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June 05, 2017

Urban Decay Go Naked Perfume Oil Review

You heard right, that's Urban Decay PERFUME not palette! Urban Decay is launching a limited edition fragrance inspired by its ever popular NAKED line. Go Naked Perfume Oil is an addictive way to go naked and follows the trend of "nude" makeup and perfumes. With the scent of sun-warmed skin and salt air it will be all you want to wear this Summer!

Urban Decay Go Naked Perfume Oil is described as “sensuous, super-concentrated perfume oil that conjures up the scent of sun-warmed skin and salt air on a private beach. Anytime. Anywhere.” 

Fragrance Profile: 
Top Notes: Italian bergamot, petitgrain, mandarin and lemon.
Middle Notes: orange blossom and neroli.
Base Notes: lavender, jasmine and musk.

When you wear Go Naked, it doesn’t seem as if you’re wearing perfume at all, but more like you spent the day in the ocean, and your skin was warmed by the afternoon sun, and dried by a gentle breeze, carrying the scent of lavender and orange blossom on its breath. Intoxicating, fresh top notes of Italian bergamot, petitgrain, mandarin and lemon create a citrusy, alluring aura, then open up to sensuous middle notes of orange blossom and neroli. Lush base notes of lavender, jasmine and musk mix mysteriously to leave you with the scent of Naked.

Perfumes and I have a rocky relationship. With my allergies the second I even spray a perfume I get a headache. But I want to smell good too! So finding a scent that I can tolerate that also smells amazing is something I was not about to give up on. Go Naked sounded right up my alley.

Housed in clear glass rollerball case with a rose gold sunburst cap the look plays right along with the rest of the NAKED line. Urban Decay Go Naked Perfume Oil is subtle enough that I don't feel overpowered by wearing it. I applied it to my wrists in the morning and it was still noticeable by the end of the day. The 100% perfume oil has some serious staying power. It's super concentrated but wears close to the skin. You get a hint of the natural notes with out it being overkill. I kept wanting to smell this on my wrists all day! It's that kind of happy scent you just want to keep breathing in, like ocean air. The comforting fragrance reminds me of relaxing on the beach with the wind blowing sea salt and tropical flowers through the warm Summer air.

I enjoy using essential oils and Go Naked conjures up that same naturally fresh scent. I notice the netroli and bergamot the most with a hint of citrus. The lavender and musk come together at the end for a relaxing finish. The scent is vibrant and sensual and the well-balanced notes blend together beautifully.

I will be tucking away this perfume oil along with my NAKED Palette's in my bag for Summer travel. It's a fresh beachy fragrance that's sure to be a hot Summer scent! Urban Decay Go Naked Perfume Oil is limited-edition, so you'll want to pick it up while you can!

Go Naked Perfume Oil ($24) is available at Sephora (Jun 3. for VIB rouge) and now at

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