Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: BECCA Ultimate Perfection Complexion 5 pc Kit Review

March 02, 2018

BECCA Ultimate Perfection Complexion 5 pc Kit Review

After discovering and loving Kristofer Buckle Cosmetics I was curious about what else QVC offered in beauty. Fast forward to getting sucked in to Friday Night Beauty one night and this BECCA Ultimate Perfection Complexion Kit landed on my doorstep a week later (super fast shipping!). This kit includes everything you need to achieve the iconic BECCA glow from start to finish. You can customize your kit by choosing your shade of Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme and its corresponding Champagne Cocktail Lip gloss.

First Light Priming Filter is a wake-up call for the complexion that helps brighten the skin. The lightweight face primer creates a healthy-looking, glowing canvas for long-lasting makeup wear. This primer is so cool it comes out a holographic lavender shade!

I am not one to wear face primers on a regular basis. I never like how heavy they feel or pore clogging they can be. First Light is different, it is weightless and disappears in to the skin. My skin felt soft and smooth with it on, and really it felt like wearing nothing. That purple tint diminishes once applied but gives the skin a brighter, illuminated look. I actually felt I looked more pale! Not in a negative way, just that my skin was more balanced in tone. Because of the reflecting pigments this might be better for dry over oily skin. Having combination skin I thought as it wore through the day, but as I got oily in the t-zone it looked a little too "glowy". My foundation applied nicely over it and lasted longer through the day. I will be getting the full size of this for sure. It's a Winter complexion pick me up.

Under Eye Brightening Corrector is a full-coverage creme that color-corrects the appearance of under-eye darkness. Infused with ultra-fine, light-reflecting illuminators, it won't settle into fine lines or wrinkles. This is the product I was most excited to try and what drew me in to buying the set. Sadly, it was the most disappointing!

This concealer is sticky, sheeny, and doesn't provide much coverage. All it really did for my under eye circles was make them look magnified by imparting shimmer to them. For a color corrector this fails completely. It is too sheer to make any noticeable difference on dark circles. If you want to use this as a subtle cream highlight over other correctors and concealers it would suffice. Who wants to put 5 products under their eyes though? No thanks.

After the corrector fail, I was hoping the coveted highlight would live up to the hype and it did. The iconic Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in the best-selling Opal shade. The creamy, luminizing powder veils skin in a soft glow to amplify natural-looking radiance. I love the BECCA cream highlight in Opal and this one is just as beautiful. The powder highlight is more intense with a gilded beige color to it. It's not glittery, just the most beautiful candlelit gold glow. They hype is real. I can't believe it took me this long to try it! I have Moonstone in my cart to purchase next.

A full-coverage yet breathable liquid foundation with 24-hour, water-resistant wear, Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme is formulated with a balance of pigments for full coverage and water for a natural-looking finish to give you coverage without the cake! Full Coverage foundations are not something I usually like but the reviews were mostly positive.

I chose the lightest shade Shell, and while it was a light enough match for my pale skin it was too yellow toned. The foundation was excellent though. It looked very natural for a full coverage formula and wore beautifully for hours. Had I been able to get a good color match I would have really enjoyed this for full coverage looks.

Champagne Cocktail Lipgloss is a luxurious lip gloss that gives the perfect kiss of light and shine to your lips. Each set comes with the coordinating lip color so yours might be a different shade. This lipgloss is wonderfully shiny and feels moisturizing on. The only problem I had was my doe foot applicator was broken! The formula is a touch sticky and not as shimmering as it looked on the TV presentation but I still really liked it. Overall, this kit was an incredible value! Even though a couple products didn't work out for me I can pass them along to my friends, keep the ones I liked, and still come out with a deal. I hope we see more kits like this on QVC!

Becca Ultimate Perfection Complexion Kit is available exclusively at QVC and

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