty buff's will love this one.

Get the Petit Vour Box ($15)

*samples provided for review consideration