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June 09, 2014

REDKEN Blonde Idol Hair Product Line Review

In comes the new Redken Blonde Idol line (c/o) to help a girl out. So a couple months back I decided I wanted to ditch the bleachy blonde hair for something lower maintenance. After growing my roots out for about 4 months I got a bunch of lowlights thrown in and it was a natural looking blonde. A change. I didn't hate it.
Then the 15 year old hairdresser in me took over and thought it'd be a genius idea to bleach out my roots and get rid of the lowlights myself, a chemical reaction happened and my hair turned ELECTRIC FREAKIN ORANGE.  Not even was disastrous. Now you know why there's been no fotd's! It's become a lengthy and expensive process getting back to the cool toned light-medium ashy blonde I inevitably want. It took some cutting, more high-lowlights and I'm still nowhere near happy with it. I've been searching every single way to cut some of the remaining warmth and brass out...

 REDKEN has developed a line of customized haircare much like skintone's in that you're either a "cool" or a "warm". Any one who's blonde or ombre'd knows...brass is the biggest pain in the ***! but Redken's got the fix.

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No brassiness. Guaranteed. Redken knows that no two blondes are alike so we offer customizable care to bring out the best in every blonde! New Blonde Idol with the exclusive Kera-Bright System balances, brightens and beautifies to keep your blonde brilliant and idol-worthy between salon visits.

Blonde Idol Shampoo
Blonde Idol shampoo is a gentle pH balanced, sulfate free, cleansing shampoo for all blondes. This is a nice daily shampoo, it gently cleans your hair with out stripping or drying it out. I like to use this on days where I don't use a toning shampoo as it doesn't have any tint to it. It's very similar to the former Blonde Glam shampoo in that it feels moisturizing, but it also has that somewhat perfumey scent that lingers in your hair which I could do with out. The formula is so creamy for a sulfate free, it lathers up like whipped cream. The health of my hair has changed for the better since I made the switch to sulfate free shampoo's, I have far less breakage and split ends.


Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Conditioner Cool Blonde ($32)

If you only get one product from Blonde Idol make it the conditioner. It's gotta be the most advanced color toning conditioning product on the market to date. There's a dial-up that you adjust based on the level of color deposit following your color service by weeks. Dual-chamber releases a custom calibrated blend of color-depositing and conditioning formulas that can be adjusted as needed over time. It can be used daily on the minimum and twice a week for medium to maximum toning to refresh color and preserve blonde in between salon visits.

Color care conditioner's have never blown me away, shampoo's  were always the ones that did the trick. Blonde Idol really is magic. It leaves your hair looking salon toned after just one use and it performs just as well if not better than a toning shampoo.

I dialed up to Week 4. You can see the little ribbons of white and purple intermixing. Week 1 adds more white conditioner, while week 6 is a intense deep purple.

Cool blonde has a violet base that attacks the golden yellow tones but doesn't leave your hair with any muddy grey or purple cast. It takes my light blonde brighter and the dark blonde more ashy. There's also a Warm Version for Gold or Honey blondes that will add warmth. This conditioner has made me sooo much happier with my current state of blonde. Toners wash out quickly so by week 4 you're usually at the hating your hair point. This sucks out the brass and yellowyness and refreshes your color back to looking well maintained. Toning products tend to be on the dryer side, but this is fairly middle of the ground. It leaves hair soft and hydrated but not weighed down or overly conditioned.

Blonde Idol BBB Spray ($19)

A lightweight, leave-in or rinse-out multi-benefit conditioning spray. First BBB hair treatment that balances, beautifies and brightens blondes. I have baby fine hair so leave-ins can be hit or miss, but this doesn't weigh down my hair or cause any build up. It smells really good too! BBB will take the place of about 5 others. It strengthens, fills porosity, acts as a heat protectant, is an awesome detangler, and boosts shine and reflects light. I'd call this Redken's version of a Hair BB Cream. It's an excellent leave in, I've noticed my hair looking and feeling so much healthier since using it and it gives a pretty shine.

Redken has been my go-to for styling products for years. I use the EXTREME Ant-Snap to stop breakage and my hairstylist recently turned me on to GUTS and Body Full Instant Bodifier which is awesome for adding volume if you have fine hair like I do.

Blonde Idol Mask ($20)
Lightweight yet nourishing formula targets porous, damaged areas with intense hydration and smoothness. Gel texture renews softness and amplifies shine. This Masque turns your hair in to shimmering spun silk. The gelish formula absorbs in to the hair instead of just masking the damage with a heavy coating of conditioner. You can feel the dryness disappearing while you're working it in to your hair. It really tackles those porous ends that come with lightening and the soft lilac hue enhances your blonde. This is a nice treatment for fine, thin blonde hair that gets weighed down by heavy conditioning treatments.

The Redken Blonde Idol line is a solid one, it addresses every possible blonde hair need and concern and remedies them through each individual product. The Custom-Toning conditioner is a must-have. I know my salon was having a deal for $44 you get the Shampoo, Conditioner, and mini BBB spray so check that out!

This likely won't be my last "blonde" review as purple has taken over my bathroom. Color toning shampoo's next?...I've tried a million!

You can find the full Blonde Idol line for Warm and Cool Blondes in Salons and at

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