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May 29, 2015

Countdown to Summer with Tria Beauty!

With Memorial Day Weekend behind us Summer is officially on the horizon! In preparation for warm weather and beach vacations I am super excited to have been selected as one of TRIA Beauty's beauty bloggers. I will be sharing my experience with the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x over the next 3 months, updating with my results along the way as we get beach body ready for Summer. I have used the 4x for one treatment so far and am already seeing a difference in just two weeks.

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Having wanted to try this device for soooo long when it landed at my doorstep from TRIA I couldn't wait to get started and document it for you. There seems to be some difficulty in finding authentic reviews from those that have used the device properly so I hope my experience will be helpful if you're wanting to purchase the 4x. It is an investment but so far this is one I wouldn't hesitate to make.

What is the Tria 4x?
The first FDA-cleared laser available for home use, the Hair Removal Laser 4X uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists to target and permanently disable the hair follicle for permanent results. The only FDA-cleared laser technology available for home use, Tria reduces up to 70% of unwanted hair after just 2 treatments in as few as 3 months.

TRIA only works on light to medium skintones with dark hair so be sure to see if  you are a proper candidate for it first.
The new 4x device has a display that shows the power level, battery level, and counts the number of pulses making it easy to keep track.  The device itself is sleek, not heavy, and easy to hold.

Before starting I would reccomend getting the Tria Cooling Gel. This can be purchased alone or as a bundle with the device. I will say this thing can get painful on the highest levels and the cooling gel helps numb and soothe the treatment area. It helps a lot on sensitive areas like the bikini line and under arms.

After charging and activating, power it on, unlock the device with the built in bottom skin sensor and select the power level you want to get started with. The instruction booklet lets you know how many pulses each area requires. Then start zapping away. The laser will make two beeps and then you move along to the next spot until the area is covered. Very easy.

Now lets talk pain. I have a high pain tolerance but dense areas can make you go 'ow!". It feels like a hot rubber band snap. It's not that bad, but it is a noticeable feeling for a second. Lower levels there is just a little zing of heat but the results also won't be as good. I take it like a boss and keep in level 4 sometimes 5, the bikini line I haven't gone past a 3. As the hair reduces, so does the pain.

For best results treat with the TRIA 4x once every 2 weeks for 3 months. Hair grows in cycles so results will not be seen immediately but as a noticeable reduction over 2-3 months. I think that's where people give up too early. It takes time and use during the active growth phases to get results.

Remembering is the hard part. I put down on my calender a time I know I will have free each week. Let it be a part of your Spa day or schedule it during tv time. Treatment only requires 5-30 minutes of time depending on the area.

Battery life is not all that great lasting about 30 minutes then the device will need to be charged for an hour or so. This allows for one leg to be completed at a time but multiple uses on smaller areas. The head of the laser is also fairly small. For this reason I've stuck to taking on smaller areas, legs are a commitment I wasn't ready to devote time to yet.

Results so far! Two weeks in of course is too early to tell as hair grows in cycles but after one treatment approaching my second I noticed a difference. A good 30% was not growing back and what was had slowed. I went from noticing stubble by the next day to now every few days. Exciting! With the results I'm seeing after just one treatment I am hopeful that in 3 months, and by the time my beach vacation in August rolls around, I will achieve the 70% hair reduction.
There is certainly a reason Tria has a a reccuring spot on the SEPHORA Best Seller's list. I love the convenience the Tria 4x provides by being able to have a spa hair removal experience in your own home on your own time and as a one time purchase. Plus owning a laser is just pretty dang cool right? I will be updating this post with my results after 2-3 months :)

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