Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Spring Makeup picks from Essence Cosmetics

May 22, 2015

Spring Makeup picks from Essence Cosmetics

I was introduced to Essence Cosmetics only a few months a go but ever since they have had me thinking what took me so long. Fantastic quality makeup at super affordable prices. As I transition in to my Spring to Summer makeup I have been pulling out quite a few products from the Essence line. Being so inexpensive it's easy to pick up a whole ew makeup wardrobe for the Season.

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LongLasting Lipstick ($1.49-$2.99)
The shades of these lipstick's are so beautiful and sophisticated. They have buildable pigmentation and and a slightly matte creamy finish. I love the lightness and moisturizing properties and they have a pretty good wear time. Coral Calling is a warm coral orange that is always a staple color for Spring.

Long-Lasting Eye Pencil ($2.49) & Gel Pencil Waterproof ($2.99)
Essence has a few popular eyeliner products and every one I've tried has been excellent. My favorite are the retractable eyeliners. They go on so smooth, pigmented, and last all day. The color range has some great shimmery and bold choices in it too. The waterproof Gel pencils remind me so much of Urban Decay's 24/7. Super creamy and movable while setting to a budge proof finish that wears all day with out fading.

Essence's Eyeshadow palettes ($4.99) are all about beautiful eyes: a gorgeous look is guaranteed by the eyeshadow palettes with six trendy colors each. The smooth texture of the eyeshadows contains shimmering, matte and metallic effects - for endless looks.

How to Make Bright Eyes Eyeshadow Palette is a LE palette that includes shades that will illuminate and brighten the eyes. These aren't in your face eyeshadow's but instead ones that will brighten up the eyes. This palette is great for days when you're tired and don't have a lot of time to fuss with eye makeup. Makes a huge difference in going from tired to not looking half bad.

Paradise Eyeshadow Palette

The shadows in these palettes are super soft and pigmentation with the look of a foiled eyeshadow or pigment. Very pretty for softer looks when you want high shine but not something super shimmery on the eyes. They do produce some fallout but that can be swept away easily. The soft shimmers and bold colors are made for Spring and Summer looks. I've been using Sunrise so much, such beautiful warm neutrals.

Sun Club Mat Bronzing Powder ($4.99)
I'm not a bronzer fan, but just look at this bronzer. It has saucy ladies imprinted in it! Packaging win. This bronzer goes on matte which is nice because matte bronzers can still be a unicorn to find. This shade is light enough to be used all over and has a yellow base that would work great on warm complexions. Instead of chocolate like the Too Faced Bronzers this one smells like Macaroons.

Sun Club All-In-One Bronzing Highlighter ($4.49)
Sizzling summer all year round! This all-in-one bronzer and highlighter creates a luminous shimmer. Sweep on cheeks for a sun kissed glow!  Available in two bronzing shades.

I had been eyeing more of the Hourglass Powders but that price tag. Sun Club highlighter for light skin is gorgeous. The light shade is a luminous cream while the bronzer part is a shimmery warm taupe. The colors intertwine to make a shimmery champagne. Almost feel guilty for spending so much on highlighters when you can get one this pretty for under $5.

Colour & Go Nail Polish ($1.99)
When you don't have a lot of time to do your nails these polishes are a time saver. The wand is short, rounded, and thick making for quick but perfectly painted nails. The formula is pigmented and just one coat gives full coverage. They dry unbelievably fast, I had my nails done and dry with a top coat in 5 minutes.  Candy Crush is a fiery coral I've been wearing this shade on my nails and toes so much. They don't have a super long wear and chip fast, but for quick "I need to do my nails!" these are a go-to.

BlushUp Blush
I really only wanted this blush because of the ombre but the blush color turned out to be surprisingly wearable. Both the bright pink and orange give a daring pop of color to the cheeks. You are actually getting three blushes in one with this, deep pink, orange, and a hot coral. Mixing it together ties in with Coral Calling Lipstick so nicely. I think this may be LE sadly.

Essence will have you wondering why you ever spent $20 on that eyeliner or lipstick. You can surely find some products you love, like, or won't feel bad about purchasing if you don't like it with these prices. Be sure to check out the Spring 2015 Collection in stores now.

Find Essence Cosmetics at ULTA, Walgreens, h-e-b, Fred Meyer, and shopper's drugmart.

samples provided for review consideration