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January 30, 2013

Review & Look: A Beautiful New Beauty Box

I've tried out several different beauty boxes but never continued my subscriptions for more than a few months. is the first box I found to be tailored exactly to what my choices on the quiz were. I said I liked mettalic's and received a molten bronze metal nailpolish. I'm not fond of nude lipstick but love red's, and in the box was a legendary red lipstick by Paula Dorf. This isn't a monthly "same for everyone" box like so many out there, the choices are tailored just for you.
Wantable is the latest in beauty boxes that matches your personal style to hand selected boxes filled with makeup, and a little differently than others, an option to choose a fashion jewelry box. Take a simple survey of style questions to help them zero in on your personal style. Then, they use that information to pick 6-7 top-quality on trend full size items curated especially for you by professional makeup artists and stylists. Each box is $40 a month ($80-$100 value), or $36 for subscribers. Shipping is always free, and if you don't like your choices you can send it back at no cost to you.
In my December Box: Paula Dorf Lipstick, MyFace Lil Bling Nail Chromes, Mia Bellezza Gel Eyeliner, Paula Dorf Eye Color Glimmer, Verhoeven Eyeliner, Spadaro & Kai Perfume Samples.

My Look using the Products inside:
 Excuse the picture quality my camera was on some weird color setting, but I'd say they hit the nail on the head with my personal makeup style.
Review of Individual Products & My thoughts on the Wantable Box after the cut!

 I'd never tried or even heard of the brand Mia Bellezza before but this creme gel liner is one that I've been reaching for every day since I recieved it as you can tell by the useage :) Verde is a bronzed olive with gold shimmer, almost giving the illusion of soft black, it's perfect for day time or if you find black too harsh. This Gel Liner ranks up there with Bobbi Brown and MAC. For this week only on Wantable they're doing a flash sale of Mia Bellezza products and you can purchase this liner for only $9.50! I'll be grabbing a back up and the two other colors for sure.
I love the inscription "be your own makeup artist" that Paula Dorf puts on to her products. Paula Dorf Lip Color in Legend is a beautiful true blue-red with a hydrating long wearing formula. The only con is it has that "lipsticky" taste, but that fades pretty quickly. This is a lovely lipstick for winter when your lips need that extra bit of moisture, and the true red color makes it universal and tame enough for every day wear.
 The Eye Color Glimmer in Prism is a sheer lavender with a golden sparkle that looks great with green eyes! If you like MAC's duochrome's but not the gritty veluxe pearl finish the Glimmer's are great alternatives. They go on buttery soft and have that little color shift when the light hits. The pot is also huge!
Verhoeven Smoky Eye Creator. This is a German Makeup line, another positive of the box is getting to try International makeup lines. The Eyeliner Brown 604 is a warm brown pencil with a slight mettalicness to it. It glides on with ease and smudges with out much effort which is exactly what you want when creating smokey eye looks.
MyFace Lil Bling Nail Chrome in Sp*ice*y. Molten metal chrome polish is a rich, warm brown with an icy glow that resembles spiced bay rum and copper sand. This isn't my color, but I love the formula and finish and would definitely buy this polish in Silver Screen and Black Ice.

The only thing I didn't care for was the perfume samples. I'm sensitive to chemical's in fragrance right now and I think the selections are a little wasted on samples that you can essentially get for free.

Overall, this is a great little box that turns you on to both new and known brands all while sticking to the type of makeup product's and shades you prefer. The December pick's were all on trend for the Fall/Holiday season and worked well together. I also enjoy that it's not the same box and same products for every one. One universal product selection isn't going to work for everybody, so having that custom tailoring gives you a better chance of receiving something that you can actually use. The price seems a tad high, but looking at the value of the product's you get for the price it's reasonable. I'm really curious to try out their jewelry box!

Get your own Wantable Beauty box at beauty box was provided as a gift from PR