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August 01, 2012

Review: Lip Plumping Shop Lip Plumping Device / Before & After

Keeping with my curiosity of trying all things unusual in makeup, today it's this crazy looking contraption, a lip plumping device. The thought of needles and fillers in the lips just isn't for me, and lets be honest most people end up with unnatural looking duck lips. Not cute! This is marketed as a natural way to give your lips 30-50% more fullness with out surgery. We shall see if it works!
Lip Plumping Shop provides the world's most effective range of patented Lip Plumping Devices. The lip plumping device is an effectively proven system to physically enhance and stimulate your lips by gently drawing fluid into the lips - increasing blood flow and stimulating your lips natural collagen production. This extremely effective lip plumping combination, dramatically increases your lip fullness and smoothness for naturally bigger beautiful lips.

Included in the Diamond Series Lip Plumping Kit which I tried in pink is the special lip plumping device, double diamonte elegant presentation (don't get too excited over this it's just cheap stones), and two lip glosses: Ultra Lip Desire Original Gloss 30 ml. and Ultra Lip Desire Gloss Extreme 50 ml .

To use you simply place the mouth piece over your lips and give the pump a squeeze. There's three phases, New Lips, Plump Lips, & Beautiful Lips. Each phase increases the amount of pumps and seconds of use.
I followed the directions of pumping for 5 seconds 3-6 times, once daily for 7 days. This is just the "training" phase, but I found it enough for me. It's very easy to use and not painful at all, there's just a slight pulling sensation from the suction. After you plump you apply the Desire or Extreme Lip Plumping Gloss for further enhancement. The glosses are similar to your typical lip plumping formula's like Duwop & Too Faced, they have a slight sting and make the lips swell. I had to skip the glosses because I have a sensitivity to some of the ingredients. Your results will likely be even better than mine if you use them.

My 7 day Phase 1 results:

 As you can see this absolutely does work! There is noticeable fullness immediately after you use it. My bottom lip appeared to plump up more, I'm sure this is because it's already larger. The results are temporary but long lasting, about 8-12 hours, though I noticed the fullness remaining even after I had stopped using it for a few days. 
 I liked how this plumped up my lips, but they still look like my own lips and not unnatural. It may be a bit of a hassle to add an extra step like this in to your every day makeup routine, but it's really not much different than time spent applying lipstick's and glosses (about a minute). The kit prices start at $99, pretty expensive, but on the flip side it's no where near as costly as surgery with the average lip injection running $800. This is a fun way to add a little oomph to your lips and a great option if you've been considering cosmetic lip procedure's. Kind of crazy! but it works :)

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