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December 16, 2015

My Paula's Choice Skincare Routine & 20% Discount

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Paula's Choice and PRIMP. All opinions are mine.

I have been serious about skincare since a young age. I remember the one and only time I ever slept with my makeup on was when I was 14 and didn't want to get my mascara on my friends washcloths. I stayed awake the whole night because it bugged me so much sleeping with my makeup on and not washing my face. I have always had a dedicated skincare routine but never one that was line specific. With blogging I jump from product to product and sometimes expensive product to product. Which is why I was happy to switch my whole skincare regimen over to Paula's Choice. I have been using solely their products over the past month and am loving what they are doing for my skin!

Paula Begoun, the founder, is all about truth in beauty, skin care, ingredients, and proven research. The Paula's Choice product line includes something for everyone, acne, rosacea, aging, pores. On their website, you can choose from a menu of skincare concerns you’d like to treat. There is something for every one there!

Keep Reading for My Paula's Choice AM/PM Skincare Routine!

To get started with my new skincare routine I had a skin consultation with a Paula's Choice representative. I highly recommend doing this. It's free for everyone by calling this number: 1-800-831-4088. Just answer some general questions about your skin type, concerns, and what you are looking for and they will suggest a regimen tailored to your skin.

The knowledgeable skincare expert helped guide me though the process by making sure that I was getting the right products for my Combination/Oily skin type. They then curated a customized skin care routine for me predominately from the Resist Anti-Aging Line for Normal to Oily skin. This collection works together to repair multiple signs of aging for normal to oily skin. It helps to shrink pores, keep oil in check, and leave your skin youthful with a breakout-free glow. Exactly what I needed!

Have a look at my Paula's Choice AM/PM Skincare Routine!

I start my day by cleansing with the Resist Perfectly Balanced Cleanser. This cleanser is formulated for anyone with combination/oily skin. It lightly foams up to effectively remove oil and makeup. If you are more on the oily side this really cuts through the oil and leaves my skin soft and shine free all day long. I do find this a bit too much for my sensitive skin to use twice daily so I think I will circle back with Paula's Choice to see if they have another recommendation for my morning cleanser.

Moving on to toner next, Moisture Boost Essential Hydrating Toner for normal/dry skin helps restore hydration while calming and repairing skin. This toner will surprise you if you are used to the traditional stinging alcohol type toners. It is so gentle and soothing like a drink of water for the skin. I had previously been using a natural toner of distilled water and apple cider vinegar, let me tell you my household will not miss smell of that! Moisture Boost is a much more pleasant non-scented toner with a lovely hydrating feel. I especially appreciate this now during the Winter months when my combo skin leans dry.

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant is one of those products that will cement their stay as a holy grail very quickly. I have used it for years now to keep my pores and breakouts in check. Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant rapidly unclogs pores, diminishes wrinkles, exfoliates, and improves skin tone. I notice dramatic results almost instantly when I use this liquid exfoliant. My pores purge immediately. Even after just one day of using it again I kept looking at my skin admiring how clear, bright, and radiant it looked. This is one of my all-time favorite products in skincare period.

Resist Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum is packed with powerful antioxidants including Vitamin C and niacimide to promote firmer skin & fewer wrinkles. These antioxidants are combined with skin-repairing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to protect and nourish skin while fighting multiple signs of aging. I am a serum junkie and this one is serum junkie approved. Resist Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum is light as water and sinks right in to the skin for an invisible finish. My skin just feels so healthy and soft after I use this serum.

 Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 is a gentle, mineral-based moisturizer with sunscreen. It shields sun damage and fortifies skin with potent antioxidants. Anti-aging is my main concern in my skincare regimen now. This moisturizer is an SPF while also working to treat brown spots and stimulates collagen. This silky lotion has a sheer tint and leaves a soft matte finish. It perfectly preps skin for foundation much like a primer does. The sheer tint works with all skintones to even out the complexion, reduce redness, and blur imperfections. There is no white cast like a lot of spf's give. This is an excellent daily moisturizer because it contains a multitude of anti-aging products in one along with SPF and looks flawless under makeup.

For my PM Routine I repeat the morning steps of RESIST Cleanser, Moisture Boost Toner, and Resist Serum.

I then apply Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol for added moisture. It is a part of the Resist Dry/Very Dry skin line. However, because of the lightweight, cream texture it won't make skin feel greasy. Focusing again on anti-aging I wanted to start including Retinol in my regimen. Barrier Repair is a light moisturizer with retinol to aid in improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I apply this moisturizer just to the dry areas on my face where I want to target fine lines. It hydrates and smooths everything out so beautifully.

The final step is Resist BHA 9 , a spot treatment for stubborn imperfections like enlarged pores and breakouts. This is my favorite new skincare product because it works so fast! I use this salicylic acid spot treatment just when I feel like my pores could use some extra attention or to fade a breakout. It rapidly speeds up the healing and fading of lingering acne dark spots. The consistency is slightly oily so I use it at night and wake up to clear as a bell skin.

Paula's Choice is a truly fantastic skincare line. Even after using the regiment for only a few weeks I can see a noticeable difference in how my skin looks and feels overall. I also really enjoy having a complete regimen from one brand, this makes all those steps so much easier to remember. It is going to be hard to try anything but Paula's Choice now! The serum I was previously using retailed for $135 and with Paula's Choice my whole skincare regimen came to around $200. That is some serious luxury skincare on a budget. Not to mention there are always sales going on and you can save 20% with my coupon below.

They also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee (within 60 days), no animal testing, and no irritating dyes or fragrances. Paula's Choice is committed to customer advocacy, education, and helping people find the best products for their skin.
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