Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Urban Decay VICE Lipstick Palettes Review & Swatches

October 10, 2016

Urban Decay VICE Lipstick Palettes Review & Swatches

I pretty much sent all of my other lipsticks to die when VICE lipstick came out. With 100 shades of creamy addictive color in multiple finishes there was no need to look any further. My lipstick life was complete. Now Urban Decay introduces two new Vice Lipstick Palette's with a dozen shades from their massive collection. No matter what you're in the mood for, these limited-edition palettes have it all!

I absolutely love that UD came out with palettes because not all of us can plunk down the big bucks for all 120 Vice's. At only $35 for 12 shades the new limited-edition VICE Lip Palette's let you indulge your vice with money left over to grab that sweet new Ultimate Basics Palette or a few Liquid Moondusts.

The sleek metallized case cuts down on lugging around 10 lipsticks in my bag.  I do find this palette a little bit bulky, but it still is lightweight and a lot less heavy and space consuming than 12 bullets.

These palettes make applying on the go a breeze. They include a retractable lip brush and have wells designed to make it easy to wipe product off of the brush.

There is also a protective cover flip top over the palette to prevent any mess. I love how imprinted 'lipstick is my vice' on to it, details are everythang.

Blackmail is full of beautiful wearable shades with some pops of color. It's got the cult favorite 714 which is my absolute favorite UD red. Along, with 1993, the ultimate medium brown matte 90's lip color. I had wanted to buy 1993 so much but was on the fence if I would actually wear it. It's awesome to be able to try colors you want but aren't sure if you really need the full size of. The opposite is also true, I found a couple that I now need the full size of.

For makeup addicts who like to push the envelope, there's Junkie. This palette is a little more on the daring side. It gives you a nice set of everyday wearable shades. While also letting you experiment with  dark sexy shades like Disturbed or something really wild like Junkie, a metallic green with gold micro-sparkle.

Both of these lip palette's are stellar! I love how varied the color selection is from every day shades to the bolder colors and finishes. My only gripe is that there are repeats in both. I would have liked to see two completely different lipstick selections in each of them. Of course that would just make me want to buy them both! In the future I think it would be awesome if there was an option to create your own custom VICE lip palettes. I would be all over that!

I found no difference in the lip palette compared to the full size bullets in terms of formula. They are all creamy, pigmented (with the exception of the sheers), long-lasting lip hugging lipsticks.

My preference is Blackmail just because I feel like it has the most wearable shades. Disobediant, a creamy warm pink is the first shade I bought when Vice came out at Sephora. It is the perfect every day pink, while 714 is the most amazing classic matte red. Junkie has two seriously good purples though.

With the same Vice lipstick formula and shades you know and love both of these palettes are must-haves. Stay tuned for more VICES! I will have the Vintage Capsule Collection Review coming up. It's a real vintage vixen! Vintage as in 96!