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September 04, 2017

Sex-proof Mascara? Urban Decay Trouble Maker Mascara Review

Urban Decay has done us good in the makeup department in so many ways. So it was about time they come at us with a game-changer mascara. Troublemaker Mascara holds some pretty lofty claims of SUPER-FAT, SUPER LONG, and...SEX-PROOF lashes. Yessssssss please.

This is the first Summer where I actually had mascara transferring under my eyes. My regular mascara that had worked wonderfully the rest of the year (PUR Full Volume) suddenly was ending up under my eyes nearly every day. This mascara couldn't have come out at a better time!

Troublemaker's totally-tech formula combines two different types of black pigments give our formula an intensity that's blacker than your darkest thoughts (OMG UD, I freakin love you!). They infused troublemaker Mascara with a combination of hollow silica and ultralight fibers to volumize without weighing down your lashes. Vitamin E and pantenol nourish and condition, and a combination of polymers helps the mascara adhere to your lashes for lasting wear - no flaking, smearing, or smudging.

Troublemaker Mascara delivers 13.7x the lash volume and a sexy, fluttery, intensely black fringe. This fail safe formula gives you perfect lashes every time. It volumizes and lengthens as it separates.
The custom brush grabs onto lashes, curling as it coats.

Can we talk about this packaging? How freaking stunning is this mascara tube! The multi-faceted tube has a prismatic finish -it's like nothing you've ever seen before. Prettiest mascara tube ever.

The custom brush has tiny precision-hooks that grab lashes to pull the product through - for an instant lash-multiplying effect. I normally go for really full, dense brushes so I am curious if this brush style can volumize as well.

Now, I'm a little over the whole mascara and sex correlation. Too Faced did Better Than Sex and while that is one of my favorite mascara's ever, most of us just want out mascara to hold up throughout the day and makes our lashes look long and voluminous. We're not taking it to bed.

Maybe UD really is just inspiring us to love more through makeup? Is it wrong that you only went for that mid-day quickie just to check in the mirror after to see if your mascara still looked good? Sorry, babe. Whatever the scenario, I think what they really mean is that this mascara will hold up to hot and heavy heated, activities and still look HOT as F***! 

After testing this out the last few weeks I can confidently say TroubleMaker is for sure going to be my new go-to mascara for the rest of the Summer and likely beyond. It is super black, doesn't clump, and both volumized and lengthened my lashes. I normally only apply one coat of mascara, but to achieve the desired look with this you will need more than one coat. My lashes didn't become spider lashes after two coats, just thick, dark, and lovley. The formula layers beautifully so pile on as many coats as you want. Removal took more time than usual and I had residue left over after using a makeup wipe. I attribute this to it's staying power. It performs a lot like a waterproof mascara.

Is TroubleMaker the most voumizing mascara I have ever used? No. However, it is the best at staying put. The mascara application above is worn on a 90 degrees day after 10 hours. The rest of my eye makeup has almost all but worn off but my mascara is still on my lashes and not my face.

Personally, I think sexy smudged mascara eyes goes along with the passion, but when you want your mascara to stay on your face with the look of thicker, impossibly long, come-hither perfectly fanned out lashes you will have no trouble making that happen with TroubleMaker. #HereComesTrouble

Urban Decay TroubleMaker Mascara ($24) also available in a trouble-on-the-go size ($11) is available September 5th. at, SEPHORA, Ulta, and Macys.

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