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September 02, 2013

Technicolor Lips with SweetPea and Fay etui Collection Lip Joule

SweetPea And Fay's Etui Collection (c/o) showcases makeup as an artistic expression that intensely feeds on color and the commitment to express individuality. I pushed this up on my review radar because you'll want to give the electric lips of Summer one last hurrah with these Lip Joule's, or maybe even start looking ahead to Halloween? They are colorful-lip masterpiece's!
Etui Lip Joule's - Campus Vamp, Foxfire, Big Parade, Merry Widow, Lottery Bride

Lip Joule's are intensely pigmented french vanilla flavored liquid lipstick's. Packaged in slanted squeeze tube's, dispensing only the smallest amount will give you some serious lip. These are a lot like OCC Lip Tar's in appearance, but not in formula. Lip Joule's are a creamier consistency, glossier in finish, and won't dry out the lips. To me this makes them more desirable for daily wear. You'll want to pop a lip liner around them because they are more of a gloss consistency and do slip around. Staying power is excellent though, I got a good 4-5 hours out of them and they wear off to an even stain. Along with the etui collection they have an array of other colors in the main line from baby pink to a sunny yellow. $7.99 for .35 oz

If you're spinning over how the color  intensity of these look just in the tube.. Well take a look at the swatches...
Holy #$%&. Yes.
Campus Vamp - Red with blood orange undertones. This is one of those in-between shades not quite red not quite orange and that somehow makes it easy to wear. The shine on this is really lovely.

Foxfire - Vibrant Orange with just a hint of Tangerine. Quite the interesting shade of orange, it reminds me of.. Carrots? This will look best on those with warmer skin tones, it was straight up hideous on me.

Big Parade - Warm hyper pink with grapefruit tones. Super hot neon coral that has Summer written all over it. My camera couldn't even comprehend the neonness of this, it's a tad more pink than it appears here and more like the swatches.

Merry Widow - Vivid Purple Pink. Purple based lipstick's can be tricky to wear but there's just enough fuchsia tone in this to combat that. Merry Widow also has a ultra glossy wet look to it more so than the rest.

Lottery Bride - Teal with aqua undertones. If you can pull this off, you hit the jackpot because blue lips are rarely cute on any one and certainly not on why is it just so darn fun to put on?! If you're not kedollarsignha or brave enough for perma blue cotton candy mouth this shade can also be utilized to bring warmer lip color temps down to the cool side by doing a little mixology.

Eyes: UD Naked 2 Palette & Anastasia HyperColor Lash Tint.
Accessories: SHOPlately

I don't really know much about Sweet Pea & Fay other than they're an independent brand, cruelty free, and available online and in a handful of boutiques. What I do know is that they make some sweet ass lip colors :) $2.99 flat rate shipping and free over $50. They seem to get delayed on shipping during busy times so you might want to order from amazon or one of their online retailers.

Check out the full etui Collection at