Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Finally a new youtube video!

October 26, 2011

Finally a new youtube video!

 Yes, after a REALLY long hiatus, okay complete abandonment! I found my way over to youtube again to share a set of my latest makeup looks inspired by what inspires me: Music.Fashion.Art. and to say THANK YOU 117,000+ subscribers! Holy Moly! How'd that happen! I'd just put up a hand full of videos before it was popular to inspire creativity through the medium of makeup and share my music mixes with you. But ultimately my passion lies in Makeup Artistry, not being a video maker :) So thank you to all of you who found me through there! I am so appreciative of your kindness, patience!, and for allowing me to share my passions with you even if I choose to do it mostly "behind the scenes" and in the real world :)  I hope you'll continue to check out my personal face work here and be inspired to bring beauty, beats, & art in to your own lives :)

Thanks again for watching 10 minutes of me batting my fake eyelashes! I only hope you'll be inspired by the looks as much as I enjoyed creating & sharing them with you.

All faces featured can be found under FOTD w/ product listings or Monroe Misfit Makeup Looks 2010-2011 (still updating) & Halloween Looks.

Live in a Country where my video is blocked? You can watch it alternately here.

Youtube isn't allowing me to broadcast to mobile devices, so many of of you will not be able to view this video, but if you know somewhere I can upload that will allow it please do let me know.

My music mix for this video and all others can be found here.

 Until we meet again in the video world...