Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Wantable Special Edition Ultimate Halloween Makeup Box Review

October 02, 2013

Wantable Special Edition Ultimate Halloween Makeup Box Review

Wantable monthly subscription box still holds the title of my favorite beauty box out there. It's personalized so the products you receive are based on your profile. Wantable is launching a special edition version of their box for October with beauty treats perfect for creating a glam Halloween makeup look.You can order the box now, or if you're already a subscriber choose it as your October box.

I was thrilled to see they were filling this with all Cinema Secrets products because to me this brand is highly underrated when it comes to being known outside of the industry. Along with theatrical/sfx products they produce amazing quality glamour makeup that is often used on TV sets/movies/stage makeup. I first became aware of the brand from the Girls Next Door set, and while I'm not in to the playboy look myself you can't deny the girls' makeup is flawless! The Ultimate Foundation palette's are a must have, even if you're not a movie starlet you can still look like one :)
The 9 Cinema Secrets products inside Wantable's Halloween Box (c/o):
Ultimate Eyeshadows in Gold & Very Black
Hollywood Lights Glitz in Oscar & Chorus Line
Tacky Glitter Adhesive
False Lashes & Lash Adhesive
Ultimate Lip Pencil in Ruby
Lipstick Palette Kit in #1 Can Buy Me Love
Order the Halloween Box now through October ($36 for subscribers or $40 as a one-time purchase)

Review & Swatches of the Wantable Halloween Box & what's in my September Box after the cut!

Ultimate Eyeshadows in Gold & Very Black
Strongly pigmented velvety smooth shadows in yellow gold and inky black. The gold has a gorgeous sheen and the black is a true matte black. Most impressive is that there is absolutely ZERO fall out, not even from the black. I immediately put this one in to my makeup drawer, a good matte black that isn't a black dust cloud is hard to find.
Hollywood Lights Glitz in Oscar & Chorus Line
Stunning sparkly micro-fine glitter, Oscar is gold with multi-color reflection and Chorus Line a sparkling turquoise with silver sparkle. This is like pulverized fairy dust, the colors are very Mermaid-esque.
 False Lashes & Lash Adhesive
#138 Lashes are full and exaggerated, exactly what you want for a costume look. Because my box was a sample before they are sent out they didn't have the Tacky in yet and replaced it with Kryolan Spirit Gum. I'm really curious about how the Tacky works so let me know when you get it in yours!

L-R: Ruby Red Lip Pencil, Simply Red, Red Rose, True Red, Red Passion (HOT!), & Paprika
Lipstick Palette Kit in #1 Can Buy Me Love & Ultimate Lip Pencil in Ruby
Oh how I love thee Cinema Secrets Red Lip Palette. This 5-in-1 palette is a gorgeous selection of Reds ranging in undertones letting you mix and match to create the perfect shade. The texture is buttery and the finish creamy with a slight shine. Being meant for stage and movies the lasting power is unlimited. The Ultimate Lip Liner is a waterproof formula that locks down on the lips keeping red lipstick right where it's supposed to be. 

This is a wonderfully curated box, all of these products are a huge step up from the cheap Halloween makeup you'll find at the store. Some costume ideas that could be created with this are Little Red Riding Hood, Cleopatra, Pin Up Girl, Marilyn Monroe, Wonder Woman, Devil, or Alice in Wonderland/Queen of Hearts etc. The red lip palette is one you'll want to keep around long after Halloween, it's a great selection of reds. This box will easily transition in to the Holiday makeup season. 

Order the Halloween Box HERE now through October ($36 for subscribers or $40 alone) 

Here's what was in my regular September Box:
 September's box was my favorite one to date. Besame's Lipstick in Merlot is a modern Fall classic and the Lise Watier Lipgloss has a light up tube, how cool is that? Once again they've introduced me to new brands I previously didn't know about Cailyn, Manna Kadar, Echo Vie, LAQA & Co. and the colors and products were exactly what I like :)

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