Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Keep Your Lips Moisturized & Lipstick Ready with Herpecin

December 05, 2017

Keep Your Lips Moisturized & Lipstick Ready with Herpecin

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If you have followed my blog for even a short period of time you will easily discover that lipstick is my favorite part of makeup. I can go with out eyeshadow or bronzer, but I never leave the house with out something painted on my lips. Winter can be a real pain in my lip color game. I often suffer from dry, chapped lips once the cold dry weather hits. Applying a nourishing lip balm like Herpecin L before my lip color becomes an essential step in how I keep my lips moisturized and RED-ready.

Herpecin s my go-to lip balm. This product is more than just your everyday lip treatment -it's the under-the-radar brand "jewel." It keeps my lips moisturized while also protecting them from cold sores. This balm is more hydrating than other lip treatments, making it excellent for use in the Winter. Plus, it's unscented which I really appreciate. It's amazing how hard it is is to find a lip balm with out some sort of scent to it! Sure, this lip balm isn't in rose gold packaging with some fancy name, but let me tell you it gets the job done and that's really all that matters.

Did you know 50-80% of the population suffer from cold sores? That is a huge number! According to the National Institutes of Health, about 90 percent of adults have been exposed to the virus by age 50. It is not an STD! There are two types of the virus. Most people get HSV-1 during infancy or childhood from a family member or friend. It can be transmitted by kissing or sharing eating utensils or towels and is highly contagious. Even knowing that so many people suffer from them they can still make you feel insecure and embarrassed. It is the adult equivalent of getting a huge zit right before Prom. Dry lips are a major contributor to ending up with a break out. Along with PMS, stress, sun-exposure, and illness.

There IS something you can do to help treat and relieve your cold sores. Herpecin L is a unique, pharmacist-recommended* product for the treatment, protection, and relief of cold sores, sun and fever blisters. Knowing that you can fight cold sores before they start provides peace of mind that there won't be any surprises. Talking about it also helps take away the stigma.

The added SPF30 protection is a bonus. It protects painful cracking of lips and promotes healing without numbing or drying. Not only is Herpecin great to use in the Summer months, but in the Winter too. If you partake in any cold weather sports like Skiing the high altitudes can expose you to both the sun and harsh elements. Sunburn of the lips is a real thing. Herpecin helps prevent that. It is uniquely formulated with dimethicone for protection, and sunscreens to help guard against the sun's harmful rays creating a barrier of protection.

Even if you don't suffer from cold sores or fever blisters pick Herpecin up for under your matte lipsticks. Some formula's can be too emollient, but Herpecin provides the right amount of moisture to keep lips smooth with out effecting the matte finish and it gets rid of that uber dry feeling.

Here is my three step Winter lip care routine for keeping my pout soft, smooth, and prepped for lip color! 
Step 1
I first exfoliate my lips. You can buy lip scrubs or DIY it. FRESH Sugar Lip Scrub and Beauty For Real Lip Revival are two great ones. I also like to make my own with a little sugar, flavor of choice, and Coconut Oil. Rub the mixture on to your lips in circular motions then rinse off. Exfoliating will get rid of any dead skin and reveal smoother, softer lips.

 Step 2
Generously swipe on a layer of Herpecin lip balm. You can pick up this little "jewel" at Walmart for under $5 in the Lip Care aisle of your local Walmart or online at
Make sure to re-apply throughout the day whenever your lips are feeling dry.

 Step 3
Apply a moisturizing lip color. Steer clear of the drying matte liquid lipsticks and opt for cream and moisturizing formulas. Applying a reflective gloss on top will provide further moisture and shine.

This simple and easy routine has kept my lips moisturized, smooth, and lipstick ready!

All of the extra benefits aside I just really love how this balm feels on my lips. It glides on for a  smooth velvety feel, relieves dry/chapped lips, and leaves my lips feeling super soft. Herpecin L is a must-have staple in my Winter beauty routine and year round.

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