Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: HOTD - The Faux Hawk Pomp

June 03, 2010

HOTD - The Faux Hawk Pomp

Faux Hawk Pomp
A lot of you asked how to this style from my Bitchslap Review video. It's fairy simple and quick. Considering it's supposed to be punky and messy, even if you mess it up you can still rock it!

How it's done: To do this style I started out with 'dirty' hair, meaning it shouldn't be freshly washed but have some product in it to give you something to work with. I parted my hair around the crown and put up. Then i took my bangs and put them off to the side. Starting at the very back I sprayed beyond the zone freeze spray at the roots and teased with a comb. Repeating this process 1 in. thick section by section all the way up to the front of my bangs. Then I unpinned my bangs and lightly sprayed them with sebastian hair spray and shaped them over in to the 'faux hawk'. I added in one of my DIY hot pink clip in extensions and left the rest of my hair down. You could also incorporate the rest of your hair in to a messy pony tail with this style too. I took the shadow and rhinestones in to my hair for a lil somethin extra. That's it! You're ready to rock the 80's!