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March 10, 2016

Latest ROCKSBOX Jewelry + Get your first month FREE

I had two Rocksbox's in the month of February for a total of six beautiful pieces of designer jewelry to rock. My last box I kept for quite awhile because I really loved the two necklaces and couldn't decide if I wanted to buy or return. This month was opposite! My first box I wore for a week and sent it back for a second one. If you are not familiar with Rocksbox it is a monthly jewelry subscription service where for $19/mo. you get to borrow a curated box of designer jewelry before you buy it and can do so multiple times in a month. It is an especially great service is you are a fan of Kendra Scott Jewelry or wearing designer on a budget. I'm a fan of both :)

How it Works:
Sign up the be a Shine Insider (its free) Take the style survey and add items to your wish list.
Your Rocksbox Stylist will select 3 of your Wish list pieces and send them out to you.
Keep your box for as long as you want and flaunt those beautiful pieces.
Return your Rocksbox set anytime and as often as you like. Every set has 3 pieces of designer jewelry, worth an average of $200 per set. Free return shipping every time.
Every month you get $10 Shine spend, making your purchases always $10 off the insiders price.
Basically, it's a sweet deal.

My readers get their first ROCKSBOX box FREE! Just sign up HERE or use code monroemisfitxoxo at checkout!
Kendra Scott Dee Earrings in Slate ($45/ $36 insiders price)
This was my first pair of Kendra Scott Dee Earrings and they are beautiful. In my last Rocksbox I received the Rayne pendant in Slate (which I bought) and these pair perfectly with the necklace. I'm normally a studs only girl, but these drop earrings are so delicate and dainty and the teardrop stone is beautiful. They are sort of a dip in the water to wearing a statement earring and I liked being able to try a style I normally wouldn't gravitate towards outright buying myself.

Bella Boutique Eisa Druzy Stone Pendant in Hematite ($54/$43 insiders price)
I am a bit obsessed with druzy at the moment...okay really obsessed. The Eisa Druzy Stone pendant necklace is so delicate I was almost afraid to wear it! The gold chain is exceptionally fine quality and the Hematite druzy stone is small but powerful. When it catches the light it sparkles so gorgeously.

Moon & Loka Lixa Ring Size 6 ($38/$30 insiders price)
When I first looked at this ring I didn't find it all that special, then I put it on and changed my mind. It has a very modern appeal to it and the rhinestone disc gives the illusion of a stone. It goes with any outfit too.

This ROCKSBOX headed back, I was on the fence about the Kendra earrings but I am more a necklace girl. I loved the Bella Druzy pendant but the chain feels super touchy and I know I will break it.

After my first box was sent back a new Rocksbox was already on its way to me in less than a week! That is awesome turn around time and means you can get multiple new pieces to wear in a month if you so wish. My second box I loved even more!

Kendra Scott White Kyocera Opal Cami Necklace ($120/ $96 Insiders Price)
Modern adornment meets mesmerizing color in this dainty pendant necklace. The Kyocera Opal stone pairs the fresh hues of aqua with the essence of naturally reflective opal. I have a feeling I won't take this necklace off all of Spring! I wore it 4 times just this week The stone is so beautiful and multi-faceted. Definitely one of my favorite Kenda necklaces yet.

Kendra Scott Rose Quartz Rayne Pendant ($80/ $64 Insiders Price)
A lovely blushing pink stone with sleek gold chains, this classic silhouette of the Rayne is perfect for any occasion. Rose Quartz is the color of the year and blush tones are popping up all over for Spring. I know this color will get lots of use in the next two months. The quartz stone is gorgeous, it has a translucency to it that is so pretty. You can't go wrong with the Rayne pendant it is the perfect long line necklace style for any outfit casual or dressed up.

Nakamol Brown & Gold Beaded Wrap Bracelet ($55/$44 Insiders Price)
This boho wrap bracelet is gorgeously made and a great piece to pair with casual looks. The beautiful sparkle and weight of the weave make it look so much more chic than your usual wraps. Rocksbox has quite a few Nakamol wrap bracelets to put on your wish list so there is sure to be a color combo for everyone.

From this ROCKSBOX I am absolutely buying the Kyocera Opal Necklace and likely the Rose Quartz Rayne too. Both pieces I know will be staples throughout Spring, the Nakamol bracelet is so boho and cute I might have to get that one too. This Rocksbox completed my Spring jewelry style and I credit that to leaving my stylist a note on your box on the website. I requested the Kyocera and she granted it. If you haven't gotten your first choice definitely leave your stylist a note they do read them!

Rocksbox is giving my readers the first month FREE! Just use code: monroemisfitxoxo at checkout to get your first month FREE and $10 in Shine Spend cash! Sign Up HERE.
There is no obligation and you can cancel anytime.
Only requirement is to rock your awesome jewelry.