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February 03, 2016

Haul Your Daily Needs with PharmaPacks + 10% Off Code

Today I have a drugstore haul...except I never left my house! Pharmapacks is an online 'drugstore' if you will where you can stock up on all your favorites in health, beauty, hair care, and more. When I checked out their prices I couldn't help but want to pick up a few of my daily beauty essentials here instead of makinga a trip to the store.

Sweetening their already low prices Pharmapacks is offering my readers a 10% Discount. Enter code MONROE at checkout!

Here's what I got!

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For haircare I replenished my multiple empties of  L'oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm. This deep conditioner is amazing. It heals split ends, moisturizes, and somehow even manages to brighten my hair. The conditioner itself is thick and rich but doesn't weigh hair down so it's easy to swap it out for daily conditioner a couple times a week.

Batiste is an excellent dry shampoo that I always have on hand. The original though isn't the most pleasant smelling. For this reason I wanted to try out a different scent, Blush smells beautifully floral and zaps oils and flat hair back to life just the same as the original. Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Pack is a product I reviewed a few months a go and remembered how much I loved it when it popped up in the hair care section. I like to combine this protein treatment with the Loreal Damage-Erasing Balm for a balanced damaged hair remedy. This treatment is only $1.75 at Pharmapacks which is amazing.
Even as an adult I still get embarrassed about buying certain products at the store. I know what am I 12?  For the stuff you feel judged by the cashier by Pharmapacks is awesome. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream is a moisturizing lotion I have been using ever since I discovered it last year. It keeps you breasts feeling moisturized especially in the Winter when skin can become dry and itchy. It also smells amazing! Like white chocolate butter cream. Another product from the girls aisle is Summers Eve Unscented Cleansing Wash This 'V' body wash is gentle and won't irritate delicate lady parts.

Pharmapacks beauty category is limited to a small selection but they have quite a few of the current most popular drugstore products. One of those being Maybelline Master Concealer. A friend of mine recommended this as being just as good as NARS and Urban Decay, two of my top concealers. I am so glad I gave a drugstore concealer a shot because I am loving this! Master Conceal is a lot like Urban Decay Naked in formula, but this one doesn't break me out. The coverage is not as pigmented as UD, but for under the eyes I prefer this though so you don't get that too concealed look. The color Fair is a perfect match for my skin tone too, finally a light concealer that isn't yellow toned. It's lightweight and covers and blends out flawlessly.

For skincare I picked up a couple of products I had heard great things about but never tried before. Jergens BB Body Cream and Tiger Balm. The Jergen's I plan on bringing out come bare legs season. This lotion is a  BB cream for your body, smoothing out imperfections and adding a touch of color. Tiger Balm for aches and pains because I'm getting old.

Aquaphor I could not be with out in the Winter. It heals and prevents everything from chapped lips to dry skin. The mini size is perfect for keeping in your purse too.

I am very happy with my Pharmapacks shopping experience. The prices are much lower than other places online and in store sales. My order was carefully packed in bubble wrap and delivered within the week. They also tape any products that could come open in shipping. It is definitely a place I can see myself shopping at more when I run out of necessities or just don't have the time to shop that week. Such a convenient way to stock up on your daily needs right from home!

Pharmapacks is kindly offering my readers a discount! Use code MONROE at checkout for 10% Off your Order!

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