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June 29, 2014

SHOPLately Summer Edition Jewelry & Accessories

I've blogged about Shop Lately a few times with some sponsored reviews, this time I wanted to share just what I've bought there for myself lately. I absolutely love this site for accessory shopping, it's just about the only place I get my every day jewelry from any more. I signed up for their insider program, for $9 a year you get free shipping and access to insider sale events. It's a little disappointing you used to get this stuff for FREE, but considering how much I order from there it's worth it.

Also! When you sign up through my link here via facebook (its free!) you can get a $10 Credit to start shopping lately yourself :)
Here's my latest purchases!

Moon on Mars Handmade Kimono ($40)
I've been trying to get on board with the kimono trend, this sheer floral pattern one caught my eye. It's lightweight and silky on with a bold floral print. I bought this in a Medium and it's still huge. I don't think I'm made for this long flowy style of kimono's, I feel like I'm wearing a moo moo. Moon on Mars makes some incredibly beautiful ones though if you can pull this style off.
Black and White Fold-Over Clutch Purse ($35)
This Kristin Perry clutch was marked down from $35 to $5 on a sale event and I scored the last one!

It's faux leather and includes a gold chain to wear as a shoulder bag too. Quality wise this is great, it feels and looks much more expensive than the $5 I ended up paying for it that's for sure. Can't go wrong with Black & White. Such a steal!
Heart Wave ($6.99) & Heart Beat Necklaces ($19.99)
The Heart Wave Necklace from Aurora Kingdom is gold with a rhinestone heart wave. I love how unique of a design this is instead of your typical heart pendant to express Love.
I loved the design of this so much I bought a second version, it is a little different with the tiny heart on a full length beat. I wear one of these almost every day.
Amethyst Gem Stone Divine Drop Necklace from MOXLEY ($28) Amethyst Crystal Pendant ($11.95) from COB & PEN.

My bf turned me on to the exploration of crystals and the powers they possess. Amethyst is both of our birthstones and after reading more about it I knew I wanted to keep this gemstone close and a necklace is the perfect way to do it. The Cob & Pen Pendant is a whimsical crystal shard pendant in a beautiful shade of purple. It's that just right pendant length for wearing with about everything in the Summer. The Moxley one is shorter with a raw cut.

MOXLEY includes instructions for how to activate your crystal and also a description of what it means in your order.  Who knew they were good for hangovers! They carry a beautiful array of gemstone necklaces, the next one I plan on buying is the Tide Pools and Aura.
Amethyst crystals are one of the most sought after gemstones encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Opening multi-dimensional awareness, it enhances metaphysical abilities and is an excellent stone for meditation. This gemstone has a sobering effect on overindulgence and overcomes addictions. Beneficial to the mind, it calms or stimulates as appropriate, helping to feel more focused. It also enhances memory and improves motivation as well as balancing emotional highs and lows.

Too Much of  a Statement Necklaces
During my sale event with Lily Wang I grabbed The Crystal Throne Necklace ($28) It is a huge gold spiked & chained gemstone statement necklace. I feel like the Queen of England wearing this, I can't quite figure out how to work it? Feels so...overdressed? I also bought some chain link large gem ones that I have yet to wear...probably never will wear...too fancy for this punk rock girl :)
A little less regal is the Spike Glam Necklace ($16.50) and Rocker Delicate Spike Necklace ($7.99) from Glint & Gleam. The Spike Glam metal box chain necklace is more my kind of statement necklace, not such a statement. The Rocker Spike adds touch of spiky toughness in this otherwise delicate and lightweight pendant necklace.

Simple Pleasures Gold Midi Ring ($8)
Sweet little gold tone midi ring featuring an edgy spiked center, complete with shimmering clear rhinestones on either side. How cute is this tiny spike midi ring? It also doubles as a pinky ring.

Lily Wang Carnie Sparkly Pendant Long ($16)
A big sparkly crystal center outlined in gold, gem's and dangling spikes. I wish the gem was a little less huge, it feels like I'm wearing a piece that fell from my Chandelier. Not my favorite purchase.
Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream FLASH ($22)
Beauty For Real is a makeup brand I kept eyeing on ShopLately because I loved the simplicity in the packaging. I'll have a more in depth review and giveaway with this line soon but I had to share this lip cream, it's become one of my favorite lip products for Summer. The consistency is light, creamy, and the color is a boldly saturated medium pink. Even more cool...the tubes light up! Comes in handy in your purse on late nights! Yes, I've used this as my flashlight many times :)

Sooo that's what I've added to my accessory collection lately! If you want to pick up a piece or two yourself Sign up here with facebook to Get a FREE $10 Credit towards your next Shop Lately purchase. You can also follow me there to see what I'm diggin.
*not sponsored. All products purchased myself.