Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: New Youtube Tutorial! HOT TOPIC Blackheart Beauty Studded Lashes, Winged Liner, & Pink Lips

June 06, 2012

New Youtube Tutorial! HOT TOPIC Blackheart Beauty Studded Lashes, Winged Liner, & Pink Lips

Holy Sh*t! Is it 2008 again?! :) New makeup tutorial up on my youtube channel! HOT TOPIC approached me to share a makeup tutorial using their new cosmetic line Blackhearty Beauty. Being a long time shopper of HT, I was happy to! I've been popping in to their store for unconventional makeup items for years. Where else are you going to find a red eyeliner for 3 bucks?

I wanted to share an edgy yet EASY makeup look that would compliment Hot Topic's style and that didn't require a lot of product's to achieve. You don't need a lot of expensive, or excessive, makeup to create a statement look. Because of my allergies the eye makeup I can do right now is limited, so I went for something simple and replicated my Studded Lashes & Iris Apfel Pink Pigeon Look. With that lipstick long gone this combo from Blackheart makes a fantastic alternative!
This is sort of a "test" video. I'm trying out a new format for my videos, but it's been a hot minute since I've done anything on youtube, so I was unable to figure it all out just yet. I wanted to stick to my style of quick to the point videos, but incorporating in some live video...much to my avail. If any of you have any advice on lighting, camera rec's, or how to do voice over's I'd be forever grateful if you could relay me some vid makin tips! Afterall I do makeup, not make videos, so this youtube stuff is rather foreign to me :) But I hope you dig it!

Blackheart Tutorial Product Listing:

Blackheart Stealth Primer
Blackheart White Noise Eye Shadow
Blackheart Wicked Night Eyeliner
Blackheart Fool Proof Mascara
Blackheart No Regrets Lip Pencil
Blackheart First Love Lipstick
Blackheart Mega Crush Eye Shadow (as Blush)
Blackheart Shocking Pink Nail Polish
FAUX + Dev Studded False Lashes
FURLESS Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

Let me know what blackheart beauty look you'd like to see next! I'm dying to get my brushes in to those colors and glitters! Full product review with swatches of Hot Topic's Blackheart Line will be up in the next post :)

Blackheart Beauty is available at and in stores.

*samples provided for tutorial
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