Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Review: Get Katy Perry's Lips with Glitzy Lips Lip Foil

May 18, 2012

Review: Get Katy Perry's Lips with Glitzy Lips Lip Foil

If you were you wondering what that amaaaazingly flashy lip color Katy Perry was wearing during her performance at the Grammy's was well wonder no more :) It's Glitzy Lips Lip Foil in the shade Pink Couture. One thing I absolutely love doing is is trying new things in Makeup. The more quirky and bizarre the better! Glitzy Lips is the latest innovative product to grace the lip art world by taking the concept of nail decoration to the lips. The foils can also be used on other parts of the body, applied to nails, and mixed & matched.

The kit ($29.99) contains foil (available in 10 different shades) for 20-25 uses and 1/4oz Glitzystick. Unlike lip tattoo's, you apply this by painting adhesive on to the lips and then pressing the lips on to the foil allowing it to transfer.

The foil color I tried was RainbowDar, a multi-colored jewel tone rainbow foil. I'll be honest this is NOT easy to get perfect. I was becoming discouraged because I couldn't get it right no matter what. It came out patchy an un-even with very little foil adhering to the lips every time. I actually ran out of my sample because it took so many times of trying and re-applying. After viewing the instructional the process was much more clear, but my outcome...
yikes! still unsuccessful. I believe the adhesive is the culprit for the foil not transferring well. It feels like lash glue on the lips, very dry, uncomfortable, and just not a stellar product. I'm certain that if I had more of the foil that I could have eventually gotten it right. There must be a technique to it that I'm missing! If any of you have any application tips help a girl out! I really wanted to wear these out tonight, but because I ran out of the foil I had to improvise. Sooo I got to thinking how could I fix this....what's also shiny and light reflective...


I applied LIT Twisted Sister Glitter, a medium purple, on to the areas I missed and around the lip line to give it a more even application. If any of you are having trouble with the foils like myself, a little glitter or shimmery gloss can fill in the gaps and fix the flaws.


While it's not a completely foiled lip, I think the glitter combo meshes with it well. If you want to try Glitzy Lips for yourself I'd recommend going with the red or pink foils first. It won't be as noticeable if it's not completely even and you can fix it with a similar shade of lip color.

I'm totally bummed I couldn't get these to work! I would've loved to have added them to my kit for future projects. The foiled look is mega cool and I could see them glitzing up photo shoots, music videos, stage, or worn out to club night's. But to me it's just too much of a hassle for something that may or may not come out well.

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sample provided for review consideration