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October 11, 2013

My Halloween Makeup Looks ...the broken photo links

Due to the overwhelming amount of Halloween Makeup traffic I'm receiving on my blog right now my photo bandwidth has already been exceeded for the month and none of my photo's will show up :( So annoying! Most of my Halloween makeup looks I've posted at least a few photo's from each on my facebook page (under the Halloween Album) here:

I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience guys! If you plan on being one of my faces for Halloween and need more photo's or even help with creating something don't hesitate to email me and I can send them to you personally.

The tutorial for my Blind Mag Costume Makeup:

My Halloween Looks Montage Video:

UPDATE: I've been getting a lot of emails/messages about how to make the Lashes from my Blind Mag Look. Here's how I did them.
I buy almost all of my False Lashes here: Madame Madeline They ship fast, so if you order at least a week before Halloween you should get them in time.
How to Make them:
For the Top:  Elise False Feather Lashes #404 & #452 (2 sets layered) w/ additional feathers I added
For the bottom: Generic Spider (from Target) & Fright Night Spider Lashes 3 sets layered & trimmed to different lengths.
Applied with DUO Lash Adhesive