Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Mirabella Borrowed from the Boys Brow Collection

October 19, 2015

Mirabella Borrowed from the Boys Brow Collection

Mirabella has launched Borrowed from the Boys, the brand's premiere brow collection including The Brow Shaper, an all-in-one eyebrow groomer, and The Brow Pencil, offering three shades of brow color. A collection inspired by eyebrow queens like Cara Delevinge and Emma Watson who highlight the impact a strong, beautifully groomed eyebrow can bring to the face.

Out are those over done brows that are highlighted contoured and angled to extremes. You know what I'm talking about "instagram/youtube" brows. For beautiful unfiltered real life brows it is all about a natural looking brow. Well-manicured, full, a softer version of the masculine trend.

The Brow Pencil ($25) is available in three shades, light, medium, and dark. It has a micro fine tip designed to create fine hair like strokes. The formula is waterproof and smudge-proof. A Micro-spoolies is included for sweeping the brow color in to a perfect natural look.

Shade Light was a perfect match for me and so was Medium. My biggest complaint in eyebrow pencils is the "blondes" are often too warm. Mirabella's light shade is a true light taupe with a hint of chestnut not orange. The medium shade is an ashy taupe that is still light enough for blondes and brunettes, a truly universal shade depending on how much pressure is applied. Dark is a cool dark brown that is a lot less harsh than black. With a small tip defining the brows is easy mimicking the thickness of natural hairs. Even the darkest shade has a softness to it so the brows never look over done. Beautiful flattering shades with an effortless application.
The Brow Shaper ($21) is the ultimate brow groomer. The 5-im-1 tool  features a unique formula with powder allowing the product to have flexible texture when dry. Brow Shaper gives  definition, color fill, and thickness to the eyebrow's with out looking heavy or stiff. A lot of brow gels are more like mascaras and can coat the hairs making it super noticeable. This brow shaper isn't anything like those.

Universal Brow Shaper is a medium taupe that will work for light/medium brow shades. It wisps on to the hair filling in sparse areas and grooming your brows in to shape. The formula is so weightless that you won't get those crunchy coated brows. Which just sounds bad. When running low on time sweep this across the brow for instantly enhanced brows. Brow Shaper is a quick fix for a polished look and gives the brows such a a full and defined appearance. I have been using the pencil for two months now daily and still haven't run out. I used to be all about Anastasia Brow Wiz but this is a better formula and much longer lasting. Both the Brow Pencil and Brow Shaper from Mirabella will become mainstays in your eyebrow routine.

Borrowed from the Boys * is available at and professional salons.

*sample provided fo review consideration