Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Urban Decay Disco Queen Collection Highlight Review & Swatches

March 06, 2018

Urban Decay Disco Queen Collection Highlight Review & Swatches

Leave it to Urban Decay to up the anty on the highlighter game this Spring with anything but your average highlight. Taking it up a notch with the Disco Queen Collection's Holographic Disco Stick & Holographic Highlight Powder. Both Holographic highlighters create an iridescent, multidimensional sheen that looks amazing on any skin tone. With Holographic Disco Stick & Powder, shimmer goes straight-up psychedelic.

We laced this holographic highlighter with traveling pigments that seem to change color before your eyes. Create a hyper-dimensional glow—for a luminous effect that’s almost otherworldly. Our silky, lightweight formula glides on, flashes down and has an airy finish (so it won’t interfere with your complexion makeup).  Use a little for a subtly ethereal shimmer, or keep layering for an intensely holographic highlight.

Holographic Disco Stick ($26) is perfect for when you want just a hit of holographic highlight. Because the base is sheer, this formula creates a translucent sparkle that still allows your skin to show through. If you’re looking for a more intense effect, pair Holographic Disco Stick with Disco Queen Holographic Highlight Powder (sold separately); use the stick first, then layer the powder on top.

This highlight stick is very different from any stick highlight I have seen before. It has a lavender-grey base that has you thinking what in the heck is this going to look like. The base is sheer so you don't get any color once applied. Instead it applies a smattering of iridescent blue and pink micro-glitter. This isn't glowy, but more of a noticeably glittery finish with reflects of lavender pink. It does take a few passes to get the sparkle built up evenly. Having a bit of tacky finish Disco Stick works as a perfect base for powder highlighters.

Holographic Disco Stick is a cool alternative to your typical shades of pearl, gold, and champagne. It is more of a fine shimmer/glitter than a highlight. For me, it was just okay on its own but really shined with the hologprahic powder on top. Try it on the eyes! So pretty! The glitter refelcts reminded me of my favorite Manic Panic holographic loose micro-glitter that I wore everyday when I was 16. Plus, who isn't a fan of micro-glitter with out the mess?

Holographic Highlight Powder ($29)
Take your glow into the next dimension with Disco Queen Holographic Highlight Powder. This lightweight, insanely pretty powder comes in a translucent, iridescent lavender shade that creates a luminous, holographic sheen. Tip: Use a little for a more subtle glow, or build and layer to achieve a high-watt highlight. We infused this velvety formula with lustrous pearl pigments. There’s never any white cast—just a really pretty, luminous glow. And because this formula isn’t pressed, the feel is ultra lightweight.

Holographic everything is big for Spring and with purple being the color of the year this highlight is right on trend. Purple can start to resemble a bruise if not careful, but this is a very faintly pigmented powder that deposits just a touch of color. The powder is sheer with a soft, iridescent violet glow and flashes of holographic blue sparkle. The formula is somewhat dry with not a lot of pigment being picked up with a brush. It is definitely more of a trendy shade that hops on that whole Unicorn highlight/instagram bandwagon. I am so glad they didn't call this the Unicorn Collection.

The highlight is actually quite wearable. One layer gives a subtle violet sheen with unexpected flashes of duo chrome sparkle. Even on my pale skin this looked pretty, but it would look even more amazing on darker complexions. I would pair the Holographic Highlight Powder with purple shades Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in AC/DC and Asphyxia VICE Lipstick.

If you want a more intense effect, layer Disco Queen Holographic Highlight Powder with Holographic Disco Stick. Use the stick first, then layer the powder on top. I loved how these highlights worked together and would recommend buying both if you want to live your best Disco Queen life. They really come together for a beautiful violet-blue-pink high shine finish. The highlight becomes more intense than what you will get from each of them alone. I am banking this will double as a gorgeous duo-chrome eyeshadow too. Between the two, get the Powder over the stick. Tip: Apply the powder with your fingers or a mini beauty blender, a brush doesn't pick up the full color and duo-chrome shine as well.

Disco Queen highlighters are not going to be every ones taste but they are fun! Like Disco! I prefer more classic makeup these days over following trends, but I think this is a fresh interesting way of wearing color other than on the eyes and lips. The results look oddly enough quite natural -for a lavender sparkly blue duo chrome unnatural highlight!  It has a futuristic modern feel. I am still longing for the day where we all wear sy-fy minimalist makeup on the daily and these hint at that.

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