Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Tips & Tricks: The Key to Thicker, Fuller Hair with Women's ROGAINE® Foam

October 07, 2015

Tips & Tricks: The Key to Thicker, Fuller Hair with Women's ROGAINE® Foam

Thinning hair and hair loss caused by hereditary hair loss is a real, common concern that 1 in 3 women will notice in their lifetime. It can begin as early as your 20's which is around the time I noticed my hair becoming thinner. Most people lose between 50 - 100 hairs a day, which is normal hair loss. A loss of 150 hairs a day is considered significant hair loss. Having baby fine hair that is chemically processed I am always searching for ways to make my hair appear voluminous. I will be sharing my tips and tricks for how I add volume and thickness to my fine hair. Most importantly though is addressing the root of the problem. Left untreated hair loss can become progressively worse, so I want to get a jump on treating it!
Women’s ROGAINE® Foam is the first and only FDA-approved once daily treatment with 5% minoxidil proven to regrow hair. The key to managing hereditary hair loss is treating it at the earliest signs with Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, which is clinically proven to regrow hair in 81%* of women with new hairs growing in up to 48%** thicker than before.

Women’s ROGAINE® Foam is easy to apply just once a day and can be used both morning or evening. Only a small amount is needed. I was pleased that both chemically processed and color treated hair can use it. Best results are expected to be seen in 12-24 weeks, like anything it takes time. I have a 4 month supply that I am currently using daily and I will report back with my results. I am optimistic that it will help with re-growth and offset some of the breakage I have been experiencing.

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My volumizing hair care routine begins by cleansing and conditioning my hair with a lightweight sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Pureology Nano Works Gold won't weigh hair down and provides deep condition. Alternately look for shampoo, conditioner, or treatments meant for keeping your hair healthy and growing.

Creating texture and volume is the key to hair that appears thicker. Spritzing on a volumizing heat protectant from roots to tips protects the hair and gives volume to the roots. For even more added oomph try a full volume leave in conditioner applied through the midshaft to ends. Keep heat styling to a minimum. After Styling tousle through a texturizing spray or pomade to add piecy texture and definition. Women’s ROGAINE® Foam can be used with any of your styling products. It is lightweight, non-geasy, and doesn't weigh hair down at the roots or leave any residue behind.

Cut and color are also great tools to help create dimension. Layers or shorter styles will help enhance the hair you have and give a fuller appearance. Try multi-shade highlights or balayage to create dimension with your color. Work with your stylist to find the best look for your hair type.

Have no shame in faking it! Growing hair out takes time whether you have thinning hair or not. Adding in some temporary hair extensions adds instant fullness and length. They won't damage your hair like permanent extensions do and let you have long healthy hair while you work on your own. The halo style extensions from Effortless Extensions are one of my favorites. They are attached on a clear band that allows you to slip on mega fullness with just one weft.

Equally as important is what you put in your body. Feed your hair by nourishing your body from the inside with healthy foods rich in vitamins and nutrients and lots of water. Biotin is essential for healthy hair and can be found in foods like almonds, salmon, and avocados. Adding in a Collagen Supplements such as Neocell Beauty Infusion keeps your hair looking super shiny. While a Vitamin specifically dedicated to your hair may help boost growth even more. I like Follicleanse HNV Hair Vitamins or GROH Ergo Boost Daily Replenishing Supplement.

All of these styling tips and tricks are great but the only long term solution is Women’s ROGAINE® Foam so together you will achieve optimal results. ROGAINE® is available for $29.99 (two-month supply) and $49.99 (four-month supply). If you are experiencing thinning or hair loss due to hereditary hair loss check out this special Women’s ROGAINE® Foam coupon offer to learn more.

Women’s ROGAINE® Foam product was provided by the brand. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.