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February 02, 2013

Style Review: Sammydress Spiked Boots (Jeffrey Campbell Lita-esque)

Sammydress is an online retailer of wholesale clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes. They have many popular and trendy styles for insanely low prices. When I first came across this site I thought, this is too good to be true...$5 tops and cute shoes for $20. They asked me if I'd like to review an item from their store so naturally I chose a pair of Spiked Black Booties. I fell head over heels for many of their shoes and wanted to see how the quality and sizing faired before I ordered myself.
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I love my Jeffrey Campbell shoes. LOVE. Though at $200-$300 price tag's I can't have a whole closet full. He's really killing me making so many styles with Spikes, please Jeffrey stopppp, my wallet hurts. The Spiked Lita's (pictured above) are in my opinion the best shoe in his line. I'm not usually a fan of "knockoffs", but as long as they're not outright pretending to be the Designer's I have no problem with styles that are similar more affordable alternatives.

These Spiked Black Booties from Sammydress are very similar to J's in style. Black lace up booties with a 4 inch heel height. When buying shoes outside of the country I always size up as I find cheaper styles tend to fit smaller. If you have the Lita's, you know that they run big but these do not. I sized up and while a little roomie, after lacing they fit perfect. If you teeter on the half sizes, go up.
The spikes aren't as prevalent and densely applied as the Lita's, but they're secure. I've worn them a few times now with no missing pieces, unlike my Sam Edelman's which fell apart in a day! Despite the height the shoes are surprisingly very comfortable to walk in. For $21.89, they won't break the bank and are a stylish alternative to higher priced styles.

These boots go with everything. Leggings, skinny jeans, dresses, probably the most versatile style I have in my closet right now. They make great every day boots when I don't want to put my "good shoes" through rain or dingy dive bars. My only complaint is...they smell terrible! This is a common problem with cheap synthetic leather, but I febreeze them and sat them outside for a day and the scent mostly faded.

On the business side...My items arrived within a week, exceptionally fast for International. The reviews I've read are mixed though, showing some shipping times taking much longer so keep that in mind.

Shop them for yourself at or check them out on facebook.

sample provided for review consideration.