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August 29, 2013

FabFitFun VIP Summer Seasonal Box Review

You may know Giuliana Rancic from her hit shows on the E! Network and she now has her very own seasonal beauty box called FabFitFun. Giuliana and the fabfitfun team sent me over the VIP Summer Box to the let down, it's sold out, but! you can pre-order the September Fall Box now. FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box filled with hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, and wellness that's sent out to you for $49.95 every 3 months. I'm prepping for an end of summer beach vacation and inside this fab little box were quite a few Summertime must-haves that I'll be packing up with me.

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 The fabfitfun box contains 9 mostly full sized, beauty, hair, wellness, and style product's.  Each box is the same with the exception of some color and style variations.
Ivory & Mason Sunglasses ($135)
The sunglasses you get may vary, I received the the tortoise/animal print ones in the Wesley style. I'm more of a wayfarer girl, but I think I like them? They do seem to be on the small side, or it could just be that I have a gigantic head, which I do :) There is an option if you receive a pair you don't like for $10 they can be exchanged. Honestly I was expecting better by the retail value.
Catalina Su Lipgloss ($14)
This is Giuliana's makeup artist's line and the color? VERY Guiliana. A gorgeous nude pink shade with a golden sheen. A touch too beigey for me to wear, though it would look gorge on warm or bronzed and darker skin tones. The formula is highly pigmented for a gloss and makes the lips look voluptuous with just the right amount of shimmer. No stickiness present either, you won't get your hair in you lip gloss when the winds kick up mid-day at the beach. From what I can tell Catalina Su is a very limited line with just a few products, I hope the shade range expands because the formula and look of this gloss is beautiful.
Orly Nail Laquer Sparkling Garbage ($8.50)
Dont you just love the name? The color is a silvery teal with multi-color rainbow sparkles. It takes only two coats to get to the glittery grungey shade that it appears in the bottle.
Pur-lisse Delicate Soy Milk Cleanser ($36)
This gentle cleanser for sensitive skin removes makeup and dirt with out stripping the skin. I probably never would have considered this cleanser, $20 is about my limit, that's why i enjoy boxes like this for including brands that I might pass over because of the price. Pur-lisse Soy Milk Cleanser was named a Vogue favorite and I can see why, it's soapless and leaves your skin soft, makeup free, and even removes mascara. This is an excellent cleanser for sensitive skin, it's sooo unbelievably gentle. I will absolutely re-purchase this. If you sign up for the Fall box now you'll also get this cleanser for FREE in your next box.

Evian Facial Spray ($12)
Yes it's water in a spray can...and I'd been wanting to try this forever but couldn't bring myself to pay that much for spray can water. Evian's however has a unique mineral balance and neutral ph to promote extra hydration, so lets just call it a beauty elixir and not feel so ridiculous about the $12 water. The mist goes on light and feels so refreshing especially after a day in the sun or air travel. It's also a great way to give a dewy fresh look to your makeup if you've over powdered. Even if it's just fancy liquid, there's something luxurious about spritzing yourself with Evian, a frivolous treat worth splurging on.

Infinity Sun Glow on the Go ($24)
Sun Glow on the Go aerosol self tanner has good for your skin ingredients and is targeted toward the most sensitive areas. The aerosal spray deposits color for a natural streak free glow eliminating the possibility for over-doing it on the fake tan. I'm planning on using this before my trip to give my pale self a little color. Will report on how it goes, the reviews on amazon are very favorable.
It hair care Surf Spray ($6.99)
My favorite product in the box was this Surf Spray by It hair care. The smell is amazzzing and it gives body and texture to waves while setting to a medium hairspray hold. I use this with the BedHead CurliPops 1 inch curling wand and together it creates that perfect beachy waves hair style. I was surprised at how inexpensive this was, it performs just as well as my Bumble & Bumble spray.
Kind Dark Chocolate Chili & Almond Bar ($1.99)
Sounded delicious except I'm allergic to peanuts so I couldn't try it :(
Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towlettes ($2.99)
Neutrogena makeup remover towlette's are what I like to take off makeup with, but Yes to Cucumbers is a brand I'd been eyeing. The towelettes are lightly moistened with a fresh aloe scent. I enjoyed these for removing just my face makeup or freshening up, Neutrogena's take off mascara better. They remind me a lot of Josie Maran's Bare Naked towelettes, very refreshing on the skin and to tired eyes. I religiously remove my makeup at night and these get the job done when you're too tired to go through the nightly removal process. The little travel pack is so convenient for keeping in your purse or travel bag.

The fabfitfunbox is indeed pretty fabulous, finally something not filled with a bunch of samples! The total value was over $200 and well worth the $49.95 price. Even though I subscribe to a few of these now I'm STILL a little wary of paying for something that I have no clue what will be in the box, but mystery IS the fun part right? Giuliana has a great eye for beauty and style so I trust her picks. Looking forward to the Fall Box!

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